Better-Than-OE Quality Units

At ISS Automotive, we know it's frustrating when your CUE radio isn't functioning properly. That's why we've developed a CUE radio replacement that's more reliable (and less expensive) than the factory unit and fixes common CUE radio problems.

ISS Automotive CUE Radio Replacements:

  • Fix common touchscreen issues such as yellow, cracked or cloudy screens, nonresponsive screens, and black screens
  • Can be upgraded to include Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • Are VIN verified to ensure your replacement has all the same features and capabilities as your original CUE
  • Are warrantied for life when you send us your original unit

The CUE Is More Than A Radio

The CUE radio is more than a radio. It's your Cadillac's entire infotainment system complete with radio, HVAC, navigation, and more. So don't trust just any retailer to replace or fix this critical part.

ISS is one of the largest replacement automotive electronics companies in the world. We have a huge inventory, which allows us to offer excellent pricing and a generous warranty on CUE units.

Parts Are OE Quality Or Better

When you buy auto electronics from ISS, you can count on OEM-quality parts. But when it comes to the CUE, you get better-than-OE quality. With the manufacturer's original system often malfunctioning, ISS has developed a solution for this commonly replaced Cadillac radio. Our customer testimonials prove it.


Here's what our customers say

"The [ISS] technician even talked to my mechanic to walk him through the installation process. I got a rebuilt CUE system with Car Play! They work great! I’m thrilled with the service I’ve received with ISS Automotive."

- Allison C

"I was looking for a CUE system for my 2014 Cadillac SRX, [when] I finally found the ISS store online...I was shocked they sent me exactly what I needed. Thank you so much, guys!"

- Marie L

"Well pleased with the Cad CUE, and the service was great. When I need anything else, I will order from ISS."

- Duval S