How To Replace A 2012-2014 Chevy Silverado Radio With Navigation

Silverado 2014

Whether your Chevy Silverado navigation has experienced an issue you'd like to repair, or it’s just time for a new navigation system, the process for changing out the original can be a bit daunting. We came up with this great step-by-step guide to help you replace the navigation and radio unit in your Chevy Silverado. (If you landed on this page, but your issues lie with the instrument cluster, check out our other guide here.) 

When Your Navigation Radio Experiences An Issue, You Have A Few Options

Like an engine or transmission, when an issue happens within the radio/nav unit you can either have it replaced or repaired. In both cases, you’ll need to remove the system from your center console. While this may seem intimidating, it’s easier than it seems. Read on to learn more.

Prepping Your Silverado

Like many automotive jobs, your Chevy should be parked on flat ground and you should engage the parking brake. Any time you’re working on electronic components in your car it is best to disconnect the battery. This ensures you don’t short anything out, or cause issues with the electrical system. Then gather your tools.

Removing The Dashboard Bezel:

radio removal silverado

Image Credit: TheSundaeDrive

To access thew mounting hardware for your radio, you’ll need to remove the bezel surrounding the navigation radio and the climate control system. To remove the bezel:

  1. Grab the bezel with a clean hand on the passenger side upper corner of the bezel. This plastic bezel is held in with strong clips, you should be able to pull the passenger top corner bezel towards yourself and the clips will unlatch.
  2. Move to the upper drivers side. Be careful when pulling, there are electrical connectors on the bottom connecting to the AWD selector, usb port and traction control interface.
  3. Once the top portion of the bezel has released, you can disconnect the electrical connectors in the lower half of the bezel. The bezel should now be free from the dashboard.
  4. Once the bezel has been removed, you’ll need a 10mm socket wrench to undo the 6 screws surrounding the climate control system and radio. The radio will have 4 screws, the climate control has two.

Removing The Navigation Radio:

Now you should be able to access the mounting hardware for the radio and the climate control systems. To properly remove the radio:

  1. You should remove the climate control unit first, as it holds the radio in place
  2. Once you’ve undone the climate control bolts, carefully remove the electrical connectors on the backside of the Climate control box. These clips are keyed, to ensure they only fit in one place on the climate control system.
  3. Undo the four screws holding the navigation radio in place.
  4. Once you’re able to remove the navigation and radio system, carefully unclip the electrical connections on the backside of the radio unit.
  5. You’ve now removed the old radio / navigation system

Installing Your Navigation Radio

Silverado radio

  1. Get your replacement radio and ensure that all the clips are properly connected to your new navigation / radio unit.
  2. Push the new unit into place and install the 4 retaining screws around the outside of the unit.
  3. Reconnect electrical connections to the climate control system, then use 2 retaining screws to put back in place.
  4. Reinstall dashboard bezel by pressing the bottom clips in place first, followed by the upper clips. Make sure your new navigation system will clear this bezel and sit flush to give your Silverado that factory upgraded-look.
  5. Reconnect the battery and switch on the ignition to test the new radio system and navigation systems are working correctly.

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