2011 Silverado Gauge Cluster Replacement
2011 Silverado Gauge Cluster Replacement

2011 Silverado Gauge Cluster Replacement

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2011 Silverado Instrument Cluster (covers the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014). Problems with cluster going out? Speedometer broken? Don't get a ticket!

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We provide OEM quality, fully re-manufactured and fully functional instrument clusters and radios. Each unit meets all manufacturers specifications. To activate your Limited Warranty please send us your old core with in 30 days. 

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1-Year Limited Warranty if we receive your broken core within 30 days. We provide free return shipping for old core to activate your warranty. Lifetime Limited Warranty available as an upgrade. 


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2011 Silverado Gauge Cluster

2011 Silverado gauge cluster not working. All the lights work but the needles don't move. What could be the problem?

This is normally a sign that your cluster is going bad. The good news is that they are simply to replace or get a repair.

How do I know if my instrument cluster is bad?

Well the easiest way to determine if your instrument cluster is bad is by checking your odometer. If you have a lot of miles, and it just doesn't seem to keep up. You might want to check it out. A bad instrument cluster can also be determined by other gauge malfunctions. Such as needles not moving at all, or the needle only moves in one direction. The gas gauge needle may also bounce around, or stick in one location.

Silverado 1500 gauges usually go bad around the 100k mark. The trucks and heavy and they take a beating. The instrument clusters are not very cost effective to replace. Many of our members have taken their clusters apart and replaced the light bulbs with LEDs, which makes a huge improvement over stock.

Can an odometer be fixed?

Yes, an odometer can be fixed. Sometimes it can be repaired by replacing the speedometer itself. But sometimes they won't allow you to replace just the part. You'll have to get a whole new cluster assembly for it to work again. Products like odometer correction fluid aren't good to use because it can ruin your cluster. So if you know anyone who knows how to fix an instrument cluster, try asking around. But...if not, don't worry. Because every auto parts store has a computerized testing machine. You can get your cluster fixed there.

If you have a cluster that has stopped working altogether, or it's completely dead and won't turn on. Here's a quick fix for that. Disconnect batteries and let sit for about 15 minutes. Connect the battery cables to your truck, turn it on, and your cluster should light right up.

How much does it cost to fix odometer?

It costs more than the actual cluster. So if you have to get a new one, it can be anywhere from $150-$300. But if your odometer is fixed by the testing machine, it only costs $10 or less. You can search up "odometer correction" to see how it works.

How much can I sell my bad cluster for?

If the odometer reads more than 85,000 miles. Some people may buy it from you for as low as $20. It really depends on the buyer, and the mileage.

But that's not to say you should sell it for that price. You can actually get more for your cluster if you do some market research. Just use your local craigslist, and if they don't want it...the national Craigslist might. Also try eBay, or Kijiji. You can put it on eBay and sell for as low as $30-$40, maybe even more if you do some good marketing. And if it's even more, you can always put on Kijiji.

So the bottom line is...do some research first before just selling it.

How do you reset the gauge cluster on a Silverado?

You do not need to reset the gauge cluster on a Chevy Silverado. What you need is to get it tested. But if you already know it's bad, you can reset it by turning the key on and off 3 times. This will make all your gauges, as well as the indicator lights, go to zero.

Your chevy Silverado will not lose any important electronic features when this happens. The gauge cluster is completely separate from the truck itself. Gauges do not affect the performance of your vehicle. So you should never feel as if it's a safety issue after resetting.

How do you fix an incorrect speedometer?

You need to replace the whole gauge cluster. But if you already know it's incorrect, stop driving your vehicle because it can be very dangerous. Gauges are not designed to be wrong. So you need to stop driving it until you get it fixed.

If your speedometer is off, by only 5 mph. You can get it fixed by the testing station for free. But if it's off by more than 5mph , then you will need to replace the whole cluster...so make sure it's correct. Gauges can be very dangerous when they're wrong.

Just remember that the speedometer does not need to read exactly at zero in order for it to be correct. You can have a speedometer that reads 60 mph, but you're actually going 65.

Does changing your wheel size affect your speedometer?

Yes it does. Changing your wheel size will affect your speedometer, because the whole gauge cluster is calibrated for that wheel size. If you change it, you will need to get the whole cluster changed.

Is it illegal to change your gauge cluster?

It's not illegal to change your gauge cluster. But it is illegal to drive if your speedometer is wrong. So get the whole instrument cluster changed.

If you have a 3/4 or 1 ton truck, it's usually cheaper to just get the whole cluster. If not, then just get it tested, and repaired for free.

If you need to get your cluster changed or fixed. Don't pay full price at an auto parts store. Try calling around to local junkyards, and check with your local auto parts store if they'll do it for free. If you have a Chevy Silverado, it's a little more expensive to get a new one. So call around and try getting a used one from a junkyard to save money. If you still have a problem, try going online and doing some research to ask around for help. You can also buy them from eBay, or Kijiji. Just do some research to compare prices before you buy it.

Can you drive without a gauge cluster?

Yes, you can drive without a gauge cluster. But it's best not to because the gauges are not designed for that. If your odometer is messed up, you can't trust your speedometer. And if your speedometer and odometer are wrong...it's even more dangerous.

General Motors Instrument Clusters for 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If you have a newer Silverado. Chances are, the cluster will be different than this one above. So just google "2011 silverado gauge cluster" to find the right one for your year.

How do you recalibrate a speedometer on a Chevy Silverado?

You do not need to recalibrate your speedometer. It's best just to get it tested, and fixed if it needs to be.

If your speedometer is off by 5mph or more, you might get it tested and fixed for free at a testing station. If not, you will need to get the whole cluster changed.

If your speedometer is off, and your odometer is messed up too...that's when it can be dangerous. If they're off by more than 5mph , then just get the whole cluster changed. You will save money that way. One way or another, get it fixed before you drive your vehicle.

If you have a newer Silverado, then try looking online for the year...if you can. If not, call around to local auto parts stores to see if they'll test it for free.

If your speedometer is still off, even after a technician tested it...then you will need to get the whole instrument cluster changed. There's nothing more they can do because the gauges are calibrated for that specific vehicle.

If your speedometer is still off after a test, then you might need to buy a new one. You will need to do more research on Google, or eBay to search for the right one you need.

How much does it cost to recalibrate your speedometer?

It costs around $200-400 to recalibrate it. It's best just to get the whole cluster changed because that will be cheaper.

It's not illegal to change your gauge cluster. But it is illegal to drive if your speedometer is wrong. So get the whole instrument cluster changed.

We recommend that you purchase a cluster from ISS Automotive because