Jeep Wrangler Electronic Throttle Control: Better Acceleration.

Jeep Wrangler throttle controller acceleration

Want more power behind your acceleration? Throttle Controllers will give you that and so much more! Issues with accelerator pedal lag?

Upgrading the Jeep electronic throttle control is a smart way to make the Jeep accelerate faster. You will want to install a Throttle Response Controller that let's you personalize different modes.

There is no risk to installing these.

After much research, we recommend for best performance ShiftPower Throttle Controller for your car or Jeep.


Jeep is ready to go fast

We will be writing about how they make acceleration faster, how to fix common issues, personalize it to your preferences, and what makes them so great when you are in need of responsive engine performance.

This article covers all sorts of topics that we hope readers find interesting.

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Make a Jeep go faster

How do I make my Jeep accelerate faster?

We currently recommend ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller to make your Jeep faster.

The best way to make a Jeep accelerate faster is by installing a throttle response controller. This will greatly improve your driving experience and remove your throttle lag problem. Forever!

You can can have personalized control of your throttle pedal acceleration. Many types of controllers will let you adjust as you drive, on the fly.

The best part?

After much research we have come up with several benefits: better acceleration; increased vehicle performance; higher fuel efficiency!

No risk for installing these high quality parts. There have been many studies done on the safety risks of these devices. The research has found that there is no danger whatsoever when it comes to installation of these products in vehicles. With this knowledge at hand, it's easy to see why more people get them installed!

Jeep can drive better in snow

What is a throttle response controller?

You might be wondering, what is a throttle response controller?

The throttle controls are available in electronic or mechanical form, for Jeep owners who want a little bit more control over their acceleration.

Throttle response controllers, plug into the throttle body, help increase fuel efficiency by taking advantage of electric engines' ability to change gears at different shift points. This will allow you to accelerate faster.

A Throttle Control or Throttle Response Controller is a device that monitors engine speed and adjusts the throttle opening to match. This will attach the the throttle body pedal.

In other words, once you install it in your Jeep's electronic throttle body, it will be able to monitor how much pedal pressure you use at any given time.

It'll then adjust the fuel going into the motor accordingly- allowing for more responsive acceleration performance on demand!

Jeeps are amazing vehicles; they offer lots of torque at all levels but suffer from poor gas mileage due to their heavy weight. With electronic throttle systems (ETS) you can manage the acceleration by installing a response controller like ShiftPower. This will solve your throttle problem and give you full control of your accelerator pedal.

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Common Jeep Problems for acceleration

Jeep Gas Pedal & Throttle Problems:

Some common throttle problems for Jeeps include:

  • Throttle Response Slow
  • Throttle Released Early
  • Accelerator Pedal Sensitivity Too High or Low.

Throttles are compromised by the throttle position sensor (TPS). With a new TPS, Jeep owners can experience an increase in acceleration response time of up to 300 percent! These sensors should be replaced every 35000 miles for optimal performance. Typical installation takes about 30 minutes and only requires basic tools that most people already have around their home garage: socket wrench set, screwdriver set, pliers, wire cutters/strippers and electrical tape.

What are the most common problems with Jeep Wranglers?

In general, common problems that we see with Jeep is acceleration response. This could be from a range of things:

- Throttle response controller is broken or warped.

- Throttle body has an issue with it and needs to be replaced.

- The flywheel is no longer working properly and may need replacement soon.

These are just some of the potential problems that could affect accelerator response in a vehicle, but this can happen for any number of reasons: age, quality control issues on both vehicle manufacture side as well as technician error during installation process.

As we said earlier, there are many variables that contribute to certain vehicles getting more sensitive over time due to oxidation and degradation which will cause them not work correctly at all times agains under hood components such things like electronic throttle controllers (ETC), spark plugs, fuel injection, etc.

Jeep accelerator pedal can get stuck

Why is the jeep wrangler gas pedal hard to push?

The pedal can be hard to push due to a number of reasons including old age, lack of lubricant or a faulty throttle control system.

Throttle control can be difficult to push for various reasons:

  • Age
  • Quality control issues by manufacture
  • Technician error during installation process

As we said earlier, there are many variables that contribute to a stuck pedal.

How do you fix a stuck gas pedal?

Basic troubleshooting of the problem includes inspecting the pedal to make sure it is free of debris, and making sure nothing has been caught on the pedal.

After some basic troubleshooting, we recommend you contact your local Jeep dealer or repair shop. You don't want to force the pedal and cause any damage to the drive by wire or electronic thottle control system. If you see a throttle control warning then it's time to make an appointment if not sure how to troubleshoot.

Jeep improve throttle response

What is the ETC light on a Jeep for check engine light?

The electronic throttle control light is an indicator that the gas pedal has been depressed and the engine speed does not match what's being commanded.

In this case, if you are in a panic-stricken state (so to speak) while driving your Jeep when it comes on, pull over as soon as possible so you can access what is happening.

What does it mean when the electronic throttle control light comes on?

Throttle Control Warning from the check engine light: If you see a Throttle control warning or throttle light, it's time to make an appointment if not sure how to troubleshoot

If your control light, located near the check engine light, is on for more than 20 minutes and the engine shuts off or stalls then contact Jeep experts right away. This will indicate a problem that could be potentially dangerous.

It could be a faulty Electronic Throttle Control module, a faulty Throttle Position Sensor, or bad wiring.

