Gone Dark? What To Do When Your Cadillac's Touchscreen Fails

There are several reasons your Cadillac Cue touch screen may stop working:

  • The system needs a hard reset.
  • The touch screen has an internal failure.
  • The touch screen surface is delaminating.
  • The vehicle battery is weak.
  • The Human Machine Interface (HMI) module has failed. 

Before diagnosing the problem or replacing parts, verify if your Cadillac Cue system is still covered by warranty. You may have an active factory warranty or an extended warranty purchased with the vehicle. If your vehicle is out of warranty, it may be best to DIY and avoid expensive dealer diagnostic, labor, and parts costs.

The Touch Screen Is Unresponsive Or Responds Randomly

  • Examine the screen for small cracks or cloudiness on the surface. If these flaws are visible, the screen will need to be replaced. 
  • If there is no visible screen damage, it’s important to first complete a hard reset of the Cue system. Refer to this blog post on how to perform a hard reset. 
  • If the touch screen is still unresponsive or responds randomly to touch, the screen will need to be replaced. 

ISS Automotive has developed a new Cadillac Cue screen replacement that is more reliable and lower priced than the factory replacement unit.  This screen can be replaced with basic hand tools and will save you hundreds of dollars. Visit the product page and enter your VIN to confirm your matching screen repair.

The Touch Screen is Black

Image Credit: NavRepairTV

A black screen does not indicate a touch screen failure. Perform these steps to diagnose the problem.

  1. Perform a charging system test on the vehicle. This will determine if the alternator is charging properly and the battery is holding a proper charge.
  2. If the charging system passes, remove and reinstall any “radio”, “display”, and “HMI” fuses to reset these components. Check your owner’s manual for fuse diagrams.
  3. If the screen is still black, the HMI module could be at fault. An HMI module reprogramming or replacement may be necessary. Unfortunately, this repair will require a visit to the dealer. 

ISS Automotive strives to offer compatible and reliable replacement parts for your audio system, including head units and touchscreens. If you don’t see exactly what you need, please contact us.

When you’re ready to repair or replace your radio or touch screen, you can easily swap it out yourself with some basic tools.  For detailed instructions on how to remove and install your Cadillac Cue screen, see our how-to guide.