2007 - 2014 Chevy Suburban - Instrument Cluster Replacement
2007 - 2014 Chevy Suburban - Instrument Cluster Replacement
2007 - 2014 Chevy Suburban - Instrument Cluster Replacement

2007 - 2014 Chevy Suburban - Instrument Cluster Replacement

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Gas & Diesel for the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement. Enter your VIN for an exact match and free cluster programming. Our service allows you to quickly swap your Suburban speedometer. 

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    Please make sure to send us your VIN and Mileage so we can program your cluster. We provide OEM quality, fully re-manufactured and fully functional instrument clusters and radios. Each unit meets all manufacturers specifications. To activate your Limited Lifetime Warranty please send us your old core with in 30 days. 

    We specialize in Chevy instrument cluster replacement with several decades of experience.

    How our replacement process works:

    1. Complete your online sales order
    2. We ship your re-manufactured, programmed and fully functional cluster
    3. Simply install the cluster - plug and play!
    4. Activate your Lifetime Warranty - ship us your old core with in 30 days. Use the enclosed free return shipping label.


    Limited Lifetime Warranty if we receive your broken core within 30 days. We provide free return shipping for old core to activate your warranty. 


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    The Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement is advisable if all gauges stop working properly.

    This covers the

    • 2007 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2008 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2009 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2010 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2011 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2012 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2013 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement
    • 2014 Chevy Suburban instrument cluster replacement

    Many times this is caused by a bad instrument cluster. The instrument cluster or dash cluster can be described as the speedometer, tachometer, fuel, odometer gauges.

    If you are driving your truck and all the warning lights come on at once then chances are good that you need a new instrument cluster.

    Instrument clusters can vary from vehicle to vehicle and your car may not have the exact same set of gauges or brand.

    Many times they are manufactured by the same company but with slight differences in how information is displayed.

    Brand new instrument clusters are in most cases needed in these types of vehicles.

    One advantage that you will find when your instrument cluster completely goes out and need to be replaced is you will be able to purchase the instrument cluster without having to pay additional money for your vehicle to be reprogrammed.

    If you know how to remove and install a new instrument cluster all you need to do is find a local or online automotive shop and get the correct cluster that will match your Chevy truck.

    How do you know if your Chevy Truck Instrument Cluster is faulty?

    The following are the common symptoms of a faulty or broken instrument cluster:

    • Blank display screen or dimmed display screen even when the truck lights are turned on.
    • Check Engine light or MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) is one even if there's no problem with the engine.
    • Warning lights (such as VSC, ABS, SRS...) are on even if the car is running fine.
    • The speedometer or tachometer doesn't work.
    • The speedometer needle jumps or bounces back while driving.
    • The fuel gauge doesn't work or shows inaccurate reading.
    • Cruise control doesn't work or is inaccurate.
    • The alarm doesn't work when locking the car and the alarm goes off randomly while driving.
    • The temperature and gas gauges don't work.
    • Headlights and windshield wipers don't work or are inaccurate.

    To prevent further damage to your truck, always check the dashboard lights and warning alarms.

    It is also important to get regular inspection and maintenance services to keep your truck running smooth and in good condition.

    My Instrument cluster is not working and I have a cracked dash. Now what?

    A cracked dash from the instrument cluster is common. So is the dimming of lights over time.

    If the only problem is a cracked dash, replacing it is pretty straightforward with replacement dash panels or covers for these vehicles.

    For dimming of lights, this is one of those intermittent problems, and it's tough to repair. A new set of bulbs is usually the first step, but that doesn't always do it.

    You can always try to change the dimmer switch and see if that helps. This is a pretty easy and cheap fix or repair and one of the first things to try.

    If the Instrument cluster is completely dead and not lighting up at all, you can really be out of luck. Because of the way these instrument panels are assembled, it's difficult to do just the cluster itself.

    If I was doing this job for a customer, spending the time to disassemble the dash, figure out what's wrong with the old cluster, and re-installing it again would be too much time and labor for the pay I would receive.

    The solution is to simply replace the entire instrument cluster assembly. Yes, it's expensive, but buying a new assembly and having the old one for reference is worth it. Instead of trying a repair service.

    This is where I would send my customer to buy a replacement cluster and advise to check the review of the store's rating.

    It's also possible for you to buy your own replacement instrument cluster and save money. You can get one with an extended warranty.

    2007 Chevy Suburban instrument clusters problem and common problems

    The most common problems with the 2007 chevy suburban instrument cluster are the following:

    1.) PRNDL display dimmer switch failed/is not working/stuck/no power.

    2.) The speedometer and or odometer stop working altogether and the mileage is unknown.

    3.) Display issues - Temperature, fuel, oil pressure readings are not working, displaying incorrect numbers or flickering. Or one of the gauges is frozen.

