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Best Throttle Response Controller

A quick review of Amazon negative reviews will show the multitude of problems that can happen with a throttle response controller. Be sure to carefully read the reviews to understand the potential issues. 

Best Throttle Response ControllerDuring our testing and reviews, our engineers are currently recommending ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller to our customers as the optimal upgrade. 

The biggest reason is that ShiftPower offers the longest warranty period, because they use standard certified auto parts, and the fail rate is incredibly low based on our testing. ShiftPower provides a high quality blue tooth app to perfectly dial in the response curve so your gas pedal feels perfect. 

Throttle Response Curves

Looking around Amazon you will discover various customer complaints that range from poor customer service to faulty parts. Problems might range from poor quality in electrical to simply not lasting past their warranty due to cheaper parts. 

  • There are many different brands and throttle response controllers on the market.
  • Some are boxy and difficult to mount. There are slimmer options, but can be cheaply made. 
  • Others have digital remote boxes with controls while others are controlled by a sleek remote and phone app

We have found ShiftPower to be the easiest to install and have not seen it create errors. 

ShiftPower greatly improves the driving experience with simple to personalize remote and smart phone app.

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In this article we will talk more about throttle response controllers, different features and how they can help you. 


Best Throttle Response Controller


It's critical to find a throttle response controller that offers at least a minimum 3 year warranty and a technical support team to help you. 

We recommend a throttle response controller that uses certified standard automotive parts. No one wants to see failures while driving. Not all throttle controller work great. It's worth looking around, but price isn't everything as you know.

 There are several important factors that can make or break how well a throttle controller works. If you have never driven with one and you are wondering whether they work, the following is what we've found to be the most critical considerations when evaluating them:

  • Warranty & Technical Support - As with any product on the market today, it's wise to purchase a throttle controller that has good technical support. Manufacturer's with bad support won't be around for long, and those unwilling to stand behind their product will likely not gain much customer loyalty or repeat business. You don't want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road because your device failed. Therefore it is important to choose a manufacturer with a good track record.


  • Functionality - If your throttle response controller malfunctions, how will you be able to get it working again? Does the manufacturer offer replacements or repairs? Will they reimburse you if your device is not still covered by its warranty period when it fails? Does it come with a money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with their product?.


  • Adjustability - Many people want to be able to adjust their gas pedal response curve. Some have a hard time getting used to the fact that they can't just step on the gas and keep accelerating until they reach maximum speed. Having an adjustable response curve is important because you can change it back if there is something you don't like about it. On the other hand, models with only one curve can be limiting.


  • Compatibility - This is a consideration for those who plan on using their device in several vehicles or want to use it on both an automatic and manual transmission vehicle simultaneously. Some manufacturers offer different throttle response curves for these two types of vehicles, whereas others don't.


  • Durability - In general, this device is designed to stay permanently inside your vehicle. Therefore it needs to be made of high quality components that will stand the test of time. This includes long-lasting microchips and other electronics as well as a heavy duty wiring harness.


  • Cost vs Value - The last thing you want to do is spend more than you have to for a throttle response controller. For those on a tight budget, this means searching for the cheapest model available. However, many times buying the most inexpensive product can lead to you getting exactly what you pay for in terms of reliability and durability.

We recommend buying from manufacturers with a good track record when it comes to customer satisfaction and technical specs.

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throttle response controller by shiftpower


If you drive a new truck, especially if it is diesel-powered, you have likely experienced this annoying phenomenon called throttle lag. You are not alone! The solution is a throttle response controller that attaches directly to the gas pedal.

The short period of time between the moment you step down on the pedal and when the vehicle actually progresses or moves is referred to as throttle lag - and it's one of most annoying and potentially unsafe characteristics of any vehicle, especially modern trucks.

In short, it's much like the lag you get while surfing the internet or playing a video game where your character takes several moments to start moving. It seems as though nothing is happening at first, and then all of a sudden the action begins.

Vehicle with improved throttle reponse

You may have noticed that after you step on the gas pedal with your new truck, there is a moment before it actually begins to move. This can be annoying and potentially dangerous if you are trying to pass someone on the highway or merge onto another road quickly. Typically, this lag occurs for several reasons:


The engine needs time to spool up or reach full power. The transmission has several gears that need to be shifted and this takes time. The computer needs time to tell the engine to speed up so that all of its power can be used.


If you have owned a vehicle for several years, the effect is likely more noticeable than if you are driving one that's relatively new. This is because as engines get older they tend to lose some of their power and this is why you might notice the lag more.


