How To Remove An Instrument Cluster In A 2005-2007 Ford F-250

Is your 2005-2007 Ford F-250 instrument cluster in need of replacement? Don’t assume you'll need to take it to a dealership or repair shop to fix it. With some basic tools, you can remove the instrument cluster and save money on expensive labor costs. We’ve created this simple repair guide to show you how to remove the instrument cluster easily. ISS is here to provide professional instrument cluster repair or a quality remanufactured cluster, based on your needs. 

What You’ll Need

frod truck cluster removal

Image Credit: FordTrucks

  • Plastic automotive trim tool
  • Pocket flat screwdriver
  • ¼” ratchet with extension
  • 7mm socket

How To Remove The Instrument Cluster

It only takes a few easy steps to remove the instrument cluster from your 2005-2007 Ford F-250. Here’s how:

  1. Park on a level surface and apply the parking brake.
  2. Turn the ignition key to the accessory position.
  3. Move the gear shift lever down to first gear.
  4. Identify the one-piece bezel surrounding the instrument cluster, radio, climate control, and vents.
  5. Starting in the upper-right corner, insert the trim tool behind the bezel and gently pry the clips loose. 
  6. Working across the top of the bezel, disengage the remaining clips.
  7. Gently pull on the lower edge of the bezel to disengage the remaining clips.
  8. Using a flat pocket screwdriver, disconnect the electrical connectors, including:
    • Power outlet
    • Passenger airbag indicator light
    • Climate controls
    • Headlight switch
    • Other electrical accessories attached to the bezel
  9. Remove and set aside the instrument cluster bezel.
  10. Locate and remove the (4) 7mm screws securing the instrument cluster.
  11. Disconnect the electrical connectors on the back of the instrument cluster.
  12. Remove the instrument cluster.
  13. To reinstall the instrument cluster, follow these steps in reverse order.

Do you need more help diagnosing your instrument cluster? 

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Ford f250 instrument cluster

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