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BMW Throttle Response Controller

Sooo... you are having gas pedal lag huh?

We have a good recommendation below to fix this.

The BMW throttle controller is activated by electric signals sent from the accelerator pedal. In other words, as soon as you press down on the gas pedal, a sensor determines how far you're pressing and tells the throttle controller to deliver the correct amount of power. BMW support suggests that this is an efficient system, but it can be frustrating in stop-and-go traffic when there seems to be a lag in the RPMs.

It's common for manufacturers to include a lag for various reasons like safety or emissions. This means your car is slower to take off or respond.

But, there is a solution :)

The Throttle Response Controller is a 10 min install, increases the voltage to the computer, and helps increase the RPM faster. It doesn't hurt the vehicle in anyway and is a great way to increase the performance of your ride. Throttle Controllers are also simply fun!

The BIG Question! Which one is the best?

We currently are recommending ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller for many different reasons. You can read more about it here >

Throttle Response for BMW

Is throttle controller useful?

Yes, it is very helpful and makes for a smoother ride. We highly recommend this simple upgrade. 

A throttle response controller can be beneficial when it comes to giving your car a much-needed boost. It is also an easy and quick way to give you that extra oomph in power and performance.

With ShiftPower, all you need to do is adjust the settings until it reaches the maximum acceleration point that you're looking for.

You'll enjoy the improved performance every time you hit the gas pedal.

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What is throttle lag?

This is all determined by the drive-by-wire system in a current or new car. The days of a throttle cable connecting your foot to the engine are long gone.

This system works by taking the movement of your foot on the accelerator pedal, amplifying it electronically, and transferring the signal to the engine.

  • Throttle lag in BMW 3 Series cars can happen when there is a lack of throttle response, meaning that your foot isn't quite pressing the gas pedal enough to give you the acceleration you want.
  • While driving, the use of the throttle pedal's travel is to accelerate or decelerate your car.
  • If you find that there is a lag in your vehicle's throttle response or that it is simply not doing what you need when you press the pedal, then you have a few options.
  • One option that your vehicle may be equipped with is what is called drive by wire, which uses a sensor in the accelerator pedal to send an electronic message to the engine.
  • The control modes of a BMW sports model may be incorrect. The computer may mistakenly believe that you want torque or maximum engine power, even if you don't.

Support says that if your BMW is equipped with throttle by wire system, then the software should be adjusted. The wrong adjustment may cause an acceleration delay or a lack of throttle response.

In BMW, the throttle cable is electronically connected to a pedal sensor which sends electronic signals to the engine control module (ECM).

The ECM then decides how much power to send to the engine. The throttle controller has been known to have a delay or lack of throttle response in stop-and-go traffic.

There are a few adjustments that you can make to help with this:

  • The accelerator pedal sensor angle adjustment
  • The electric throttle actuator motor adjustment
  • The throttle pedal free length setting
  • The idle speed setting.

If you experience throttle lag in your BMW, it's important to understand how the throttle controller works and to make the necessary adjustments. By doing this, you can help improve your driving experience.

Throttle Response Curves

What is the best throttle response controller for my BMW?

ShiftPower is giving buyers more control over their BMW throttle response.

ShiftPower is a leading brand in the market of remote-controlled gas pedals for cars.

There are various throttle response controllers in the market, but ShiftPower is making a difference when it comes to BMW.

ShiftPower is not only easy to install but is also compatible with your car.

With the ability to be installed on your vehicle and on your smartphone, they are simply a must-have. It is also the most powerful in the market.

BMW products can also be set in such a way that when given more throttle, the car will automatically downshift instead of providing more power.

ShiftPower takes this control away from the vehicle. This allows you to have more control over your BMW throttle pedal.

A wiring harness is included. This will make it easier to wire your controller and install it on your preferred vehicle within a few minutes.

Different modes are available in ShiftPower throttle controller that allows you to set the throttle point to your desired selection.

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How to eliminate throttle lag?

There are two basic methods to preventing lag.

First, the simplest method is to upgrade your engine with a bigger one. Replacing an old 1.8L engine for a brand new 3.0L will solve all of the problems you have because it will produce way more power without any throttle lag whatsoever. This is not always an option because it can be very expensive to do so.

The next option would be to install a module like a throttle response controller. 


    Why does my BMW have throttle Lag?

    The throttle controller or TR is an accelerator that has a return spring attached to it. The spring brings the throttle pedal back up so you can press on it again. The spring is actually part of the throttle pedal and controller assembly.

    So every time you press on the gas, there is a return force that brings the pedal back up. This is the throttle lag that we experience and it happens because of how you control acceleration with your BMW.

    Sensitivity levels of your TC will also determine how fast the return spring brings the pedal back up. A more sensitive accelerator means that it takes less of a push to move it which means that the spring will need to do less work to bring it back up. A more sensitive accelerator also means that you will have more throttle lag and this means a longer waiting period before the car picks up speed.

    TRC is an option that will decrease or increase its sensitivity.

    How do I fix it?

    If you are experiencing throttle lag then it means that your accelerator is either too sensitive or the spring needs to be tightened up.

    You should start off by tightening up the spring that brings the pedal back up. The more you tighten it, the less sensitive the accelerator will be.

    If that doesn't do the trick, then you need to tighten up the throttle cable. This is simple enough to do by yourself and can be done in about an hour.

