Can you use a throttle controller with a tune?

Throttle Controller for gas pedal

Yes, you can use a throttle controller with a tune. Lots of people do!

Throttle response = acceleration rate of the engine.

Throttle Lag is throttle response, but Throttle Response is not throttle lag. Throttle Lag is "oh crap there's no gas I pressed the pedal" while Throttle Response is, "Oh yeah! Gas!"

Most of us want that "Oh yeah" moment! In steps throttle control.

If your throttle controller allows you to customize torque based settings and relearn, then custom map setting on a tune will work just like an off the shelf tune if you follow the instructions.

Good news, most Throttle Response Controllers can do this, but not all are created equal. Look for 3 year warranties for better quality. 

Throttle lag is a real issue. The easiest and fastest way to solve the lag is by installing a throttle response controller.

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Throttle Response Controller

Throttle Response improves with both Tune and Throttle Controller

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds! Lots of people use both a Tune and Throttle Response Controller together

But what if you have slooooowwww throttle response?

The gas pedal input creates an acceleration request similar to that of a clutch dump on a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions use the engine to spin the wheels, whereas manual transmissions allow the driver to manually adjust the engine speed with their foot.

Throttle response is created by how quickly the ECM determines your desired acceleration and then increases engine speed to meet the request.

For example, if you press the gas pedal quickly from 0-50 % throttle it took 30% of the time to ramp up the engine. This delay is called "Throttle Lag".

This can all be solved with either a tune or throttle response controller.

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Throttle Response Controller

Is a throttle response controller worth it?

Yes, we recommend throttle controllers and they can be used with a tune. For cost and functionality we recommend you first start with a throttle response controller.

The combination of a tune and throttle controller makes the car feel better on the road.

The car's computer tells the engine to do something and there is some delay in the car.

With a tune, you can map more aggressively, because the RPM will respond quicker to your pedal input. The car responds sooner because of the smaller gap between what your foot is doing, and what engine speed is doing.

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How to install a throttle controller?

Controllers work by installing a signal between the gas pedal and engine. This is called a CAN Bus Interrupter.

When you gas pedal input is received by the ECM, the controller will interrupt this signal and modify pedal input by a set amount. This allows the engine to respond more aggressively as if you had pressed the pedal harder.

To install the controller simply plug into your gas pedal. This is a one wire connection.

The controller will beep and flash a light when the engine is at idle. This confirms that you have installed the throttle properly.


What throttle response controller works best with a tune?

After researching, we have found that the ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller works best tunes. 

Throttle Response Controllers are simple, plug and play devices.

The ShiftPower device is also more affordable since most controllers cost around $200.

Pedal response time is the most important factor in whether a controller is worth it.

The ShiftPower throttle controller will allow you to adjust how much pedal input is translated to the engine. Throttle booster is a good description of how this device works.

Pedal sensitivity is adjustable from 0-100%.With 3 modes that gives you 300 adjustments of fine tuning. All controllers on the market are 40 or less!

 ShiftPower Throttle Response Curves

Does ShiftPower work with a tune?

Yes, ShiftPower does work with a tune so that it can create a sharper throttle curve with the throttle controller installed. This adjust the throttle map for faster response.

Gas pedals are much more sensitive with a tune and controller. This allows you to map the accelerator pedal for extra power to be more aggressive or softer in throttle response and acceleration.

Modern vehicles have a lot of tricks to fool you into thinking the gas pedal is still sensitive, but it is not. Vehicle manufacturers used to adjust pedal sensitivity by how hard you push the gas pedal on a new car. This is because most drivers are used to pushing the pedal harder for more acceleration.

The ECM automatically defines how sensitive you need it based on a whole bunch of factors from your driving style, to temperature, etc...

Unfortunately, modern cars can only be so sensitive.

As a result, the ECM will integrate throttle input based on how quickly you request more acceleration. This means that if you ask for 50% pedal input in 0.2 seconds, the ECM may only add 15% to your previous pedal input of 20%.

Are throttle controllers bad for your car?

No, throttle controllers are not bad for you car. They simply adjust throttle position faster.

You may hear about how a controller can throw your car into limp mode or ruin the engine.