Many Jeep enthusiasts don’t realize the significant role that the throttle system plays in their vehicles and they neglect to regulate it. When this results in symptoms of a failing electronic throttle control light indicator, then there isn't enough feedback given by the driver to seek diagnosis or remedy. This normally means the problem needs to be reviewed by an expert to make sure all systems are functioning properly.

Jeep at sunset

How do I fix my electronic throttle control?

There are several possible causes for a Jeep's electronic throttle control light to turn on.

If you're experiencing the following symptoms, then contact your local Jeep dealership as soon as possible:

- Engine shuts off or stalls intermittently after driving it for a while and engine is cold; this may happen when accelerating quickly from a stop light.

The Throttle Control Light may stay on as long as the engine is hot, even if it has been running for a while.

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms and suspect your Jeep Wrangler's electronic throttle control light or other parts could be malfunctioning, then contact your local dealership team.

What happens when the electronic throttle control goes bad, Throttle Control Warning?

Your Jeep may simply stall, be super jumpy, or worst shut off in the middle of traffic.

A throttle control warning light or a message will appear on the dashboard. If your throttle control goes bad then our engine will struggle to start.

A Throttle Control Warning Light is a warning indicator that can illuminate when our Jeep's Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system has detected an issue with the ETC sensors or actuators.

What does this mean? The throttle control warnings light may be activated due to any of the following:

- Faulty ETACS Actuator,

- Excessive idle time in Park without driving for more than 30 minutes,

- Dirty Throttle Body and/or Air Induction System Filters, etc.

In addition, if you've been driving and your Jeep stalls it could have to do with your electronic Throttle Control Module malfunctioning.

Inside of the Jeep

How much does it cost to fix a sticky gas pedal?

The cost to fix a sticky gas pedal depends on what is wrong with the pedal.

The most common cause of a sticky gas pedal, and one that is easily fixed by replacing the pedals return spring, will cost around $150-$250 for parts and labor.

If there are other complicated problems to fix in addition to the springs, then it may cost more than this amount. A broken cable or electronics package can be very expensive due to how difficult they are to install correctly as well as time spent looking for replacement parts."

"How much does it cost? It depends on what's wrong," said our mechanic. "Some fixes might only take an hour while others could take all day."

Of course your reply, "It just costs too much these days; I wish we didn't need cars anymore." haha

How much does it cost to fix electronic throttle control?

-They come in varying prices depending on what you need it for - some are cheaper than others, so be sure to check them out before buying one!

The cost typically ranges from 100$ to 1500$.

Prices depend on what you need it for - some are cheaper than others, so be sure to get quotes. This is why you should consider some troubleshooting and calling around, but ultimately the cost really depends on the issue.

The good news, if you want to install a simple Throttle Response Controller in your vehicle, like ShiftPower, then the investment is small. 

Jeep fix the stuck throttle

How do you reset the electronic throttle control system on a Jeep Wrangler?

Depends on the Jeep, but you can try:

  1. The electronic throttle control system has a reset button in the location of the fuses.
  2. To activate this, you must push and hold it for about 30 seconds while following instructions on your car's dash display screen to clear all stored diagnostic codes. Once activated, release the button and wait for an indication that service is available before releasing power from ignition or restarting engine.
  3. This will refresh settings such as fuel mapping data so ensure vehicle is not running when performing these steps.
  4. Once done, turn off Jeep and start up again with no problems!

Customize your Jeep acceleration using smart phone app

Tell me more about Jeep Throttle Controllers:

Throttle Response Controllers help Jeeps accelerate faster. Throttle Control allows you to personalize throttle modes.

A throttle response controller will completely change your driving experience for the better. Using a response controller in your Jeep, like ShiftPower, will let you customize the throttle response.

Customizing your Jeep's responsiveness is a great way to get better performance from it, and this can be done with a variety of different types of controllers available on the market today. You'll need to make sure that you purchase one for your specific year model so that they work properly! (If not, then there might be some problems)

-Throttle Response Controllers help Jeep Wranglers accelerate faster by completely changing how responsive they are when accelerating which makes them feel much smoother in operation.

Find a solution that allows you to customize using a smart phone while driving.

Jeep acceleration response curves can be personalized

Are throttle controllers bad for your car?

No, Throttle response controllers are not bad for your Jeep or car. In fact they can be a great performance upgrade if operated correctly!

If you use them in the wrong way then that's when there might be some problems. Like any car or vehicle, you don't want to drive at really high RPM's for a long time. It will shorten the life of your engine. Certainly have fun with your upgraded accelerator response, but don't redline your RPM.

-There are many different types of controllers out there and each has their own advantages and disadvantages so make sure you purchase the right controller for your specific model Jeep.

Jeep upgraded throttle controller

What is a jeep wrangler throttle response controller and should I get one?

Yes, you should grab a throttle response controller! This will greatly improve your driving experience and make you faster at the green light. It is the easiest way to upgrade your Jeep acceleration at a low price.

Simply, they are a lot of fun! The difference is night and day.

Throttle Response Controllers are not expensive, typically costing less than $300.

ShiftPower is low cost and gives you greater control than those priced at $300.

If you want to have more control over how quickly the engine responds when you hit the gas pedal then get one!

A lot of people buy them primarily because they want their vehicle to accelerate faster on the road. If you are looking for a snappier acceleration from 0 to 60 then this is the perfect solution.

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