Can You Replace A Car Radio With A Touch Screen On Your Own?

Has your car's touch screen stopped working? Or has it developed an issue where it does not respond correctly to your touch? You may be hesitant to have it replaced because of the cost of labor. If you're here, you may be wondering if you can take care of the touch screen radio replacement yourself.

The good news is you absolutely can replace a touch screen radio yourself! All you need is some basic knowledge of your car's radio system.

Replacing A Touch Screen Radio Is Easier Than it Sounds

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Many touch screen radios (such as the Cadillac CUE radio) are plug-and-play devices. So when you replace those parts, all you need to do is remove the old one, plug in the new one, and then secure it in place. It's not that complicated. Yet, it's a good idea to look up the installation instructions first to make sure that it's a job you can handle. It should be an easy and straightforward process in most vehicles.

Always Get An OEM Or OE-Quality Replacement Part

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If you want your touch screen replacement to go smoothly, always get an OEM or OE-quality replacement touch screen. We cannot stress how important this is.

If you use an aftermarket replacement part, you'll likely run into issues, such as:

  • Poor fitment
  • Incompatibility with the radio and/or vehicle's electrical system
  • Poor response to touch

Aftermarket touch screens don't have the same level of quality as OEM touch screens. OEM and good OE-quality touch screens are made with high quality materials that will last a long time.

With an OEM or OE-quality touch screen, you don't have to worry about fitment or compatibility issues. OEM and OE-quality touch screens are made for your make and model. That means they have the right dimensions. If there's one thing that makes installing a touch screen much easier, it's proper fitment.

Most aftermarket radio replacement parts aren't designed to fit your specific make and model. Many of them come with universal dimensions made for a wide range of cars. Chances are low a universal aftermarket touch screen will fit your vehicle without any issues.

A new touch screen needs to match the car's electrical system to work properly, too. An OEM or OE-quality touch screen will do this. It will come with the right connectors and the wiring harnesses will all be the correct length. You can't say the same about aftermarket touch screens.

It's more than just fitment. It's also about the way the touch screen feels to use. OEM and OE-quality touch screens are sensitive enough to respond to very light touches. They're more reliable over time, too. They don't become less responsive like aftermarket touch screens do.

ISS Automotive Has The Best OE-Quality Touch Screens

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If you're looking for a replacement touch screen for your vehicle, ISS Automotive may have what you need. We offer OE-quality replacement radios and Cue screens. When we remanufacture OEM touch screens, we use OEM and OE-quality replacement parts. We have been around for over 70 years, so we know car radios and touch screens inside and out.

Also, we can make your Cadillac CUE replacement radio compatible with either Apple or Android phones for an additional fee. This means you won't have to buy an entirely new stereo system to enjoy the features you want. Upgrading your unit to feature Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto will maximize connectivity potential and give you access to your favorite apps on the go. Check out the upgrade options here.

Please contact us to see if we have a replacement touch screen for your vehicle!