How to Make Your Automatic Car Faster: Easy Instructions

Making your automatic car faster

The automatic car is a wonderful invention, but sometimes we want it to go faster than it does! Or we want to accelerate quicker at the green light.

Its actually very easy and not expensive to upgrade your automatic..

So how can you make your automatic car go faster? It's easy!

The best solution to make your automatic car faster?  This will give you instant power to the wheels by controlling the gas pedal sensitivity. You can also use a tune which will slightly increase the horsepower.

If you're not looking for a huge power boost, then there are still other options available to make your car go faster.

Ultimately, the easiest and least expensive is using a throttle response controller, but not all are created equal!

ISS Automotive recommends using ShiftPower for the best throttle response controller on the market.

Keep Reading this article for directions on making your car accelerate and go faster.

Upgrading your car to make it faster

Can automatic cars be upgraded to go fast?

Yes, you can make basic upgrades to make your car faster with better response from the the engine and transmission.

Cars today are controlled by electronics which means that easy and fast upgrades are now available. Many upgrades can be completed in as little as 15 min. Other things to consider are also simple to manage and really comes down to regular maintenance.

Basic ways to make your car faster include:

  • Throttle Response Controller
  • Reduce Weight
  • Tire Inspection and improvement
  • Basic maintenance and minor upgrades
  • Improve your own driving
  • ECU Tuning & Reflash
  • Performance Chips
  • Upgrade Exhaust

There are many other options, but these are the most common and often the fastest ways to see gains with speed.

However, the easiest upgrade is to adjust the gas pedal response using a throttle controller. 

Improving the vehicle acceleration is an easy upgrade

How do I make my car accelerate faster?

The easiest way to improve acceleration, no matter what gear, is to make sure your tires have recommended air pressure, various filters are replaced, and basic maintenance is followed as recommended. Next steps include reducing weight and then minor upgrades. Weight seems simple but reducing weight can also be costly.

Most modern cars tend to be automatic and many people miss the the control and performance from a manual transmission.

Automatics simply feel slow compared to using a stick. But why do modern automatics seems slow or sluggish? Why does it feel like there is a lag? If we solve this then that will be the fastest way to make your car faster with improved performance.

A manual transmission gives us control over shift points and gas pedal acceleration. Modern car manufactures have added shift pedals or buttons to give us control. But these shifters simply are not the same though they can help.

There are now solutions or ways to control your automatic transmission, performance, speed, and power with some basic upgrades or maintenance.

Modern cars typically already have enough horsepower and expensive upgrade are really likely not needed. By simply shifting gears faster with access to RPM sooner you can get the acceleration you want. 

What is the easiest way to shift gears faster and with better acceleration? Click for more details on making cars faster >

Shifting gears faster can be done with throttle controller

How do you shift gears faster?

Simple, we recommend using a throttle response controller.

ISS Automotive recommends ShiftPower throttle response controller as the best one out there.

After testing and research we highly recommend this throttle controller since it gives you over 300 mapping options for full personalization. Basically, This gives you full control of you gas pedal sensitivity.

It is much easier to get your car off the line faster with an automatic transmission.

Since it takes less time to fully transmit power, and once you are in gear upshifting will be quicker as well. To make a manual shift faster also use this throttle controller so that when you stomp on the gas pedal, there is reduced lag. The good news is that a throttle response controller can also work for a both.

* If you are still reading this, then please keep going! *

After some research we found that a throttle response controller will give your automatic transmission the acceleration of a manual transmission without any major modifications to your wiring system. This is important because it improves fuel economy and saves time while driving.

Driving at night faster after upgrades

Why does my automatic transmission take so long to shift?

There are several reasons that car and truck manufactures have added lag to transmission so that the engine performs slower. They do this to make a safer driving experience, but the lag can be annoying for some people. Makes it hard to get up to speed in the right gear quicker.

This is frustrating! Gas pedal lag

The reason that your car takes so long to shift is because it is programmed to take the safest and most efficient route. This can be frustrating at times, but if you feel like you could shift quicker, then consider upgrading to a throttle response controller to improve shifting to your stock system.

* There are so many different options and not give you full control! *

The gas pedal is now using something called a drive-by-wire also known as an electronic throttle control, and it is generally what controls the RPM and acceleration. This system looks at the gas pedal position and when to accelerate.

* But if you feel like there could be something wrong with your car's software or drive-by wire then its worth checking out. *

driving with better acceleration

How can I improve my throttle response in my car?

Simple, you can improve your throttle response in your car by installing a throttle response controller. But do they actually work? Click here to learn if they work >

This is an additional device that will allow you to control the speed of acceleration and RPMs using something called drive-by wire controls. These devices are used on newer vehicles, but there are still many options out there for older models as well.

Improving your throttle response gets you to your top speed faster.

It also improves braking and the engine responsiveness.

Generally what controls the RPMs and acceleration is this system, drive-by-wire, which looks at the gas pedal position when it's time for you to take off. If you add a throttle response controller then you can control how fast your vehicle will start to accelerate, so that it starts to speed up more quickly.

This is a simple way for people who are looking at improving their engine response and accelerating time by adding something external.

Throttle response controller can be installed in your own garage or driveway with just basic hand tools; you'll need about 15min of your time to install.

But you might want to drive around and use the mobile app to personalize. This is the fun part though :)

How can I improve the performance of my automatic transmission?

