Instrument Panel Lights Replacement [Pro Lights]

Instrument Panel Lights Replacement


Looking for instrument cluster lights you can trust?

ISS Automotive offers professionally built and tested instrument cluster replacement lights. It's the same cluster lights we use in all instrument cluster replacements and repairs. We have tested our lights in over a million clusters over the past 30 years. When your instrument panel lights go out, replacing them can be a hassle. But with ISS Automotive's easy-to-use replacement lights, you'll be back on the road in no time. 

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How do you change an instrument panel light?

  1. Turn off the power to the cluster.
  2. Remove the lens by gently prying it off.
  3. Use a soldering iron to remove the existing lights
  4. Clean the circuit board and lights area
  5. Use solder and soldering gun to add the lights to the cluster
  6. Reattach the lens when done.
  7. Turn on the power to the cluster. You're all set!

It's very critical that you have experience and have done similar electronics work before. If you are unsure then have a professional service do the work for you. 

If you have any questions about our instrument panel lights or need help finding the right light for your car, please contact ISS Automotive at 1-800-548-1195. We're always happy to help!


How much does it cost to replace dashboard lights?

The cost to replace dashboard lights will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have, the complexity of the job, and the labor rates in your area. Expect to pay between $50 and $100 for this service. ISS Automotive includes this service free of charge in our replacement and repair clusters. 


What causes instrument panel lights to go out?

There are a number of reasons why your instrument panel lights may go out. One possibility is a blown fuse. Another possibility is a problem with the dimmer switch. If the problem is with the dimmer switch, it may need to be replaced. If your instrument panel lights are not working, it is important to have the problem diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Driving without instrument panel lights can be very dangerous. If you are having trouble seeing your instrument panel, pull over and turn on your hazard lights until you can get the problem fixed.


How do you fix the lights on instrument cluster?

There are a few things that can cause the instrument panel lights to malfunction. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check all the bulbs. If they are burned out, replace them with new ones.
  2. Make sure the dimmer switch is turned on.
  3. Check the fuse that powers the instrument panel lights. Use needle nose pliers to remove the fuse and check if it is burned out. If so, replace it with a new one.
  4. Locate the connections that power the instrument panel lights and make sure they are tight. If they are loose, tighten them up.

If none of the above steps work, then the problem may be with the instrument cluster itself. Take it to a mechanic or a dealership to have it diagnosed.


Questions for Instrument Panel Lights

How do I change the light bulb in my instrument cluster?

First, you will need to gather a few tools: a small flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a replacement bulb. You will also need to consult your vehicle's owner's manual for the location of the fuse box and the specific type of light bulb you will need to purchase.

To begin, locate the fuse box in your vehicle and find the fuse that corresponds to the instrument cluster. Once you have located the correct fuse, use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove it from the fuse box.

Next, locate the light bulb in the instrument cluster that needs to be replaced and use the flathead screwdriver to remove the retaining clip. Pull the light bulb and twist the bulb socket to remove it from the cluster. Now, take the new bulb and insert it into the socket, being careful not to touch the glass part of the bulb with your fingers. Reattach the retaining clip and screw it back into place.

Finally, insert the fuse back into the fuse box and close the cover. Your instrument cluster should now be back in working order!

How do you light up an instrument cluster?

There are a few ways to light up an instrument cluster, but the most common is to use LEDs. LED bulbs are small, bright, and require very little power to operate, making them ideal for use in instrument clusters.

Can I change my dashboard lights?

Yes, you can replace your dashboard lights. You'll need to purchase a light bulb replacement kit specific to your vehicle. Once you have the kit, follow the instructions to remove the old light bulbs and install the new ones. It's a relatively easy process that shouldn't take more than a few minutes. If you're not comfortable replacing bulbs yourself, you can always take your car to a mechanic or dealership and they'll be able to do it for you. There may be a small fee involved, but it's worth it to have the job done correctly.

How to remove the instrument cluster bezel?

Instrument cluster bezel removal is a simple process. First, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the two screws that hold the bezel in place. Next, use your fingers to pop off the bezel. Once the bezel is removed, you will have access to the instrument cluster.

How to remove instrument cluster?

Removing clusters (refer to GM Cluster Removal guide or Chevy Cluster Removal Guide) can be tricky because most vehicles have different designs. In some cases, the steering column has to be lowered or removed in order to get the cluster out. However, lowering the column is not always necessary. To remove the instrument cluster, first, disconnect the battery. Next, remove the four screws that hold the cluster in place. Finally, disconnect the wiring harness and remove the cluster.

How do I change the color of my speedometer light?

To change the color of your speedometer light, you will need to purchase a new instrument panel light bulb. There are many different colors available, so choose the one that you prefer. Once you have the new light bulb, unplug the electrical connectors from the old bulb and plug them into the new bulb. Then, install the new bulb in the speedometer light housing and screw it in place. Finally, reconnect the battery and test the new light bulb to make sure it works.

How much does it cost to change dashboard lights?

On average, the cost to replace dashboard lights is between $50 and $200. Depending on the severity of the problem, some cars may only require a new light bulb, while others may need an entirely new unit. The best way to determine the exact cost is to take your car to a certified mechanic for an inspection.

How do I change the color of my speedometer?

To change the color of your speedometer, you will need to purchase a speedometer overlay. This can be found at most auto parts stores. Once you have the overlay, simply peel off the backing and apply it to the speedometer face. If you want to change the color of the needle, you will need to purchase a separate needle overlay. 

How to replace old bulbs on older vehicles?

You will need to work with a professional team or find a professional instrument cluster service in order. 

Follow these steps to easily replace the bulbs in your instrument panel. With new bulbs, you'll be able to see all of your gauges and instruments more clearly. 


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