Where to Buy GM Stepper Motors [OEM Built]

Where to Buy GM Stepper Motors


ISS Automotive offers professional GM Stepper Motors for your instrument cluster repairs. Stepper Motors are standard motors that we guarantee to work. Direct replacement for your instrument cluster gauges.

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What is a Stepper Motor?

A GM motor stepper is a device that is used to move the shaft of an electric motor through specific increments. The motor is used to increment into position all your gauge cluster needles with precision.

To fix a motor stepper, you must first remove the old one. Oftentimes, this means removing all of the necessary screws or unbolting them. Then replace it with a new motor stepper.

Are all GM Stepper motors the same?

No. They are not the same.

The motors are made by different manufacturers for General Motors, but they are all GM Stepper motors.

Instrument clusters are one of the most common places where stepper motors are used. The light bulbs in the instrument cluster are actually light arrays. The bulbs are positioned in front of aluminum or plastic reflector so that they will all shine toward the driver.

Each bulb must be precisely positioned to shine its light on a specific portion of the speedometer, tachometer, etc. When this position is lost for any number of reasons (such as burnt-out filaments, broken wires where the filament was attached, bad ground connection somewhere along the circuit), then you end up with no lights working at all or lights that do not work properly (one side dimmer than the other).

This can often be corrected by cleaning and adjusting contacts for these stepper motors. If this does not work you may need to purchase new ones.

What devices have stepper motors?

Devices that have GM Stepper motors are but are not limited to throttle body assemblies, power steering pumps, power brakes, idler pully assemblies, alternators, and water pumps.

How do you fix a stepper motor?

GM Stepper motors are soldered onto the cluster circuit board so that means in order to remove you will need to have some experience in soldering and resoldering. If you are unfamiliar with this process, we recommend you find a professional to do the work for you.

To remove a soldered stepper motor you will need a soldering iron, a spudger, and some solder wick. First, heat up the two soldered joints on either side of the motor. Once the solder is melted, use the spudger to pry the motor off of the circuit board. If the motor is stuck, you can try heating up the joints again and wiggling the motor until it comes free. If the motor is still stuck, you may need to apply some solder wick to remove the excess solder from the joints.

Once the GM Stepper motor is free from the circuit board, you can desolder the old wires and solder on new ones.

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How do stepper motor gauges work?

Stepper motor gauges work by converting the electrical signal from the stepper motor into a linear movement of the needle on the gauge. It does this by using an 'electronic circuit'. You can also refer to this as a 'circuit board'.

A stepper motor oil pressure gauge works the same way as a fuel pressure gauge. However, instead of measuring suction, it measures how much weight is lifted by the GM Stepper motor. Usually the higher the number the better.

A stepper motor fuel gauge works by measuring how much weight is lifted by the GM Stepper motor. The higher the number, the more fuel will be delivered to your engine.

A stepper motor water temperature gauge works by measuring how many degrees above or below 100° the temperature is. Usually the higher the number, the better for this stepper motor.

A stepper motor transmission temperature gauge works the same way as the water temperature gauge, but for measuring the temperature of your transmission fluid. The higher this number, the better.

The instrument panels that use stepper motors are part of your 'control panel'. The controls that are located on the control panel will be what operate all of the features in your car. For example, if you look at a Chevrolet Corvette instrument panel (pictured above), you can see that it has many different switches for controlling things like your headlights, turn signals, traction control, etc.

How do you change a stepper motor on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

To change a stepper motor on a 2003 Chevy Silverado, you must remove the necessary parts in order to get to it. Most likely, this will mean unbolting or removing all of the screws in order to access it. Then disconnect the wire harness and carefully pull out the old one. Take your new GM Stepper motor and connect the wire harness to it. Then carefully push the new GM Stepper motor into its proper position and bolt or screw everything back in place.

Installation instructions for replacing stepper motors vary depending on the make and model of your car. The best way to find these instructions is by looking online or at the owner's manual for your vehicle. Also, be sure to replace any broken GM Stepper motors with new ones in order to prevent further damage to your car's electric system.

What are the parts of a stepper motor?

The parts of the stepper motors are the armature, commutator, brush assembly, rotor, and stator.

The armature is the cylindrical part of a stepper motor that turns due to an external magnetic field.

The commutator is the stationary set of copper bars on a stepper motor that allows it to change directions.

The brush assembly is what transfers electrical energy from the stationary parts, through the brushes, and to the armature of a stepper motor.

The rotor is what turns the armature of a GM Stepper motor, usually with magnets attached to its exterior surface.

The stator has coils of wire that are wound in alternating directions around the inner rim of the cylindrical part of a GM Stepper motor. This creates an alternating magnetic field which makes the armature of the stepper motor turn.

Can stepper motors be repaired?

Stepper motors can be repaired, but it is rare that they will need to be. If a GM Stepper motor does stop working correctly, you should probably replace it because repairing steppers is difficult and often times more expensive than getting a new one.

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Do stepper motors fail?

A stepper motor will only fail if it is exposed to too much heat or is damaged. If you use your GM Stepper motor correctly, it will last for years and will remain in good working order.

What is a gauge stepper motor?

A gauge stepper motor is a device that moves the needle on your car's gauges. For example, if you look at a speedometer in your car, there is likely a small gm Stepper motor behind it that allows it to move forward and backward as your speed increases and decreases.

What determines the speed of a stepper motor?

The speed of a stepper motor changes depending on the type of application that it is being used for. For example, if you were to use a GM Stepper motor to turn an electric fan or a windshield wiper, you would have to adjust the voltage going into it in order to change its speed.

What is a stepper motor good for?

A GM Stepper motor is good for any device that requires a fast, accurate rotary motion.

For example, if you were to use a GM Stepper motor on an electric fan or windshield wiper, it would allow these devices to rotate without hesitation or lag time.

How do you test a stepper motor battery?

To test a stepper motor battery is to apply an electrical voltage to it and see how well it conducts that voltage. You can do this with a multimeter by attaching one lead of the meter to either of the terminals on your GM Stepper motor and then touching the other one to the positive or negative side of your power source. If you read full volts for this test, then your GM Stepper motor should be fine.

How much does it cost to replace a stepper motor on a GM cluster?

The cost to replace a GM Stepper motor on the cluster in your car will depend entirely on how good of condition it is in. If you can still read all of your gauges when you test it, then you might only have to pay for labor and whatever parts are needed. However, if you need a whole new stepper motor for your cluster, then you might have to pay quite a bit more.

How do I reset my GM stepper motor?

To reset the GM Stepper motor on your car, you should disconnect both of its terminals from their electrical source. Once this is done, wait thirty seconds before restoring power to it again. If you are having problems using your GM Stepper motor, then replacing it or repairing it might be a better solution rather than trying to reset it.

How long do stepper motors last?

GM Stepper motors can last for many years if they are taken care of and used correctly. They will typically fail only when exposed to too much heat or damage.

How do I identify my stepper motor?

You can identify your GM Stepper motor by finding the number on its back and looking it up online. There you will find all of the information that you would need, including how to repair or replace it.