How To Reset Your Ford Instrument Cluster

If your Ford's instrument cluster starts acting up, it's possible to reset it. Before taking the cluster apart or trying to repair it, there are steps that may solve the problem. In this post, we'll cover how to reset an instrument cluster on a Ford.

Why Do I Need To Reset My Ford's Instrument Cluster?

Reset cluster

Instrument clusters use electronic components and sensors to measure information about your vehicle, including speed, engine RPM, fuel level, engine temperature, oil pressure, and other metrics. Occasionally sensors or electronics malfunction. The problem could be due to a discharged battery, blown fuse, or a bad electrical connection. When this happens, the instrument cluster may just need to be reset or recalibrated, which can be done in a few steps.

Check out the article in this link if you'd like more information on why instrument clusters go crazy.

Steps For Resetting Your Ford's Instrument Cluster

If you have a newer Ford vehicle, you can reset the instrument cluster with the following steps:

  • Turn the ignition on without starting the car.
  • Press and hold the multi-instrument display or MID button located on the steering wheel or dashboard.

These steps should allow the instrument cluster to reset itself. However, if they don't work, or if you have an older Ford vehicle, you can try the following steps:

  • Locate the reset button on the dashboard. Typically the button is on the right, just below the instrument cluster.
  • Press and hold the reset button.
  • While holding the reset button, turn on the ignition key but do not start the car.
  • At the bottom of the dashboard, you should see a sign that says "sweep gauges" or watch as the gauges begin resetting to the correct positions.

If neither of these two processes reset your instrument cluster, check for a blown fuse. If the fuses are in good condition, you can try disconnecting the battery and waiting about fifteen minutes.  Then reconnect the battery and try the steps again.

What To Do If You Can't Reset Your Ford's Instrument Cluster

If you're not able to reset your instrument cluster, you have two options: replace the instrument cluster or have it repaired. We offer fast and easy turnaround service for either option, and orders over $99 include free shipping. We will also reprogram the new or rebuilt instrument cluster with the correct VIN and mileage info from your Ford vehicle.

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