2018 Silverado Throttle Response: Throttle Delay Eliminator

2018 Chevrolet Silverado upgraded throttle response

Did you know that Chevrolet, GMC, and many other manufacturers add throttle lag on purpose? It's not an error!

The Chevy Silverado 1500 and 2500 is a popular truck with many loyal fans. However, there’s something that can get in the way of your enjoyment: throttle lag! Much of this stems from the drive-by-wire and computerized engine management.

Many Silverado Chevy trucks jerk when accelerating. In fact, the throttle response is delayed by 20 milliseconds or more in most Silverados.

Fortunately, there’s an affordable way to add a throttle controller to your Silverado and get rid of that delay.

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This post will give you several tips on how to eliminate throttle delay problems from your Chevrolet Silverado, GMC, Cadillac, or other truck. 

First what's the throttle delay all about?

Silverado red truck with throttle response controller

2014 - 2018 Silverado Hesitation Acceleration

Have you experienced a delay in acceleration or throttle response in your Silverado 1500 or GMC Sierra? You are not alone.

You might be experiencing throttle delay because of the drive-by-wire system. Here's what you need to know.

- An accelerator pedal sensor tells the ECM how fast to go and when to cut off fuel flow for cleaner emissions.

- The throttle will stay open longer while cruising in order to keep the engine at a lower RPM, which helps lengthen engine life as well.

- The Silverado lag was created on purpose because the throttle is intended for a lower setting when the truck has less weight.

- Delays in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2500, the GMC Sierra, and other make/models are an effort to help protect engines.

- A response controller may not eliminate lag completely. You'll still be able to tug (let off and then stomp on the gas), but it will make the truck feel more like a car under normal driving conditions.

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Chevrolet Silverado throttle response upgrade to eliminate delay

Bad Hesitation When Accelerating From Low Speeds

This is a common problem with the Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra truck. Chevy implemented something called throttle delay eliminator (or TDE). It's designed to make your acceleration smoother and more responsive when starting from low speeds by eliminating that pesky hesitation in between gas pedal presses.

There are other faster and less expensive ways to fix this compared to full professional tune ups. But often people will get both a tune and a part to upgrade their throttle. Both solutions have a reasonable price.

Silverado truck needs throttle controller upgrade

Performance Can Feel Delayed At Low Speeds In Silverado Trucks

You may feel this when you're accelerating from a stop or turning into traffic quickly. This can cause your truck to buck as it accelerates based on how much pressure is applied on the gas pedal. 

The throttle pedal sensor transmits information about the pressure applied to it, and then there's also an electronic control module that determines how much air  the engine needs for fuel intake levels to increase.

This process can sometimes take up to three seconds before you actually get acceleration.

A Throttle Response Controller (TRC) can fix that lag. They allow for more control. 


Chevrolet Silverado truck has throttle delay

Chevy Truck Jerks When Accelerating

Have you ever felt your Silverado jerk when accelerating?

This is often caused by a throttle delay, which prevents the Silverado engine and transmission from operating at full power. The jerk motion is a result of the throttle opening and closing quickly in response to a request for acceleration from the pedal. The Chevrolet Silverado has an advanced throttle delay eliminator that reduces throttle delay by up to 40%.

But, what causes the jerking motion? The culprit is a throttle delay, which prevents the engine and transmission from operating at full power. The reason for this is that when you apply the gas, there's a slight lag before power delivery.

Now you may be wondering: "Why would I want to eliminate throttle response?" The answer is easy. It makes for an easier ride and better braking performance on all types of roads.

The Chevy Silverado's TDE System

The throttle delay eliminator (TDE) is capable of responding instantly to accelerator inputs, providing quicker and smoother vehicle performance while reducing lag. But the TDE doesn't give you full control, which is why we recommend you only use it in select situations.

The Chevy Silverado has been known to have this problem for some time now. The solution in the past was to install an aftermarket throttle pedal assembly that eliminated the throttle delay. However, there is a better way!

One of the best throttle response controllers in the market is the ShiftPower.

We especially like the ShiftPower due to the on-the-fly adjustments made from the app. Having personalized throttle control from your phone is where it's at.