    4.) Lights dim or flicker. This also happens a lot with all vehicles and with any electronic device that generates light.

    5.) Temperature and RPM needles would bounce or move erratically when they are moving.

    6.) Intermittent problems that may or may not be related. These are the most frustrating and the most difficult to diagnose.

    Troubleshooting this is not for the faint of heart. You need to have good diagnostic skills, electronic troubleshooting skills, and some tools to get this done right.

    But if you understand how it works it is easy and fun.

    Can I replace instrument clusters on my own?

    It's possible but not recommended. You need to understand how the cluster gets power and how it communicates with the vehicle computer.

    For example, the 2007 chevy suburban instrument cluster uses a CAN-BUS communication system. If you are not familiar with this, it's similar to the Controller Area Network communication system used by the newer vehicles.

    If you don't understand how this works or what CAN-BUS is, it's best to leave this job to a professional.

    I would recommend a customer if they know how it works and is sure on how to do it then go, but if not I would let the customer know to let a professional do it.

    Are Suburbans reliable? And is programming needed to make the new cluster work?

    Yes, Suburbans are reliable. They are large and bulky but they run for a long time without problems.

    And yes, most clusters come with the vehicle's computer stored inside so it matches perfectly with the wiring of the vehicle. Programming is not necessary unless you are having issues with your cluster.

    There are two ways to reprogram your cluster.

    The first is to have a professional do the programming for you. This can get expensive though. Shipping normally takes around a week.

    The second option is to get an external program called HPTuners. It allows you to view real-time data from the vehicle computer including the cluster readings.

    You can use this software to re-program the cluster if you have a laptop PC and a Suburban OBD II cable.

    I would recommend getting an HPTuners subscription if you have a 2007 Suburban. It's a really useful, powerful, and affordable option for reprogramming your instrument cluster.

    How long does it take to replace an instrument cluster?

    The average time is about 2 hours. Most of this time is to let the adhesive dry in order to access the screws that are hidden behind the bezel of the instrument cluster.

    As for removing and installing the cluster, it's not too difficult but some steps require more than one person so it's a little time-consuming.

    If you have all the right tools and good eyesight, this can be done in an hour or so.

    What are the symptoms of a bad gauge cluster?

    These are the most common symptoms of a bad instrument cluster:

    1.) Speedometer, RPM gauge, and fuel gauge not working.

    2.) Temperature display is incorrect or does not display at all.

    3.) Dash lights are flickering or not working at all.

    4.) Odometer is dark and does not display mileage.

    5.) Dashboard lights and gauges do not turn on.

    Why do Chevy dashes crack?

    Chevy dash crack for the same reason other vehicle dashes crack. They are exposed to extreme heat and cold, plus all the vibrations the dash endure throughout the years.

    The cracked dash does not affect functionality but once you see it, you can't un-see it.

    This is one of the most common complaints about this model vehicle. Customers like to upgrade their factory dashboard with a new one because it gives the Suburban a fresh and updated look.

    How do you fix a cracked Tahoe dashboard?

    The dashboard from your Tahoe is one of the most common parts to crack. This is true for most vehicles.

    You can fix the crack part from your dash with a special adhesive. The only thing is that it takes time for this to heal and set so if you want to fix or repair your dash crack, it's best to leave this job to a professional.

    As for the crack itself, you can try to repair it yourself if you have DIY skills. All you need is a dash kit and a can of adhesive.

    But this is not recommended if you don't know what you are doing because this will require a lot of time and patience to get it right.

    A dashboard replacement or upgrade might be your best bet if you want to get rid of that cracked part on your Chevy Tahoe dashboard.

    Does a used instrument cluster need to be programmed?

    With used or repaired instrument clusters, you should always check the mileage for the part itself. What were the previous owner's driving habits?

    Some vehicles need to be programmed either by a dealer or someone who knows how to program this vehicle. It all depends on the vehicle's computer and the cluster it has.

    If you are buying used parts, always ask questions first before buying them so you won't get disappointed later on that the part needs programming.

    How much does it cost to replace a gauge cluster?

    The cost to replace an instrument cluster can go up to $400.

    Prices depend on whether it is used or not, the overall condition of the part, and how easy to find the part itself.

    The average is $250. This is for a good condition cluster.

    A used part can cost about $200 to $300 if it's in excellent condition. A brand new part can cost up to $400.

    Please be sure to search for the VIN number of your vehicle so it will match the instrument cluster.

    2007 Chevy Tahoe Instrument Cluster for sale

    Instrument clusters for these Tahoes are easy to find.

    You can search from your local automotive store near you. Or search online for your own convenience for an automotive site.Prices will vary, based on if it is used or not.

