Why You Always Want To Replace Your CUE Radio With An OEM Part

Do you have a broken Cadillac CUE radio? As you're looking into replacing it, you have a big decision to make. Should you get an OEM replacement radio, or would an aftermarket radio do just fine?

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If you want to get the most value for your money, get an OEM or OE-quality replacement radio. There are many benefits to using an OEM replacement unit instead of an aftermarket one. The biggest benefits are:

  • You'll get all the CUE system features with an OEM or OE-quality replacement
  • An OEM or OE-quality replacement radio will help your vehicle's resale value stay up
  • An OEM or OE-quality replacement radio will fit into your vehicle without any issues
  • OEM and OE-quality replacement radios are compatible with your Cadillac's electrical system

You can't always apply these benefits to aftermarket replacement radios.

Installing An Aftermarket Radio Means Losing Some Of The Core Functionality Of The CUE System

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A lot of people think that aftermarket CUE radios are direct replacements of the Cadillac CUE system when it comes to features. This is not true. It's very common for aftermarket radios to offer far fewer features than the OEM version. It's especially true when it comes to a sophisticated system like the CUE system.

The Cadillac CUE radio is a complex system. It offers pretty neat features, including:

  • Smartphone connection to the radio via Bluetooth or an USB connection (Apple CarPlay or Android Auto)
  • 4G LTE wifi hotspot
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • SiriusXM Travel Link/NavTraffic
  • 3D GPS turn-by-turn navigation system
  • Weather forecasts
  • Voice commands

The LCD touchscreen is a star feature of the CUE system. You can control the CUE screen like swiping, pinching, spreading, or tapping it, very much like a smartphone. It also comes with proximity-sensing technology. It can sense your finger as it approaches the touchscreen, and it pulses to acknowledge the command. This way, you can keep your eyes fixed on the road.

You would be hard-pressed to find an aftermarket radio that offers all these features. Even if you find one that does, it's not guaranteed to work well. Most (if not all) aftermarket radios don't run on software and hardware that have been tested for compatibility with your car. That's why a lot of aftermarket radios come with bugs and installation issues.

An Aftermarket Radio May Hurt Your Vehicle's Resale Value

Some aftermarket parts can hurt a vehicle's resale value, especially radios. It's because the driver interacts with the radio pretty much all the time. When a driver buys a used car, they expect an OEM radio, not some random aftermarket radio.

With an aftermarket radio in your Cadillac, you'll have a harder time finding a buyer. Most buyers would prefer an identical model with an OEM radio. You would also get less money if you try to trade it in. It's best to avoid this hassle and just get an OEM replacement radio.

Aftermarket Radios Are Not Always Compatible With Your Vehicle

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You've probably seen aftermarket radios advertised as a direct replacement for your Cadillac. This is not true, of course. The truth is, aftermarket CUE radios may not be compatible with your vehicle itself. That's because the car and the radio need to have similar electrical systems in order to respond well to each other.

An aftermarket radio may draw too much power from your Cadillac. That, or it may mess with its electrical system in another way. When your radio is compatible with your vehicle's electrical system, you'll enjoy great sound quality. If you use an OEM radio designed for your car, there's no need to worry about static or interference from other electronic devices nearby.

Fitment is another issue to worry about. There are a lot of aftermarket radios that would not match the fitment of your car's dashboard. This means you may need to modify your dashboard for no good reason at all. You can avoid this hassle by just getting an OEM replacement part in the first place.

Re-manufactured OE-Quality Radios Are A Good Investment Too

If a brand new CUE radio isn't in your budget, look into getting a remanufactured OE-quality radio. You want to buy one from a manufacturer that follows strict remanufacturing and sourcing guidelines. That way, you'll get a radio that's a direct replacement, and will last a long time.

ISS Automotive is a leading brand for re-manufactured CUE radios. It's because:

All our replacement parts are original equipment-quality. This means our radios are built using almost the exact standards Cadillac follows.

  • We're an ISO certified company. We have over 70 years of experience in the auto parts industry.
  • All our replacement CUE radios are "plug and play", meaning they're easy to install.
  • All our replacement CUE radios come with a 30-day warranty.

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