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Do you have a broken car radio or is your navigation screen faded? Let ISS Automotive come to the rescue with our mail-in repair services! When you mail your faulty or broken unit to us, we’ll thoroughly rebuild or repair it within 24 hours.

ISS Automotive is ISO certified and was established long before infotainment screens became a common feature in cars. That means you can trust ISS Automotive to completely restore your broken radio and/or screen components. Talk to us today about your car radio screen repair!

Car Radio Screens

Car radio screens, also referred to as head units or in-dash vehicle stereos, are the central displays installed in a vehicle's dashboard. Modern touchscreen radio receivers integrate entertainment, communication, navigation and other features into one interface. ISS Repairs you touch screen car components and screen stereos at reasonable prices so you can be sure that you're at the right place.

Display and Sound

High-resolution touchscreen displays provide an intuitive way to control a car radio. Capacitive screen stereo radio allows for smartphone-like gestural commands like swipe, pinch and spread. Displays come in a range of sizes from 6 to over 10 inches, some even matching the dimensions of a double din stereo opening.

Built-in amplifiers and equalizers deliver crisp, high-fidelity sound. Most car audio bluetooth sets have ports to connect external amplifiers and speakers like component systems, subwoofers or a whole car audio upgrade package. Features like HD Radio improve digital sound quality for the radio tuner.

Smartphone Connectivity

One major advantage of modern car radio screens is integration with smartphones. Bluetooth wireless allows for hands-free calling and audio streaming from your device. Going a step further, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enable your Apple iPhone or Android device to connect and be controlled from the touchscreen.

With a compatible smartphone connected, the car stereo screen mirrors apps including music libraries, Spotify, podcasts, navigation, contacts, phone calls, text messages and more. Touch and voice control the apps for a seamless experience between your android or iphone and vehicle radio.

Navigation and Driving Aids

Nearly all car radio screens feature built-in GPS navigation. The display shows detailed vector maps to guide drivers to a destination address or point of interest. Features like live traffic, lane assist, speed limit display and more make navigating easier. Some premium receivers integrate rearview cameras, dash cams, parking sensors and other driving aids into the radio screen.

Customization Options

From the touchscreen interface to installation style, car radios offer customization. The LCD panel can match your dashboard colors or go for a high-contrast appearance instead. Stereos come in single din, double din, and even tablet sizes to replace your factory radio. Match the receiver size and style to your car interior and preferences.

Why Buy From Us?

Buy from iss

ISS Automotive is one of the most reliable names in the automotive industry. Serving since 1949, ISS Automotive has provided quality vehicle replacement parts and repairs for most vehicle makes/models, including repaired radios and touch screens for many popular trucks like the Ford F-350 and reliable SUVs like the Ford Explorer. When you shop with us you get:

  • Correct fitment. Your parts will be built to OEM standards and programmed to work with your exact model year.
  • Easy installation. All you need are some basic hand tools to remove your old radio or cue screen and install the new ones from ISS.
  • Customized upgrades. ISS offers LED lighting upgrades along with other customization options that vary by part.

On top of all that, ISS offers a limited lifetime warranty for all our remanufactured products, including new and replacement/exchange units and repair units. Plus, we offer free and fast shipping in the continental USA.

Have questions about your order or need help finding the right part? Call us at 866.429.1180 for more information.

Radio, Car Audio and Screen Repair FAQs

What Is The Best Way To Clean The Touch screen Radio In Your Vehicle?

The best way to clean your touchscreen is with a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth. To remove tough smudges or dirt, you can get the cloth slightly damp. If you get the cloth dripping wet, it could damage your touch screen radio or the electronics.

Do not use cleaning products with alcohol or ammonia. These chemicals may damage the touch screen, stripping off its protective coating, making it unresponsive or hard to operate.

Before cleaning your touchscreen, it is best to turn it off. That makes it easier to see the dirty areas.

How Much Does Car Radio Repair Cost?

In most cases it's always cheaper to repair a radio as opposed to replacing it. The cost depends on the model of radio, type of repair and the difficulty. Contact us at 1-800-548-1195 or at to talk to one of our experts.

We also sell a variety of replacement touch screen radios. Many of these radios and replacement screens are "plug and play" making them easy to install, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty .

How Do You Fix A Car Radio Display?

There are several options to fix a car radio display, including some you can do yourself!

The first thing to check are the settings for your display. It's possible the display was accidentally dimmed or the lights on the instrument panel were turned down.

One of the most common issues is a blown fuse. Start by turning the car off and checking the fuse. The fuse will be in the car's fuse box, usually located under the dashboard on the driver's side, or under the hood. If the fuse is blown, it will be dark, or the wire between the two connectors will be broken.

Other reasons why your car radio display is not working include:

  • There is a problem with radio connectors.
  • There is a problem with the wiring or connectors inside the radio.
  • The light, backlight, or display is defective.
  • The main head unit is defective.

If your car radio or radio display is defective or you have a broken screen, we can fix it with our mail-in repair service. With this service, we will thoroughly rebuild or repair your stereo within 24 hours. Contact us at 1-800-548-1195 or at to talk to one of our experts.

How To Replace Your Car Stereo Screen

Replacing your car stereo can be an easy or moderately challenging task depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. In older vehicles, the stereo's connections can be behind the dashboard. Then the stereo can be removed with just a few bolts or screws.

Access to the car stereo is more difficult on newer vehicles. Typically the stereo is mounted behind plastic trim which can be tricky to remove. We offer an inexpensive, quality set of trim pry tools to get the job done.

If you have questions you can contact us at 1-800-548-1195 or at to talk to one of our experts.