Instrument Cluster Lights Too Dim On Your Chevy Silverado? Here's What You Can Do About It.

It can be annoying when your instrument cluster lights become too dim. This affects your ability to keep tabs on the vehicle, like its speed, RPM, engine temperature, etc. Many Chevy Silverado owners know what it’s like, unfortunately. If you have a Silverado and if you’re dealing with this issue, there are a few things you can try:

Turn Up Your Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switch

It’s possible that the dimmer switch was accidentally turned down. If it is, you found your issue! If it’s already turned up, try playing around with it a bit to see if the instrument cluster lights respond accordingly.

Consider the possibility that the dimmer switch isn’t working right. A common symptom of a bad dimmer switch is fluctuating brightness in the instrument cluster. You can check the dimmer switch by attaching an ohmmeter and checking its resistance while moving the wheel. If you confirm that the dimmer switch isn’t working right, you need to replace it.

Check The Alternator


Image Credit: PullAPart

If you have an older Silverado, your alternator regulator may be going bad. When that happens, it doesn’t generate enough power for every electrical component in your truck. Dim dash lights are a common symptom. The cluster may be getting only 12 volts when it should be getting at least 13.5 volts.

What if you suspect that your truck has a failing alternator? The first thing you want to do is check all the connections. Look for any corrosion, damage, or looseness. If all the connections look clean and secure, check the alternator voltage output. If it’s lower than it should be, replace the alternator.

It’s also worth taking the time to check the ground connections.

Make Sure That Your Truck Isn’t Maxing Out Its Electrical Load

test power

Image Credit: SparkysAnswers

Your truck can only create so much electrical power. If another electrical component is eating up the power, your instrument cluster lights may dim. It’s common for this issue to crop up after you install an aftermarket electrical part. For example, an aftermarket amplifier or aftermarket headlights. Check and make sure that nothing else is eating up your truck’s power.

Have Your Instrument Cluster Repaired Or Replaced

cluster repair

Sometimes the problem may only be the instrument cluster. Maybe it’s getting old, or maybe the bulbs are starting to burn out. Either way, you have two options:

  1. Repair your instrument cluster
  2. Replace your instrument cluster

Many shops won’t repair instrument clusters, so bringing your truck to a Chevy dealership would be a waste of time. The good news is ISS Automotive is here to help. We repair instrument clusters and offer high quality refurbished OEM instrument clusters. You can either:

  • Mail your instrument cluster to us, and we'll diagnose the issue(s) and fix it
  • Order a replacement instrument cluster from us

Our team of technicians have tons of experience repairing Silverado instrument clusters. We offer repair services for the following Silverado generations:

We can repair newer Silverado instrument clusters, too. You’re welcome to contact us about repairing your truck’s instrument cluster.

Let's say you'd rather replace your instrument cluster. We have refurbished OEM instrument clusters for the following generations:

Do you have a newer Silverado? We encourage you to contact us about getting a replacement instrument cluster for your truck.