GM Radio Buyers Guide

If your GM car or truck has issues with the radio, you're in the right place. Not only does ISS Automotive repair instrument clusters for these popular brands, but we can help with problems you might have with your radio.

We put together this handy radio buyer's guide to help you troubleshoot issues and save time and money. In this post, we'll cover some of the most common problems and provide resources for several popular brands of GM vehicles.

Radio Display Not Working

Blank radio screen

If the radio display doesn't work, it could be a simple issue that can be easily fixed. Before you go out and buy a replacement unit, check out these helpful guides:

  • If you own a Chevy Tahoe and the display doesn't work, the article in this link can help you troubleshoot the issue.
  • For GMC Sierra owners, this article provides information and some things you can do to fix the problem.
  • We also have info on troubleshooting cue screen issues if you own a Cadillac STS, which you can read about here.

Radio Won't Turn On/Off

Sometimes the radio on your GM vehicle won't turn on or off. It stays on, even after you turn off the ignition and open the door. Or, it doesn't turn on at all, even after you start the car. In many cases, the problem can be easily diagnosed and fixed.

  • A radio that won't shut off is a common issue on the Chevy Tahoe. We put together this helpful guide explaining what happens and what you can do to fix it.
  • When the radio doesn't turn on, the problem could be as simple as a bad fuse or loose connector. The post in this link covers the Cadillac Escalade, but the suggestions apply to just about any modern head unit.
  • The GMC Sierra, like the Chevy Tahoe, has issues with the radio not shutting off. To help troubleshoot the problem, we put together this post.

Radio Has No Sound

If your radio turns on but has no sound, there are several things you can try. This article for the Chevy Silverado shows how to reset your radio or look for trouble codes. You can also check for loose connections, as covered in this guide on the Chevy Tahoe.

Radio Replacement

Replacement GM radio

If you've checked everything and decided the radio needs to be replaced, you can remove it yourself. These articles cover several models and offer tips to make the job easier.

  • Radios with built-in navigations, like the one in the Chevy Tahoe, can be removed following the steps outlined in this post.
  • Some GM vehicles have a one-piece trim bezel surrounding the radio, like the one in this Chevy Silverado or this GMC Sierra. It's a snap to remove that trim piece if you have a trim tool kit like the one we offer.
  • Cadillac's CUE radio is a sophisticated system with many state-of-the-art features. Unfortunately, sometimes it fails and needs to be replaced. Don't let the CUE system intimidate you. It is easy to remove, just like any other radio, and you can do it with these steps.

ISS Automotive Can Fix Or Repair Your GM Factory Radio

After you remove the factory radio from your GM vehicle, send it to us. We can either replace it or repair it. Either way, we offer a limited lifetime warranty and fast, free shipping on orders over $99 in the lower 48 states.

Founded in 1949, ISS Automotive is one of the most reliable names in the automotive and truck industry. We provide quality replacement clusters, radios, and electronics. If you have questions or want to know more about our services, you can call us at 800-548-1195 or contact us online.