Can I Repair A Cluster If I Don't Know The Mileage?

Sometimes an instrument cluster will stop displaying the mileage. It can put you in quite a sticky situation. How can you repair or replace your instrument cluster if you don’t know the mileage?

Odometer reading

The good news is if you have a modern vehicle, the mileage is still stored somewhere in your vehicle. The location depends on your make. For example:

  • In many GM vehicles and some Japanese vehicles, the mileage is stored in the instrument cluster, even though you can't see it on the cluster.
  • In some cars, the mileage is stored in the ECU.
  • In some cars, the mileage is stored in the BCM (body control module).

A Repaired Cluster Or A New Cluster Will Retrieve The Mileage From The Vehicle (In Some Cases)

When you fix or replace your instrument cluster, your mileage won’t be reset. The cluster will automatically retrieve the mileage when you install it. The instrument cluster is just a display that gets the information from computers and chips all over the vehicle.

What about instrument clusters that store the mileage? In most cases, even if the instrument cluster doesn’t display the mileage, you can still pull it from the cluster. All you need to do is to remove the cluster from your vehicle and then send it to us. We can pull the mileage from it. Whether you decide to fix or replace your cluster, we can enter the correct mileage in the unit.

What If You Have An Older Car?

90s cluster

Do you have an older car with a mechanical, gear-driven instrument cluster? If it stops recording the mileage, stop driving the vehicle until you have the cluster fixed or replaced. If you replace your instrument cluster, take the mileage from the old cluster and then enter it in the new one. It's OK if the mileage is off by just a few miles. Here's one thing you should never do though: roll back the odometer. It's straight up illegal. Be sure to keep the old one with the mileage still displayed in case you need to prove that the mileage is correct.

ISS Automotive Repairs And Replaces Instrument Clusters

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Whether you decide to fix or replace your cluster, we can help. We offer instrument cluster repair services and replacement instrument clusters. We specialize in GM instrument clusters, but we offer services and replacements for other makes and models, too. We've been doing this for more than 70 years - we are experts. If you don’t see your make and model in our inventory, you’re welcome to contact us to see if we can help you.