Should I DIY Repair My Instrument Cluster Or Buy A Replacement?

Instrument Cluster Speedometer Replacement

When an instrument cluster stops working, it’s easy to get rattled. A broken instrument cluster means you’re not getting vital information about your vehicle. If you’re here, you may want to know if replacing or repairing your instrument cluster is a good solution. Additionally, which option is the better one?

As instrument cluster experts, we’ll point you in the right direction. Replacing your instrument cluster is the far better option than repairing it. Read on to find out why.

Replacing The Instrument Cluster Is Always The Better Option

Your first option should always be to replace the instrument cluster. It's because a quality replacement instrument cluster is already calibrated and tested. That means if you install a replacement instrument cluster the right way, you'll know that it works.

You don't have that same assurance when you try to repair the cluster yourself. When you do it yourself, you don't have a way to test your instrument cluster. If you're lucky, the instrument cluster will work right, but you won't know it until you put everything back together. If you're not so lucky, you'll put everything back together and then find out that the instrument cluster either:

  • Works right for a while and then fails again
  • Doesn't work at all

The best way to save yourself time and money is to replace your instrument cluster with a quality one from a reputable company (like ISS Automotive).

Why It's Important For Your Instrument Cluster To Work At All Times

The instrument cluster is a quite important part. It shows vital information about your vehicle, such as:

  • Speed
  • Engine temperature
  • RPM
  • Oil pressure

This post goes into more detail about why your instrument cluster is a very important part.

A malfunctioning instrument cluster doesn't show the correct information about your vehicle. That can lead to bad consequences. For example:

  • You could get a speeding ticket if your instrument cluster doesn’t show the right speed.
  • In some states, a malfunctioning instrument cluster may cause your vehicle to fail inspection.
  • A malfunctioning instrument cluster may not warn you of electrical or engine problems that could lead to expensive repairs.

If you want a reliable instrument cluster, your best bet is to replace your bad unit. Of course, you need a high quality instrument cluster that is:

  • Made for your make and model.
  • Made by an established company with a great reputation.

Instrument clusters made by ISS Automotive fit the bill. We're an ISO-certified company that makes OE-quality "plug and play" instrument clusters. We specialize in instrument clusters for GMC vehicles and a few other makes. Check out our inventory of instrument clusters to see if we have one for your vehicle!

It’s Not Illegal To Replace The Instrument Cluster

Some car owners are concerned about replacing their own instrument clusters. It’s because they’re worried that the odometer will reset to zero. You don't have to worry about that problem. In modern cars, the mileage is stored electronically in your vehicle. This post goes into more detail about retrieving accurate mileage.

It's completely legal to replace the instrument cluster in your vehicle.

Leave Repairing To The Professionals

Replacing an instrument cluster is always the better option. Yet, it's not always possible. Sometimes it may be impossible to find an acceptable replacement instrument cluster for your vehicle. In that case, you can get it repaired. Always leave it to the professionals, though. Why?

A professional can:

  • Avoid causing any further issues while repairing the instrument cluster
  • Find all the issues that lie within the instrument cluster
  • Test the instrument cluster after repairing it

Are you looking for skilled and experienced professionals to repair your instrument cluster? Look no further than ISS Automotive. We have mail-in instrument cluster repair services. It is a simple, fast process:

  1. Remove the malfunctioning instrument cluster from your vehicle
  2. Mail it to us
  3. We’ll start repairing it within 24 hours of receiving it

You’ll get quality repair services from us. We have over 70 years experience in repairing instrument clusters. We also use OE-quality replacement parts. Look up your make and model here to see if we have instrument cluster repair services for your vehicle!