How To Replace Your CUE Radio

Dealing with a faulty factory radio is a common problem for car owners. The Cadillac CUE system raises this issue to a new level. The primary reason is that it's a sophisticated system with many state-of-the-art features not found on other vehicles.

Cue replacement

Image Credit: NavRepairTV

The idea of replacing a CUE screen can be pretty intimidating. The good news is it's quite easy. We'll show you how.

We based this tutorial on the 2013-2016 SRX models. The concept is the same across all models, though:

  1. Remove the trim pieces to access the radio unit
  2. Unplug the connectors from the radio unit
  3. Remove the radio unit
  4. Install the new radio unit
  5. Put all the trim pieces back together

If you have another Cadillac model, you may need to figure out which trim panels to remove, but it should be easy.

The Tools You’ll Need For The Job

Before starting the job, gather together these tools:

  • Trim removal kit
  • 7mm socket (or another socket that’s suitable for your Cadillac model)

1. Remove The Side Panels

On the center console, there are plastic side panels. They’re long pieces that run along the sides of the center console.

Remove these panels on both sides. You may need to exert some force to release some of the clips. This step may seem unnecessary, but it’s the only way to access the bolts holding the trim pieces on the lower side of the CUE radio unit.

2. Remove The Lower Trim Pieces

On the lower left and lower right sides of the CUE radio unit, you’ll see two trim pieces that are sort of in an L shape. Remove the bolt holding the front end of the trim piece in place. There’s a second bolt behind that one. You would just need to loosen it up.

To remove the trim piece, give it a firm tug away from the dash. Repeat with the other trim piece.

3. Remove The U-Shaped Trim Piece

There’s a trim piece right in front of the shift knob. It’s in the shape of a “U”. You need to remove it with the trim tool to access the bolts holding the bezel in place. The bezel is the trim piece that lays in front of the radio unit.

4. Remove The Bezel

There are two bolts holding the bezel in place. You can find these at the bottom left and bottom right of the radio unit. Remove these bolts, and then remove the bezel. You can pull it away from the dash. Remove the electrical connection from the bezel, too.

5. Remove The CUE Radio

With the bezel out of the way, you have full access to the CUE radio unit. There are four bolts holding the radio in place. You can find them:

  • At the upper right and left corners
  • At the lower right and left corners

Remove all these bolts. Be sure not to drop any of these bolts down to the center console. Next, pull the radio out and then remove all the electrical connectors on the back.

6. Install The New CUE Radio And Put All The Trim Pieces Back Together

You can do this in the reverse order of removal. The CUE radio unit is a plug and play device. So installing it only consists of plugging in the electrical connectors and bolting it in place. Put all the trim pieces back together in the reverse order of removal.

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