Scosche Vent Magnetic MagicMount for Sale
Scosche Vent Magnetic MagicMount for Sale
Scosche Vent Magnetic MagicMount for Sale
Scosche Vent Magnetic MagicMount for Sale

Scosche Vent Magnetic MagicMount for Sale

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The Scosche MagicMount™ for the vent fits most vehicle vents. Can easily be rested on a desk or table. A plate is added to the back of the phone or case to make a simple magnetic mounting. The base can be adjusted for optimal view.


  • A metal non-magnetic plate adheres to the phone. Directly to the back of the case or directly to the mobile device.
  • Vent backing fits most vents to mount your phone. 
  • The high-powered neodymium magnets are 100% safe and will not damage your device. 
  • Part Number MAGVM2

MagicMounts come with a protective plastic film ​sticker ​in the box. This film should ALWAYS be used when you are applying the MagicPlate directly to your mobile device using the adhesive-based MagicPlate. ​Doing this will aid in the ease of removal of the MagicPlate should you wish to do that in the future. We have created a short video to show you how to properly apply the plastic film followed by the MagicPlate.

MagicMount Video


Car Phone Air Vent Holder

A Car Phone Air Vent Holder is a great way to keep your phone in view while you're driving. The holder mounts to your air vent and has a spring-loaded clamp that holds your phone securely in place.

Do air vent phone mounts work?

Air vents provide an excellent location to mount your phone while driving, as they are usually out of the way and easy to access.

Click to see > Car Phone Holder

But do air vent mounts actually work?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best air vent mount for your phone. The first is the size of

First off, just having an air vent mount is not enough – you need to know which vent your car uses and if it is compatible with the mount. Secondly, consider how secure the grip of the mount is. You don’t want your phone to fall off the mount while driving. And finally, think about the angle of the phone.

Most air vents car mounts use a small metal-grip clip that attaches to the vent in your car. These mounts can be rotated to adjust the angle of your phone, which is great if you like to see the GPS or if you use your phone as a music player.

The downside to these mounts is that they can be a bit wobbly and not as secure as other types of mounts. If you are looking for a more secure option, consider a mount that attaches to the car’s windshield or dashboard. These mounts are usually more expensive but offer a much more stable hold.

How do you hook up a phone vent to the car?

This question is more difficult than it seems. There are a few different ways to do it, but we'll show you the easiest way.

What you will need:

- Phone Air Vent Mount Holder

- Car Charger (optional)

First, install the metal plate between your phone and case or directly on your device.

The metal plate is removable, so you can take it off whenever needed (for example, if you want to use your phone without it being mounted).

Then, install the metal plate between your car vent and its holder. The metal plate has a strong magnet that will hold your phone in place.

Finally, put the mount holder onto your car air vent. It can rotate and swivel 360 degrees, allowing you to find the perfect angle.

It is as simple as this! (We know it seems like a lot of steps, but it really is easy).

Now you can use your phone hands-free while driving. You can also charge it while it is being mounted, but you can always just plug your car charger into the port on the mount holder.

Now that you have your car phone air vent holder, you're all set!

This accessory is perfect for those who need to stay connected while on the go.

Which is the best mobile holder for a car?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as everyone's needs will be different.

However, we can recommend a few different types of phone holders that would work well in a car.

One option is the Air Vent Mount Holder. This holder attaches to your car air vent and is designed for quick, easy mounting and unmounting of your phone.

Another option is the Windshield Mount Holder. This phone holder attaches to your car's windshield and has a self-adhesive backing. This type of phone mount is perfect for those who wish to keep their phone in sight at all times.

Another one is the Magnetic phone car mount. This magnetic car mount can be attached to any metal surface in your car. It uses a strong magnet to hold your phone in place, and it can swivel and rotate to find the perfect angle.

Finally, we recommend the Car Dashboard Mount Holder. This holder attaches to your car's dashboard and has a telescopic arm and an adhesive backing. This type of phone holder is perfect for those who want to keep their phone in clear view at all times.

We hope this article has helped you to find the best car phone holder for your needs!

Is magnetic phone car mount reliable?

If you're driving down the highway while attempting to view a GPS reading on your cell phone, it can be very dangerous for you and other drivers. A car phone holder can help to keep your device in a fixed and visible location while you're driving.

There are many different types of phone holders for cars on the market. The type you choose will largely depend on your needs and preferences. Some popular options include windshield mounts, cup holder mounts, magnetic car mounts, and air vent mounts.

The magnetic phone holder is your best option. You'll find several types of these mounts available.

Are dashboard phone mounts legal?

The answer is a bit complicated. While the legality of phone mounts varies by state, most states have laws that allow drivers to use hands-free devices while driving.

This includes phone mounts that are attached to the dashboard or windshield. However, there are a few states that have specific laws banning the use of phone mounts on windshields.   