    And if you need help finding a part like this, search online for an automotive repair or shop.

    2007 Chevy Suburban Instrument Cluster repair

    If your Chevy truck instrument cluster is acting up, it needs to be inspected first.

    All these vehicles have different symptoms so you need to pinpoint the problem first before buying any parts. Or else, you might end up buying the wrong part.You can buy diagnostic tests for this part if needed to figure out what is wrong with it.

    The most test kit is easy to use and fast. Just connect the device to the OBD port and it will automatically locate any problems.

    There are steps we tell the customer to do first before buying anything that might be expensive.

    But the customer should do this at their own risk. This is just a guide. Do not try to repair if you are not sure. If you are not comfortable doing this, find someone who knows how to do it.

    1. The customer should first check the owner's manual on how to lock and unlock the cluster.
    2. Check all the fuse boxes for a blown fuse or loose connection.
    3. Check the electrical connector for any damage or faulty wires.
    4. Reset the computer by disconnecting the battery and reconnect it again.
    5. Then check the warning light, turn on all lights and see if they light up. If not, do a further check.
    6. If you have faulty backlights, this can cause problems in your cluster too. It needs to be replaced.

    After doing all these, if the problem persists after cleaning and replacing bulbs or fuses then it is time for repair service.

    How to repair 2007 Chevrolet Suburban Instrument Cluster

    If you are worried about repair costs, then buying a new one is the best way to go. Also, if you bought a used or repaired one and it's still not working, you should go back and ask for a refund or replacement.

    The biggest problem in repairs is faulty wiring because this is the most difficult part to find.

    You can bring your truck to a shop and ask for a diagnostic check. They will pinpoint what is wrong with the cluster first.Or you can buy a diagnostic test to help you fix this problem first.

    You can search online for manuals and instructions if you can't find one at a local shop.

    If the problem is caused by faulty wiring, then it needs to be rewired back correctly.

    Sometimes, the problem is caused by a single wire or faulty connection. If possible, find the loose wire and reconnect it back to the main harness.

    If this doesn't work, then it is time to buy another wire or harness. The max length for wire is 15 ft.

    If you bought a new wire and it still doesn't work, then it is time for repair service. A repair service is the last resort if you cannot fix it yourself or locate a problem.

    It is possible that the part might be faulty and needs repair or cleaning service.

    Repair service normally costs $50 to $150. But the price varies depending on your location and where you get it repaired.

    The average cost is from $100 to $150. Labor fees are normally the same amount of money as the part itself.If you really want to do the repair yourself, buy a repair kit from an automotive site. This only costs a few dollars and you can do it by yourself.

    Just read the instructions on how to replace it correctly. You can buy a used part but you have to be careful if the part is faulty or not. If not, this can cause further problems to your truck.

    Where to buy Chevy Truck Instrument Cluster

    Chevy truck instrument clusters are available in different auto parts stores and dealerships.

    The average price of a Chevy Truck Instrument Cluster is $300 to $400.

    There is also a wide range of prices depending on the model and make of your truck. You can also ask or look for a used cluster that costs around $100 to $150. The only downside of choosing a used one is that it might cause problems later on.

    If you want to get the most out of your money, choose a brand new truck instrument cluster. And make sure to ask if the cluster is compatible with your Chevy truck.

    The shipping cost is extra if you buy it online. But there are free shipping websites.

    The shipping normally takes 2 to 3 weeks to arrive depending on the destination but some site they have shipping options like 2-day shipping additional fee of course.

    Also, this will give you the assurance that the product won't cause any trouble later on.

    How to install Chevrolet Suburban Truck Instrument Cluster

    If you are here on this page, it means you have been searching for a guide on how to change the instrument cluster in your truck.

    First, disconnect your battery from its terminals. This is to prevent any possible short circuit from happening while you are working. In the engine bay, remove your hood release handle and pushpin.

    Disconnect the negative cable of your battery. This will prevent short circuits that might damage the other electrical components of the car. It is also important to disconnect the airbag connection before removing the steering column.

    Disconnecting the airbag will prevent accidental deployment while you are working. Pull the steering wheel off and put it in the center of your dashboard.

    Remove the four screws that are holding the cover of your airbag. Remove the cover and unplug the two wiring harnesses. Be careful not to bend any metal edges of the steering wheel.

    Disconnect the turn signal cable and the cruise cable. Remove the two screws that are holding your steering column cover. Remove the screw that's on top of the instrument bracket.

    The instrument panel will pop off when you pull it up. Unplug all electrical connectors to fully remove the cluster from your truck. Remove the instrument cluster and turn the signal switch (if it's necessary).

    Put in your new truck instrument cluster and follow the steps in reverse order to fully install your new part.