Are Plastic Automotive Trim Pry Tools Worth It?

Do you take care of minor repairs and replacements in your vehicle, such as removing or replacing the instrument cluster? Or door panel? If so, a set of plastic automotive trim pry tools is worth the investment.

A lot of people don't invest in pry tools because they can pry with a putty knife or a screwdriver. The truth is that using automotive trim pry tools is much easier and safer. Here's why:

Automotive Trim Pry Tools Are Designed for the Job

Pry tools

Trim pry tools are especially designed to get between seams and remove trim without causing damage. They are made of plastic that is as soft or softer than dash trim, door panels, etc. So they are much less likely to damage whatever you are prying on. They can also be used to scrape dirt or other debris from cracks and crevices. It's easy for dirt and debris to accumulate and harden, making them difficult to clean out. Many of them come with a bendable shaft that makes reaching awkward angles much easier.

It's easy to cause damage with a putty knife or a screwdriver. They're made of steel, which is much harder than plastic trim. These tools also have sharp corners that can scratch up the surrounding area. It's also easier to cut yourself on the sharp corners. That's not a concern with automotive trim pry tools. They're designed for this specific purpose.

Trim Pry Tools Can Save Time

If you try to use a putty knife, screwdriver or other household tool for your vehicle repair job, you're going to be spending more time than necessary. It's easy enough to pop off an instrument cluster or a piece of trim with a pry tool. You can't say the same thing about a putty knife or screwdriver. These tools are designed for home repairs, not auto repair.

Trim Pry Tools Are Inexpensive

Pry tool

Many trim pry tools cost under $10. You can't beat that price. Even if you only use the tool once, it's worth the investment.

When it comes to car repairs, it's always best to use the right tool for the job. Automotive trim pry tools are designed specifically for removing trim and other delicate parts from a vehicle.

Summing Up

Investing in a set of plastic automotive trim pry tools is always worth it. They're inexpensive, easy to use, and can save you valuable time on your next vehicle repair or replacement project.

At ISS Automotive, we carry a quality set of automotive pry tools. It costs under $10 and it comes with all the pry tools you'll need for a quick and easy job.