Throttle Booster: Mind-Blowing Acceleration Response

Throttle booster increase acceleration response in car

Did you know that vehicle manufacturers increase the gas pedal lag on purpose?! You don't have to settle for that. You can change the lag using a throttle booster.

The throttle booster can be the perfect tool for those who want to increase pedal acceleration and remove any lag. 

Throttle Booster upgraded in popular cars

Learn How To Make Your Car Or Truck More Sporty Using A Throttle Booster

Use a throttle sensitivity booster, also known as a throttle response controller (TRC), to increase pedal acceleration throttle response. You don't need experts to install it.  Installing a TRC is a DIY project that can be done in 10 minutes or less.

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throttle response update

Driving Experience Improvement - Remove The Lag

A throttle booster is designed to reduce that lag and help you accelerate quickly on busy highways or city streets. Get rid of the acceleration lag when pressing your gas pedal.

We recommend using a throttle booster to manage the throttle pedal power levels for throttle sensitivity.  

Make automatic car feel like stick shift


Do Throttle Boosters Work On Diesel Trucks?

Yes, the throttle booster makes driving a diesel truck better. A throttle booster will make the diesel engine respond to your pedal input faster as well as increase overall acceleration so it feels less sluggish leaving a stop sign or entering an interstate on-ramp.

Motor sports enthusiasts also report that driving their modified turbocharged cars with increased power levels delivers an increase in performance, too.

Throttle response controllers give you a stick feel

What Does A Throttle Booster Do?

Throttle booster products enable you to accelerate quicker, allowing for a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience. In other words, the throttle sensitivity booster works by reducing the space between pushing on the accelerator and reaching maximum horsepower output.

It is best to install a throttle booster on any vehicle with a modern engine that has at least 200 horsepower or more, but it works well for all engines. 

The response curve helps you smooth out acceleration

Do Throttle Enhancers Really Increase Throttle Sensitivity Response?

Yes, in our experience throttle enhancers do increase the throttle response. 

The throttle controller is a wireless switch that plugs into the accelerator pedal and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. You can set up the app on your phone so when you push down with your foot on the accelerator, it sends an input signal to the app telling it how much pressure you want applied to the engine.

Get instant acceleration

What Are Throttle Enhancers? 

A throttle enhancer a/k/a throttle controller modulates the engine output to simulate a linear acceleration and deceleration between idle speeds and maximum speed in order to maintain constant vehicle velocity.

The use of this technology eliminates sudden changes in RMP, which can lead to excessive wear on certain components such as brakes, transmissions, and tires.

How Does The Throttle Response Controller Work?

  • A throttle enhancer works by controlling the engine output to simulate a linear acceleration and deceleration between idle speeds and maximum speeds in order to maintain constant vehicle velocity.
  • The units install with a T wiring harness that works with a control switch body making for an easy to install product.
T wiring harness
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What Are The Benefits Of Using Throttle Controllers For Your Truck Or SUV?

  • Benefits include no more sudden hard shifts. RPM is smoother.
  • This makes for a smooth acceleration for a sporty feel.
accelerate using ShiftPower Throttle Controller

How Do I Increase My Throttle Response?

As discussed, the best way to increase your gas pedal response is with a throttle booster. The most common problem is when you start driving your car for the first time and you find that the car feels really slow. You know you have the power, but the response was adjusted very low.

We recommend installing a throttle response controller like ShiftPower. This allows you to have total control of your gas pedal slowness. You don't need superchips or upgrades to the circuit board ECU. After you install the throttle controller, you will have control of your throttle curve settings. For example, many have a mode called race mode or sport mode.

These modes allow you to adjust the sensitivity settings so you can control the feel of your car of truck. It will make your truck feel like a passenger car.

Throttle booster shiftpower

Model Year Engine Matters, But You Can Now Control The Response!

What does the model year engine matter? The reason is that the model year engine has different specifications. Different manufacturers add different sensitivity depending on the vehicle.

The good news is that adding a throttle controller can help you better manage your model year engine gas pedal response. This allows you to have better throttle boost without any slowness.

ShiftPower TRC

Best Throttle Sensitivity Booster

There are many options out there like ShiftPower Throttle Response ControllerAmp'd throttle booster, Sprint Booster, , Roar Pedal and more. They are all worth exploring, but we certainly have our favorite. We are excited with the modern look and full control that ShiftPower offers.

We recommend ShiftPower as one of the best throttle boosters. The reason we give ShiftPower a high rating is the use of the quality of parts, the app that makes it easy to control, and the price. Comes in Spanish or English language with a 4.8 star rating.

  • With the use of an app for the throttle controller, which is wireless, you can toggle the sensitivity settings so your car or truck feels like it's in race mode, or not.
  • ShiftPower offers a throttle controller that will make your car feel like it has turbo without the slowness.
  • What's more, you can control this on demand by using an app! It takes seconds to install and is also wireless so there are no wires or plugs needed.
  • The app connects via Bluetooth for real time adjustments on the fly. This makes for easy installation even if you've never done anything like this. No crazy parts to install. It's a simple 10 minute install.
improve shift response accelerator remote

Easy To Install Throttle Response - Fast Installation!

The best part about the throttle booster is that installation is simple and it can be used on most vehicles. With this increased throttle sensitivity, your driving experience will be more enjoyable and responsive

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