Q: How long do replacement and repairs take?
A: Replacement units ship same day if ordered before 4:00 PM Pacific, Repairs are typically 24-hour turnaround time

Q: What is the difference between replacement and repair?
A: Replacement units are quicker with less down time for your vehicle. We ship you a replacement in exchange for yours which means reduced down time. With repair you send us your unit that we will repair and ship back. 

Q: Can I drive without my cluster?
A: It’s not recommended.

Q: Can the miles be set?
A: Yes, replacement units will be set to current vehicle mileage.

Q: Does it need programming?

A:  Repairs generally do not, however if the microprocessor needs to be replaced then programming will be required on some clusters and radios. On replacement units most will come pre-programed, but some will require programming. Call for programming questions and requirements.  

Q: What kind of warranty?
A: Limited lifetime warranty, excluding Heavy duty clusters. Heavy duty clusters come with a one year limited warranty.

Q: Is there a prepaid shipping label available to send in unit?
A: Replacements include prepaid core return labels that will be sent to you. Use this prepaid label to send us your old core. Repairs are paid by the customer.

Q: Are colored LED lights available?
A: Yes, only on some models. Please ask for availability if you do not see on the website. 

Q: How much will it cost to repair if I send in the repair kit?
A: Please do not send us your repair kit. We only use our supplier parts for repairs. 

Q: Do we sell the stepper motors?
A: No

Q: Do I pay to ship the core back?
A: Yes, for repair, you pay shipping. For replacement we will send you a prepaid shipping label for the core exchange. 

Q: How long do I have to ship the core back?
A: 30 days.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions we are happy to assist you at 800.548.1195 or Contact Us