What does a throttle response controller do?

How a throttle controller works

It's a device that attaches to your gas pedal to remove lag and increase acceleration. A throttle response controller is similar to a dimmer switch, except instead of dimming the lights, it controls your throttle or acceleration response from your engine. 

Oh, and throttle response controllers are just fun!

A quality responsive controller will make each incremental movement of the accelerator pedal seem like a direct connection to the throttle body or port injection system on your car.

Finally, control the gas pedal sensitivity with a preset mode and settings.

The effect is similar to what you felt in your muscle car days when there was very little lag between pressing the gas pedal and feeling the immediate acceleration.

A throttle response controller is an automotive device connected to the accelerator pedal in a car.

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Some vehicles have an intelligent throttle system that is integrated with the cruise control, but almost all vehicles have some sort of drive-by-wire accelerator system (Computer controls accelerator input via an electronic throttle pedal).

 Toyota Tacoma Throttle Acceleration

What is a drive-by-wire system?

A drive-by-wire system replaces the mechanical connection between the driver and his/her vehicle's engine with an electronic one. All modern high performance cars are equipped with this type of system.

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What is the point of a throttle controller?

A throttle controller makes the drive-by-wire system more analog like. Instead of fully controlling vehicle speed and acceleration via a computerized control module ((For example, as in cars equipped with an intelligent throttle system)) it allows for some analog control by varying engine power or torque based on driver input (Pressure applied to the gas pedal).


Toyota Tacoma Throttle Acceleration Response

What is the point of using a throttle controller?

A Throttle Controller allows for more efficient driving, as well as making it more comfortable. It also allows you to easily control vehicle speed and acceleration with your right foot while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

It can minimize wasted energy from inefficient accelerating (Jumping forward with the gas pedal pressed to the floor), by controlling vehicle speed and acceleration automatically. Since drivers can focus on traffic conditions and remaining aware of his/her surroundings instead of concentrating on accelerating, a throttle controller lets makes driving more comfortable and fun.

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Throttle Acceleration improvement

What are the benefits of using a throttle controller?

A Throttle Controller offers several benefits when used in different situations:

It allows for better acceleration control since drivers can focus on traffic conditions and remaining aware of his/her surroundings instead of concentrating on accelerating.

The throttle controller also provides additional safety benefits. Automatic braking in case of emergency or vehicle malfunction is one example, while more relaxed driving lets the driver to stay focused on the road ahead even when stuck in a traffic jam.

Using a throttle controller means getting better fuel economy and saving money in the long term – especially if you do your fair share of city driving. In fact, when used for more than 50% of total kilometers driven, it can pay for itself within just a few months. Driving effortlessly with the gas pedal makes traversing town easier.

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Throttle Controller for better acceleration

Do throttle controllers really work?

The answer is: Yes.

Throttle controllers do really work to greatly improve the driving experience. We highly recommend using them for many reasons including safer acceleration.

All throttle controllers are electronic devices which change the resistance of the gas pedal input in real time, based on your desired acceleration.

The resulting effect is more control over vehicle speed and acceleration - or less. Some vehicles have an intelligent throttle system that is integrated with the cruise control, but almost all vehicles have some sort of drive-by-wire accelerator system.


Throttle Response Controller for your vehicle

Are throttle controllers bad for your car?

The answer is: No. 

They simply interrupt the signal from your gas pedal to improve acceleration control. If you're driving like before, your car won't be harmed in any way.

It is important to note that throttle controllers are not power boosters or superchargers which produce a lot of torque at low speeds (For example, when you accelerate from a stop light).

Instead they use engine management technology to get the most out of your drive-by-wire system, which is installed in all modern cars and trucks.


Throttle controller removes throttle lag

Are throttle controllers safe?

Yes, they are absolutely safe to use.

The gas pedal input on a car's accelerator controller is simply overruled by the unit's electronics so it can't interfere with the signal from the steering wheel or floor

Modern vehicles are designed to be driven with or without a throttle controller. Drivers who use them likely have more efficient accelerating and slower top speed, so they can get the most out of their fuel consumption.

For standard cars not equipped with an intelligent system, this means that once you switch on a drive-by-wire throttle controller:

The gas pedal will feel different to you;

The engine may sound louder (gas pedal is always open);

Acceleration will be more controlled.

In any case, none of these effects are detrimental to the car or its performance. In fact, no electric device can damage an internal combustion engine. It's completely safe!

Acceleration improved with throttle controller

Does throttle controller save fuel?

Yes and no.

You can now be more efficient with acceleration, but that also means you can burn more fuel easier. A driver that goes easy on the throttle will save fuel. A driver that presses throttle for faster acceleration will burn more fuel. It is up the driver to monitor and adjust the responsiveness of the gas pedal.

Throttle controllers make driving more efficient by assisting the driver to accelerate and maintain speed in a smooth and effective way, so they might save you as much as 7% per 100 driven kilometers (on average). This will depend on how fast you drive, the kind of vehicle you have and your driving style.

The results are improved fuel efficiency and a longer range between fill-ups.

You may also be able to recognize the increased fuel savings by watching your car's dashboard fuel gauge.


Improved RPM acceleration

Does a throttle controller Make your car faster?

Yes, because you do not need to press the throttle as far to get into your power band or throttle response. This means faster off the line.

This throttle control allows you to be faster earlier on. But this does not increase your horsepower. That is ok though since most vehicles have plenty of RPM and horsepower.

No, it only gives you more control over speed. Most drivers have no need for accelerated top speeds.

That's why the most effective throttle controllers carry the "city" name in their title, because they are mainly aimed at urban and commuter driving.

As a rule of thumb, about 10% of all miles driven should be done in the city driving environment (which is what the most effective throttle controllers are optimized for).

To get the best out of your car, you should drive approximately half of all miles on highways and country roads. The other half can be split between short trips around town and longer road trips. Please note that these figures apply to average city size in Europe

Will a throttle controller void warranty?

No, because it is not an after-market part. Like cruise control, throttle controllers are factory fitted to some vehicles.

Does a throttle controller work on all cars?

Probably not. Throttle controllers for drive by wire systems come in two main types:

Car throttles without the need for ECU programming - simple and cheap. They are limited to fixed gas pedal curve.

Car throttles that are in tune with the car's original ECU - more advanced, but very effective once installed.

Please check your car manual or search for a detailed throttle controller installation guide on Google before you buy a new one.

If you can't find any information about your car on the manufacturer's website:

See if the throttle controller you are looking for has a simple installation video. If so, take your car to an authorized mechanic that is familiar with drive by wire systems. The mechanic should be able to install it for you.

If there is no installation video available or you do not trust a local mechanic, then we strongly recommend to buy a throttle controller that will require ECU programming.

If you have, any you can additional also questions contact please manufacturer.

ShiftPower Throttle Controller App

What is the best throttle response controller?

The best throttle response controller that we are recommending at this time is ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller.

The reason we recommend is that the ShiftPower product offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Wide support for popular makes and models.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Extended throttle curves help save fuel.
  • Simple programming interface with an easy to understand manual.
  • Fair price point - it is not the most expensive one, but also not the cheapest.
  • Manufacturer's 3-year warranty on consistent quality.

There are many Throttle Response Controllers on the market, but ShiftPower is internationally sold in both USA, Brazil, and different parts of Europe. It's being used by thousands of people around the Globe. We are sure that you will enjoy what ShiftPower has to offer.