Throttle Body Controller: Best Way To Upgrade

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Looking For The Best Way To Upgrade Your Throttle?

It's simple to upgrade! And it totally changes your performance in seconds.

Did you know car and truck manufacturers purposefully set the throttle response lower to have a lag? Did you also know you can remove the gas pedal throttle lag in about 10 minutes, with a simple upgrade? 

Install a throttle response controller for the best upgrade. It's simple to install one at home and significantly improves your driving experience right away!

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This blog post discusses throttle response control benefits and how it can help improve your driving experience.

Throttle response installed in a car

First, Let's Review Gas Pedal Throttle Response Setup

A throttle body controller (TBC) is also known as a drive-by-wire throttle. It is an electronic throttle that provides a more linear and responsive drive. Torque transmitted by the gas pedal to the engine can be adjusted without changing gear, so it simplifies driving in stop-and-go traffic or when parking on steep hills. This means a faster time to the finish line for you, too.

The throttle controller minimizes emissions when idling. It also gives you smoother acceleration. (More about throttle controller acceleration in this blog post.)

A TBC replaces a stock ECU and uses an electronic throttle accelerator pedal sensor instead of an old-fashioned cable. It also removes all vacuum connections on your car, providing more power with less consumption for any engine combination.

Check out this short video by Engineering Explained:

A Throttle Response Controller (TRC) Is The Simplest Upgrade To Remove Engine Lag

If you are looking for more power, response, and acceleration with a minimal investment, then this is the upgrade for you! The TRC will eliminate your car's throttle loss and can improve your fuel economy. It can be used on any engine size.

This means more power at all speeds! The response is immediate and crisp. (More about throttle lag and fixing with throttle controller here.)

Throttle Response Ready to Go

Are Throttle Controllers Bad For Your Car?

No, not at all! We recommend using throttle controllers for better driving performance and control. Get rid of your dead pedal!

The electronic accelerator is designed for most OEM and aftermarket performance throttle controllers. The controller attaches quickly to the accelerator pedal. Once attached, it will automatically control the throttle and any power loss when you release foot pressure from the pedal.

All Modern Cars Have Electronic Throttle

The throttle position sensor or "TPS" is built into the accelerator pedal. This makes using an electronic throttle control a natural and seamless operation.

The throttle controller is made to work with the throttle position sensor in your vehicle.

Cars with upgraded Throttle Controllers

More Responsive Acceleration With A Throttle Body Controller

The TBC’s unique design allows it to act as a replacement for the car's standard throttle actuator, which controls fuel input to maintain an optimum engine speed. The TBC does this by sensing how far you push on your accelerator and then controlling the throttle position of your vehicle.

The TBC gives you a more responsive acceleration and smoother, linear response to your throttle input. This ensures that fuel is injected into the combustion chamber at an optimum rate, creating better performance and engine efficiency.

What's An Easy Way To Upgrade Your Electronic Throttle Controller?

We recommend installing a TRC at home. There's little skill necessary to make it happen. The only thing you need for an easy install is basic hand tools and a couple zip ties.

Throttle Controller product

How Do I Improve My Vehicle Throttle Response?

Get more control and speed with the settings and modes on the CTS. 

Fast car with using throttle upgrade

Use A Pedal Controller

We use a pedal controller that plugs into your vehicle's accelerator sensor to adjust throttle response settings on-the-fly for any driving condition or terrain.

What Is A Throttle Controller Mode?

- A throttle controller is a device that converts your throttle input into a signal.

- A throttle control unit mode is the type of accelerator pedal's mapping.

Mode Mapping provides immediate response to throttle input but with limited range. This allows you to more quickly get up to speed and makes things like racing games more enjoyable.

Mobile Smart App for Throttle Controller

What Are The Different Modes?

  • Dynamic
  • Linear
  • Exponential

Dynamic mode is the most responsive because it provides immediate throttle input in a wide range of motion. The downside to this mode is that you will not have as much control over your pedal because the throttle input is not linear.

Linear mode maps to a low or high speed depending on how far you push the pedal in, and will provide more consistent throttle response throughout your entire turn radius but without that extra responsiveness at higher speeds.

The downside of this mode is that it takes longer for your vehicle to get up to top speed. So, you might be wondering, is Exponential the answer?


Exponential mode is the least responsive because it provides a slow throttle input in a linear range of motion, which can make for some serious problems when you're trying to get up to speed quickly or race aggressively.

You'll also find that this mode makes your throttle inconsistent at higher speeds and that it takes quite awhile. Exponential does make it safer to use in bad driving conditions, such as snow or ice.

Throttle Response Graphs for Linear, Exponential and Dynamic

So, What Is The Best Mode?

Linear mode is the best and most responsive throttle controller setting. It provides a linear response in a range of motion that has been optimized to match exactly what you want to do with your vehicle at any given time - for cruising or racing aggressively.

Linear throttle control gives you a linear response in a range of motion that has been optimized to match exactly what you want to do with your vehicle at any given time - for cruising or racing aggressively.

If you're looking to upgrade your throttle controller and don't know how to pick between these three modes of operation, here are some pointers:

- If you want more response, you want to go with linear mode

- If you're looking for a throttle controller upgrade and don't care about response time, exponential is the best option.

- If you need it to be safe in bad driving conditions, such as snow or ice, then exponential will work better than linear because of its slow throttle input.

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