Silverado truck driving on hill with throttle response delay

What Causes Slow Throttle Response In Trucks?

The slow throttle response in drive-by-wire systems typically has to do with the throttle delay eliminator (TDE) system. This is a component of the drive-by-wire that operates as an intermediary between engine speed and vehicle power output, ultimately translating into vehicle acceleration.

When this intermediate link starts to slow down due to wear or other factors, it can lead to slower-than optimal throttle response. This results in what feels like reduced performance and power. Your truck can still have plenty of power, but without a good response time it might feel like you're going slower than your vehicle actually is going.

We recommend you check with your Chevrolet dealership for additional information on the throttle delay eliminator.

If your eliminator is fine then the next best step is to install a throttle response controller so that you can take control of the problem. This will let you adjust the response time according to your needs.

Throttle response curves to show the throttle power

When Did Chevy Trucks Go To Drive-By-Wire System?

You might be curious, when did Chevrolet start using the drive-by-wire system? Many manufactures started using this in the late 1990s. As for General Motors, they started using it in the early 2000s and all models of Chevrolet trucks now use this system as a standard.

Drive-By-Wire Or Electronic Throttles

The drive-by-wire in a Chevrolet allows the throttle for the vehicle to be controlled by a computer. The throttle control is determined by reading data from sensors, such as pedal position and engine speed.

The theory is to prevent having to use mechanical linkage between accelerator pedals and throttle bodies in gas engines.

This drive-by-wire or electronic throttles are also used to help manage the engine in response to the driver's throttle input.

What Are The Benefits Of This?

  • The gas pedal is connected by a wire, not mechanically. Therefore, there is less wear.
  • When you go from one vehicle to another with drive-by-wire throttles or electronic throttle control, they usually feel very similar, which makes for a smoother transition.
  • When they work correctly, you don't notice anything happening at all.

If you are used to a more responsive throttle control, sluggishness and delayed response time can be annoying. The drive-by-wire or throttle input is responsible for this.

In the past, drivers who were used to a more responsive throttle might have had to get an aftermarket accelerator pedal or even modify their vehicle's drive-by-wire control with custom brackets and small electric motors in order to make it feel more like what they're used too.

Those days are over.

Improve the throttle response by adding a throttle controller

How Can I Improve My Silverado Throttle Response?

  1. You can improve your Silverado response by updating the accelerator pedal position response.
  2. This update will get rid of that annoying delay in throttle responsiveness you may have been experiencing, and it is not a difficult installation either.
  3. You actually don't need any special tools to make the upgrade.We recommend ShiftPower as the best solution.

The Reason We Recommend ShiftPower

  • ShiftPower has a great customer service team available to answer any of your questions.
  • ShiftPower has a 3-year warranty on their products. 
  • The mobile app let's you personalize settings and responsiveness.

Throttle controllers are a great way to make your Silverado more enjoyable and responsive. You can now get a car-responsive feel in your truck. Eliminate the lag!

ShiftPower throttle controller can help Silverado improve response

How Can I Improve My GMC Sierra Gas Pedal Response Performance?

Just like the Silverado, the install is the same.

It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to install the throttle controller kit on your GMC Sierra 1500, and it’s not too difficult of an installation.

There is a t-shaped harness that makes it all possible.

  • The controller is installed below the steering column and its wires are concealed by a panel.
  • You will see the pedal plug that is easy to remove and allows the controller to be installed with a plug-and-play design.
  • The beauty of this installation is that only basic hand tools are needed for the install. There's no need to order any special parts.

Are There Any Recalls On 2018 Chevy Silverado?

No, there is no recall for the throttle lag.

People often question that the throttle lag performance is from an error, wheel and tires, or an issue with their make. Many wonder, is there a recall for the throttle? It's not. This is simply related to needing tuning.

We recommend, for more control, an aftermarket throttle delay eliminator such the ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller.

2018 Silverado Throttle Response

What Does A Throttle Response Controller Do?

Simple! Accelerate faster. This device lets you control the gas pedal lag for a sporty ride. 

This item will let you upgrade your Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, or other vehicle pretty easily. This product covers well over a thousand different trucks and cars with positive results for the performance people want. It's an easy way to upgrade.

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