    BMW vehicles experience major throttle lag issues and it only seems to get worse over time. Luckily, there are plenty of gadgets that can help you control your BMW's acceleration.

    In most cases, it is a throttle pedal assembly problem but there are plenty of gadgets that will work as a solution if you have bigger pockets.

    Aftermarket throttle response controllers are your best bet to take care of this problem but you still have to deal with the return spring first.

    It can decrease the issue by responding to the amount of pressure you give on your accelerator.

    If tightening the spring and cable doesn't fix these problems, then you can opt for a more expensive aftermarket product.

    There are some devices that allow you to manually adjust your accelerator pedal or if electronic you can add a throttle response controller like ShiftPower. 

    How can I accelerate faster?

    You can't accelerate any faster than your foot can push on the pedal. 

    If you want an easier way to accelerate your BMW, you should check out performance parts and accessories or you can buy a throttle controller that will give you the results you are looking for.

    We recommend ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller. This device lets you control the acceleration in your BMW by detecting how far you push on the accelerator pedal. Sensitivity levels can be adjusted to a 15% increase in the throttle response rate.

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    What does a throttle response controller do?

    It's a device that screws onto your gas pedal to eliminate lagging and boost acceleration. A throttle response controller is comparable to a dimmer switch, which is used to dim or brighten lights but is instead being used on the gas pedal.

    It helps you accelerate faster because it will not only decrease the throttle lag but also increase your BMW's acceleration as well as let you change the sensitivity settings.

    There are two types of these products, one that you can install yourself and another that comes in the form of a button. A button throttle response controller is more convenient and can be placed in a place that is easily accessible.

    BMW 3 Series vehicle has a control mode that will slow you down by shifting to a lower gear when it realizes that your BMW's RPM is too high. When the throttle pedal is pressed, the throttle body will open up and the engine will draw in more air.

    BMW 3 Series sport mode is an option in which you can give more throttle to have your BMW accelerate faster. It can be set by pressing the M button for more than 3 seconds. While on it, you can still shift up even if the RPM is too high.

    Access through smartphones

    ShiftPower has now developed an app that can be downloaded on smartphones. The app lets you change the modes of your throttle controller as well as check the battery level of your controller.

    The app is compatible with smartphones that are running on iOS 7 to 9 and Bluetooth 4.0. You need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as your BMW in order for the app to work.

    Since its release, thousands of users have downloaded this app.

    Are throttle controllers worth it?

    A car that doesn't accelerate well is not as fun to drive. In cars with drive-by-wire systems, the potential for a sudden loss of acceleration is a major problem.

    If you're looking for an easy way to significantly increase the power of your car, then say goodbye to response delays or throttle lag of your vehicle.

    It is one of the simplest car upgrades you can make to see immediate benefits and differences in your acceleration removing the delay disadvantages of your previous controller.

    From sport mode to race mode, you can choose a setting that works for your current situation, while the ShiftPower throttle controller simply gives you more control of your car's power.

    You will feel the increased engine response when you push down on the pedal and instantly see your speed increase.

    It is a great choice for those who have a car with a drive-by-wire system. A smooth and constant power output lets your engine respond almost immediately to the gas pedal as it provides acceleration throughout the entire RPM range.

    This means no more response delay or slow acceleration, which can make you feel like you're driving on ice.

    Does a throttle controller make your car faster?

    Throttle controllers are not magic and won't turn your car into a speed demon. They will however remove the delay in throttle response when you press down on the accelerator.

    In modern cars, a drive-by-wire system is used instead of a direct mechanical connection between gas pedals and the engine.

    BMW 3 Series vehicle has a mode that will slow you down by shifting to a lower gear when it realizes that your BMW's RPM is too high. When the BMW x3 throttle pedal is pressed, the throttle body will open up and the engine will draw in more air.

    Throttle responses are not always designed to be immediate. If you press down on your BMW's accelerator, the car might take up to 1.5 seconds for it to respond and provide more power.

    BMW products can also be set in such a way that when given more throttle, the car will automatically downshift instead of providing more power.

    So with your BMW in sport mode, you would be giving it more throttle without any response.

    Fuel economy is also significantly improved with the installation of a throttle response controller.

    You only need to look at the huge advancements in-car technology over the past few years.

    The vehicles of today are equipped with automatic transmissions that help to save fuel.

    When you're driving your car, it will automatically shift gears to provide the most power while using the least amount of fuel.

    Another way to improve your acceleration is by switching to an automatic transmission with a sport mode.

    This will give you the best performance for your car, and it can be done without any modifications.

    Does Throttle Controller Saves Fuel?

    Yes and no. If you have a heavy foot then a throttle controller will not save you gas, but if you go easy then it can help. The device helps you access RPMs quicker so that means you likely will use up slightly more fuel, but you can turn off the device when not needed. Its really helpful for getting into traffic quickly if needed. 

    The result is a quick increase in power when you press down on the gas pedal, while still allowing the engine to perform at its highest efficiency for longer periods of time.

    When it comes to BMWs, there are a few options that you have when it comes to the throttle response.

    You can either change the way your car shifts gears, or you can use an automatic transmission with a sport mode.

    Both of these methods will help you improve the power and performance of your BMW, but they will require modifications to your car.