If you are still driving an older, less powerful vehicle with a manual transmission, then it could be lagging simply because of your vehicle's age. Needless to say, if your truck has been in operation for several years and exhibits significant throttle lag, then it may be time to consider purchasing one.


Throttle response controller for acceleration



Yes, throttle enhancers or throttle controller allow for you to remap the throttle response curves for your gas pedal. This means you can greatly improve your acceleration and gas pedal sensitivity.

Throttle enhancers are an inexpensive way to greatly improve your vehicle's gas pedal response time. Such a simple device can make a world of difference to the driving experience and safety on the road.

If your car or truck suffers from throttle lag, you should definitely consider purchasing one of these devices. You will be amazed at how much more fun it is to drive an older or less powerful vehicle with one of these.

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No! Many people are concerned about whether or not modifying their truck's performance will hurt the chances that an auto manufacturer will honor its warranty whenever they need


Throttle Response Controller



There is a lot of debate on this topic. Some say they work great while others claim they are nothing more than snake oil. The truth is that it really depends on the quality of the product and how it is installed. If you buy a cheap knock-off from China, then chances are it won't perform like you want.



No, you should not need any special tools to install a throttle controller. Most of them are plug and play devices that can be installed in minutes. However, some models may require that you splice into wires or connect it to the vehicle's computer.



No, throttle controllers do not add horsepower. They do what the name implies, they help you control the throttle or gas pedal feel. This means that you can accelerate faster using your existing horsepower. 

They do increase throttle response and acceleration like when you need to merge with traffic, pass a slow car or accelerate at the green light.

  • A throttle controller does not add horsepower, but they do allow you to better control your throttle response.
  • Throttle response controllers use different settings and modes like Sport, Super Sport, Dynamic, etc.
  • They should be plug and play and when installed should allow you to control using a remote or smart phone app.

This will give you control of your gas pedal sensitivity giving you what will feel like a booster. The best past is that all modes can be personalized to how you like to drive and be changed on demand for road conditions.

In our experience, yes, the throttle controllers really do work. They will greatly improve your driving acceleration experience by removing the gas pedal delay.


No, throttle controllers are not bad for you car or truck. They do not directly control the ECU or engine. They attach directly to your gas pedal which means that it is safe to use. Some of the common questions we receive are if these devices will affect your warranty or if they are legal and safe to use in your car.

There is no reason why you would not be able to use a gas pedal throttle controller on your car or truck. It does not control engine performance, it only improves acceleration response and driver experience.



No, the throttle response controller will not damage your car. Like any good thing though you can abuse it which can cause issues. The throttle controller allows you to access RPM faster using different modes like race mode, sport mode, etc. This means that the throttle response time will be faster and you could drive your vehicle to hard. Its not a good idea to run vehicles at high RPM all the time which can cause additional wear and tear.



Yes, throttle controllers are legal as they do not affect engine performance only the feel of your gas pedal. This means that you can use it without any issues on streets and highways. Some states like California or Maine might prohibit the use of devices that can use up more fuel. Please check your state laws to be sure you can pass your inspection.



ShiftPower is by far the best throttle response controller on the market. It has been around for over 10 years and is proven to work well. It fits on the throttle pedal easily. Comes with a blue tooth app and uses a sleek remote button to ccontrol the device.

You will notice teh faster acceleration from the improved input signal from any of the adjustable modes like sport mode or race mode. Our customers generally enjoy the settings at about 40% which seems to be the sweet spot for the throttle sensitivity. The different driving modes allow for a truly smooth throttle response.



No, you can find a good quality throttle controller between $169 to $299. You might be able to find cheaper ones but they will not have the same quality or performance. Its better to spend a little bit more and get a throttle controller that will last longer and perform better.



Yes, there are many different brands and models on the market.

Some have adjustable response curves that can be changed on demand to match your driving styles using a controller or Bluetooth smart phone app.

Others come with preset responses in slow traffic, sport and faster modes. We highly recommend one that can be used with a smart phone so that you can fully control your gas pedal sensitivity. 

Amazon is a great place to read reviews. Another place is to look into Reddit. We like to look at both the positive and negative reviews.


Yes! Of course we do :)

We always like to help our readers and customers find the right product for their vehicles needs.

To do this we suggest reading reviews and doing your research prior to buying a gas pedal controller.

At this time we are recommending ShiftPower as the best throttle response controller solution.

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