To improve the transmission in automatic cars, you can try the following:

  • Change your engine oil and filter every six months. This will help maintain performance of the transmission.
  • If not driven often, it may be beneficial to change the transmission fluid with synthetic or semi-synthetic fluids that resist heat buildup and provide extra protection for gears.
  • Engine air filter replacement (better gas efficiency)
  • New spark plugs (newer models may not need this upgrade, but older vehicles do)
  • New fuel injectors (increases power and fuel economy) -Replacing worn out transmission fluid/filter. Replacing your fuel filter can also make your car faster and more efficient.
  • Replacing transmission fluid in automatic transmissions (improves performance and gas mileage)
  • Swapping the differential fluids with synthetic lubricant will also make your car faster.

By doing these maintenance tasks we can help to improve the transmission and the demand on it if we install any modifications or upgrades. These are the easiest things we can do.

Cars driving 0 to 60 faster

How can I make my car 0 to 60 faster?

So, you have already done the basic maintenance? Now what?

  • The best way to go from 0 to 60 faster is by installing a throttle response controller to increase the gas pedal response regardless what gear you are in.
  • Better tires with improved tread and weight is a great option. Better tread means that it can go faster because of the grip between the tires and asphalt. Improved weight means that it will weigh less, which improves acceleration by decreasing rotational mass while still providing for good traction on dry roads
  • Reducing the weight of your rims and tires will also help. Lighter rims will mean less weight on the engine. This is a bit more expensive, but by lightening your car it will help you get up to speed faster.
  • Next is a professional tune or tuning which alters the vehicle's computer to better match your engine. This is known as ECU Tuning & Reflash. By tuning the ECU, the fuel mixture can be adjusted to allow more power and RPM. This tends to be more expensive because it is more complicated.
  • You can also upgrade your exhaust but this can be expensive and may not be worth it. The reason it may not be worth it is because the exhaust is only one of many components that make up an engine.
  • The next thing to do is get new air filter or intake manifold and a cold-air induction system with a better throttle body, injectors, fuel pump as well as some other parts for your car. This will help by increasing the amount of air you are processing
Vehicle with better torque and gears

Can you make your automatic car shift faster?

Yes, to make your car shift faster we recommend using a throttle response controller to start. This will be the best and easiest upgrade to do at home.

Personalize your gas pedal response so that you can get power from RPM and torque sooner. This will get you up to speed easier using your existing horsepower. Cars gear shifts sooner as you push on the gas pedal depending on your car's throttle response settings that you customize.

Your vehicle will drive like a different car!

The other way to shift faster is by adding a performance air filter, the factory air filters might reduce power and gas mileage.

Performance upgrades like these also improve your cars engine to make it more powerful because you have increased airflow as well as reduced restrictions of the intake manifold so that engine coolant can flow over a greater surface area which helps maintain optimal operating temperature for consistent horsepower.

How do I make my transmission shift smoother?

The answer is to add a throttle response controller. It is the best way to smooth our the shift point so that the shifting doesn't jump so hard. This upgrade will let you remap your gas pedal response which means that the RPM and shifting will engage sooner for a smoother ride up hills, in traffic, etc.

Shifting smoothly means that you will be faster up hills and in traffic.

This will also improve your cars acceleration, since it won't have as much jerking between gears.

You can add this to any car for around $300 bucks (or less) which is a great value considering what you'll get out of it. And if you want the smoothest ride possible, then we recommend using ShiftPower.

See the different types of throttle response curves that can be customized.

Throttle Response Curves

What is Car Auto tuning?

Car auto tuning is the process of modifying a car engine to produce more power and speed.

Tuning involves ECU programming which can be done in a number of ways:

- online via laptop/phone with software like VPTuner

- offline by downloading and installing the tuning package on your car's ECU or factory CAN bus; this requires physical access to the engine bay, but can also be accomplished remotely if you are able to connect to the car's onboard operating system via a diagnostic port

- remotely by connecting to the car's onboard operating system via its wireless connection (the vehicle must be newer, and have this capability)

There are many ways for you to tune your engine. We recommend that you contact a professional to tune your vehicle.

A tune will allow your vehicle to perform better and give you more power.

Car Auto tuning is a way to make your car perform better by changing the engine's speed, air intake, or exhaust.

Can you tune an automatic car?

Yes, you can tune an automatic car.

An automatic engine can be tuned in the same ways that a manual transmission vehicle can be adjusted, with some exceptions:

- You cannot adjust your idle speed

- Tuning is not as accurate without diagnostic software and tools like those used by professional tunists.

The reason that we recommend a professional tunist is that the more you play around with your engine, the greater chance that something will break.

- Unless one is a professional tunist or has experience tuning cars for sale in their area, we recommend not touching anything under the hood other than an automatic transmission fluid flush and filter change.

Driving and racing fast cars

Is it bad to modify an automatic car?

No, it is not bad. We recommend some basic upgrades like adding a throttle response controller since it will not hurt the vehicle.

There is no direct access to the ECU or other engine controls, so it would be very difficult to damage anything.

We also recommend not messing around under the hood if you don't know what you are doing unless you have experience. This is why its safer to do minor upgrades first like you tire pressure, wheels rims, and throttle controller along with basic filter and fluid maintenance.

Easiest way to make your car accelerator faster.

Throttle Response Controller is by far the easier and less expensive way to make you car accelerate faster. Finally you can customize your gas pedal sensitivity and get the speed and performance you want ... faster.

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ShiftPower Throttle Response Mobile App Mounted in Car