This is simply not true. Controllers only accelerate your car faster and are not harmful.

The only thing that could potentially be bad is if you were to leave your gas pedal pressed down the whole time.

However, you should not do this anyways as it is bad for your engine and gas mileage.

Are throttle controllers worth it?

Yes, controllers are worth buying.

Controllers can be expensive ranging from $100-$350. You need to decide for yourself whether it is worth the money. But that is a huge price range. 

Sport mode will be more fun with a controller, but you can still have fun without it.

Some people like the idea of being able to adjust sensitivity. Cable controllers can feel surprisingly responsive.

With a tune, you can modify how much power is delivered to your vehicle engine. This modification in performance will require a controller to be able to modify your gas pedal input.

Throttle Response Controller Increase Throttle Response

Does a tune increase throttle response?

Yes, they will help improve your throttle response.

Tunes will raise your redline, increase boost, and make you run leaner on the stock ECM settings.

Leaner mixtures = more responsive pedal input = faster acceleration.

Higher redline = better throttle response.

The main reason why a tune will improve your throttle response is because you will be able to adjust the pedal input sensitivity.

Can I do a throttle response controller first and then a tune?

Yes, you can use the throttle controller first. After that you can get a tune to fine-tune the fuel and timing.

If you think your car needs more throttle response at certain RPMs, get a tune to add more throttle input adjustment.

Alternatively, you can use a cable controller first and then go to a tune, although this may not be the most ideal solution.

Does ShiftPower work with a tune?

Yes, we recommend using a ShiftPower controller with any performance tune.

ShiftPower is plug and play, custom calibrations are not necessary.

HP tuner is a good description of how this device works.

You can adjust throttle sensitivity with ShiftPower from 0-100%.

Shifting into overdrive will automatically shut off your gas pedal so you do not have to worry about driving slow with a tuner.

RPM limiting is also available.

Does a throttle controller add HP?

No, the throttle controller does not ad HP.

Controllers are analog devices and do not change the amount of HP sent to your wheels.

ShiftPower simply allows you to modify the input sensitivity of your gas pedal. Vehicle's ecu will then adjust the throttle input on its own. Electronic control unit will modify how much power is delivered to your vehicle based on your gas pedal input from the controller.

Electronic control unit (ECU) will deliver more power to the wheels when you press the gas pedal down farther.

Does a throttle controller use more fuel?

No and Yes.

Drive by wire controllers do not use any fuel, but can hurt your fuel economy if you have a heavy foot. This is really on the driver. However, a tune will decrease your MPG and increase acceleration.

There is no way to prove whether it uses less or more fuel because it all depends on the driver.

Processing power in the ecu will probably use more fuel, but this is a small change.

In order to detect whether you are pressing your gas pedal, the car needs to know whether it is receiving data from the throttle.

If you put the controller in Sport mode, it will automatically increase throttle sensitivity.

In sport mode, gas pedal input is more sensitive. Therefore your car will use more fuel.

If you turn off Sport mode and drive around with a normal setting, your MPG should not go down.

Do throttle controllers improve performance?

Yes, they help improve performance.

Some of the main areas that controllers improve include acceleration, redline, and smoothness of acceleration.

Throttle body controllers are easier to install because they can be used with almost any car.

Cable throttles have extra features, but they can cost more money.


How can I make my throttle response faster?

The best way to make your throttle response faster is as follows

1) Install a throttle response controller

2) Replace your fuel filter regularly

3) Change your driving habits and follow the proper acceleration technique.

4) Have a performance tune with a properly installed upgraded air filter.

Fine tune the pedal sensitivity on your throttle response controller.


How does a throttle body controller work?

Set the desired output (sensitivity) in percentage.

Set the desired RPM limit. The controller will automatically cut off when it reaches that RPM.


Will a throttle controller void warranty?

No, a controller will not void your warranty. You want to find a product that has a long term warranty.

We recommend that you find at least 3 year warranty. The longer the warranty means you are using better quality materials. This means you will get a reliable throttle response.

Easy installation 

If you are using a cable controller, the installation should be very easy. You just need to connect one wire from your gas pedal to the controller, and one wire from the controller to your battery. This is the simplest way to get a custom tune on your car.

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