In California, you can be fined up to $160 for using a phone mount on the windshield even if it does not obstruct your view. In New York, you can be fined up to $300 for using a phone mount on the windshield.

There are also a few states that have laws banning the use of phone mounts altogether. In Arizona, it is illegal to use any type of phone mount in a moving vehicle.

To avoid legal problems, you can purchase a phone mount that attaches to your dashboard or console. You may still be at risk for tickets if the mount blocks your view of the road.

It is always a good idea to check with your local law enforcement agency before using a phone mount in your car.

Are magnetic vent mounts safe?

There are a few things to consider when it comes to a magnetic phone mount for your car. Magnetic mount phone holders use a magnet to hold your phone in place.

This can be safe if the magnet is strong enough to keep your phone in place, but it can also pose a danger if the magnet is too strong and causes your phone to fly into the air and hit someone or something.

Another thing to consider is that some magnetic car phone mounts can interfere with the signal of your phone. If you live in an area with a weak cell signal, this can be a big problem.

If you're worried about safety or signal strength, you can purchase a non-magnetic phone mount for your car. These mounts use a different method to hold your phone in place, such as a suction cup or a clamp.

What is a magnetic air vent mount?

A magnetic air vent mount is a type of phone holder that uses magnets to attach to an air vent in a car. This type of cell phone holder is popular and very easy to install. If you like using your phone in the car, then this magnetic air vent mount is a must-have for you.

How do you install a magnetic vent mount?

1. Locate a spot on your car's air vent that is open and flat. The mount will attach to this spot.

2. Peel the paper off the back of your mount and adhere it to this spot. Be sure to follow all instructions in your package about proper placement.

3. Once the mount is attached, hold your phone near the mount and position it so that the metal plates on the back of your phone are close to the mount's magnet.

4. If everything is in place, your phone should now be attached to your car's vent.

Are air vent mounts safe?

Air vent mounts are safe for use. Legal in all states/cities, these mounts keep your phone mounted to the car's air vents where it is safe and within easy reach. The air vent mount works with almost all types of phones.

Are magnetic holders bad for phones?

There is some debate over whether or not magnetic phone holders are bad for phones. Some people believe that magnets can damage the circuitry in phones and other electronics.

It is a reasonable concern, but the answer is no. The magnets are not strong enough to cause any real damage.

How do magnetic vent phone holders work?

Magnetic vent phone holders are a simple but ingenious invention that attaches to the vents in your car and holds your phone or other devices in place. They work with a strong magnet that attaches to the metal in your car and holds the phone or device securely.

This is a great option if you want to keep your phone or device within easy reach while you're driving, and it's also a great way to avoid the hassle of finding a place to put your phone or device while you're driving.

What are the different types of magnetic vent cell phone holders?

There are a few different types of magnetic vent phone holders available, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some holders attach to the vent using a clamp, while others use a suction cup to attach to the vent.

The clamp-style holders are generally more secure than the suction-cup style holders, but they can also be more difficult to install. In some cases, the clamp attaches directly to the vent, while in other cases it attaches to a small plate that plugs into one of your car's vents.

The suction-cup style holders are generally easier to install, but they can also be less secure than the clamp-style holders. They also have a tendency to fall off if they're not attached correctly.

No matter which type of magnetic vent phone holder you choose, make sure that you test it out before you hit the road.

Are phone vent mounts legal?

Yes, phone vent mounts are legal in most countries. The only country I know that has outlawed them is Australia.

If you're not sure about your country, check your local laws.

What about using phone mounts while driving?

For the most part, it is legal to use phone mounts while driving in most countries. Again, check your local laws just to be safe.

Are vent mounts bad for your phone?

There is some concern that using a vent mount to secure your phone in your car can damage the device. The biggest worry is that the constant movement of air flowing through the vents will jostle or shake your phone enough to damage it. This seems logical, but a closer look shows that it isn't the case.

The concern for jostling can be alleviated by ensuring that you tighten your cell phone into the mount securely. It's also less of a problem if you use your phone for navigation or anything that requires more attention than listening to music.

The concern about airflow is a little more valid. Constant exposure to high-speed air could wear down your phone over time. However, this is only an issue if you choose a poorly constructed vent mount. Poorly designed mounts allow your vents to still move too much, which defeats the purpose of using one in the first place.

A well-made vent mount will have a sturdy grip and keep your vents from moving. This means that the airflow won't be a problem. In fact, using a vent mount can actually help keep your phone cooler by directing the air flow directly to it.

A vent mount is a solid choice for anyone looking to securely display and charge their cell phone. It's also the best option for anyone who needs to use their phone for GPS purposes.

You should note that if you're looking to mount your phone and use it as a hands-free device, a vent mount might not be the best option. Instead, you might want to consider a dashboard or windshield mount. These mounts offer a greater range of motion, allowing you to put your phone in the most convenient location.