How To Remove An Instrument Cluster In A 1999-2002 Silverado

Chevy silverado

If the instrument cluster in your Chevrolet Silverado is working intermittently or has stopped working all together, you can easily remove the cluster yourself. The job is easy and only requires a few tools. You’ll save yourself time and have your dashboard looking new again.

Removing the Instrument Cluster in your Chevrolet Silverado

You’ll need to grab the following tools:

  • Ratchet wrench
  • Socket extender
  • 7mm socket
  • Trim Removal tool

Next you’ll need to prepare your Chevy Silverado so you can work on it.

  • Park on a level surface
  • Turn the key to the auxiliary or first setting,
  • Pull the shifter down to the lowest position to allow room for the trim to pull out.
  • Lower the steering wheel.

Once you have the dashboard prepared and the tools ready, follow these steps to remove the instrument cluster:

  1. Take the trim tool to carefully remove the dash panel from around the instrument cluster. Start with the passenger side corner to pull it loose more easily. Be careful not to break any of the clips or gouge the plastic face.
  2. Next use the 7mm socket and extender and ratchet to remove the four screws from around the instrument cluster. They sit just behind the “corners” of the cluster.
  3. Once the instrument cluster is loose, pull it out of the dashboard and unplug the master connecter from the backside of the cluster. Be careful not to pull the wires when unplugging the connector.

Replacing or Upgrading your Instrument Cluster

While your cluster is out you may want to consider doing an LED instrument cluster replacement for your Silverado. Aside from a brighter dash you can also add a bit of personalization to your truck with different LED colors including blue, red or green. You can learn more about LED instrument cluster replacements here, and you can learn about removing more recent Chevrolet Silverado clusters here, and here.