How To Do A Silverado Gauge Cluster LED Swap

LED lights are a great upgrade for Chevrolet Silverado gauge clusters. Whether your Silverado’s instrument cluster is having issues (such as dim lights) or you want to upgrade it, we can help.

At ISS Automotive, we offer replacement gauge clusters and mail-in gauge cluster repair services. You can opt to upgrade to LED backlights, whether you’re ordering a replacement gauge cluster or having us repair your gauge cluster. We offer the following LED backlighting options:

  • Blue LED lights
  • Red LED lights
  • Green ELD lights
  • White LED lights

Reasons To Add LED Lights To Your Gauge Cluster

LED cluster

There are several great reasons to upgrade to LED lights in your gauge cluster:

  • LED lights will give your gauge cluster a custom look
  • LED lights are easier on the eyes than regular bulbs
  • LED light bulbs last much longer than regular light bulbs

Why You Should Leave It To The Professionals

Upgrading to LED lights in a gauge cluster seems like a simple job. It’s actually more complicated than it sounds. If you’ve never taken apart your Silverado’s gauge cluster, it may be easier to have a professional take care of the upgrade for you. It’s because:

    • It can be hard to find the right LED bulbs for your gauge cluster. A professional will know which LED bulbs to get.

Taking apart your gauge cluster can be complicated. It’s easy to mess something up when taking it apart. A skilled professional has taken apart many different gauge clusters. So the likelihood of something going wrong is much lower.

All you need to do is remove the gauge cluster from your Silverado. If you’re putting in a new gauge cluster with LED lights, the only thing to do is to wait for your new gauge cluster to arrive and then install it. If you’re having your gauge cluster repaired (or upgraded), send it in, wait for it to come back, and then install it. The hardest part of this process is to remove the gauge cluster from your Silverado. Even then, that’s a pretty easy task.

Removing The Gauge Cluster From Your Silverado

Cluster removal

Some car owners are intimidated by the idea of removing the gauge cluster from their vehicle. It’s actually something you can do at home with basic tools. Here’s a tutorial for removing a gauge cluster from a vehicle. To sum it up, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tilt the steering wheel as low as you can
  2. Remove the dashboard panel in front of the gauge cluster
  3. Disconnect the wiring from the gauge cluster
  4. Remove the gauge cluster

Other Upgrades For Your Gauge Cluster

If you're upgrading to LED lights in your gauge cluster, you can use this opportunity to make other upgrades, too. Here are a couple of upgrades that deliver a lot of value:

  • Stepper motors: Good quality ones will ensure that your gauge cluster functions well and accurately for a long time
  • Gauge needles: New gauge needles can give your gauge cluster an even more custom look