2000 - 2005 Chevy Cavalier - Instrument Cluster Repair

2000 - 2005 Chevy Cavalier - Instrument Cluster Repair

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Repair your Chevy Cavalier cluster by sending us your instrument cluster. This covers the 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Chevy Cavalier. See full list below or what this repair covers. If you are looking for a replacement, please see our replacement service.

24hr Instrument Cluster Repair

   48hr Turnaround
 Repaired and Shipped

    How our rebuild process works:

    1. Complete your online sales order
    2. *Ship us your cluster (with printed sales order)
    3. 48-hr turn around after received, shipped next day or sooner
    4. Simply install your newly repaired cluster


    ISS Automotive Service Center
    9817 233rd AVE E Suite C
    Bonney Lake, WA 98391

    * Please Note: We are not responsible for items damaged before reaching our facility. Be sure to prevent damage by carefully wrapping your whole cluster in bubble wrap.

    Our repair service covers the following:

    • Complete diagnostic check
    • Failing gauges and/or speedometer
    • Total power loss or intermittent power
    • PRNDL display lighting/dimness
    • Burned out backlighting bulbs
    • Dim or dead back lighting
    • Updated stepper motor

    Rebuild service provided (what we cover):

    • Initial testing and troubleshooting
    • Instrumentation Cleaning
    • Remove and replace faulty and failing parts
    • Remove and replace ALL instrumentation stepper motors
    • Remove and Replace ALL back lighting
    • Rework Solder joints
    • Remove and replace power supply
    • Instrumentation Calibration Check
    • Final assembly and testing, including instrumentation calibration check
    • Return ground shipping via Fedex or UPS

    What we do not cover:

    Cosmetic flaws/damage.  Your cluster will still have the same scratches and scuffs it had when you sent it to us.


    Do you have any questions?
    Please contact us: 800.548.1195 or Contact Us

    1-Year Limited Warranty is limited to the original customer, it is not transferable and covers defective materials, components or ISS workmanship. It does not cover physical damage, tampering or any labor associated with installation of the product. Any warranty claims require a proof of purchase. Upgraded Lifetime Warranty available with same Limited Warranty coverage.

    See our Returns Page for more information. 


    Chevy Cavalier instrument cluster problems

    Top Chevy Cavalier instrument cluster problems are typically related to faulty or damaged wiring. Common instrument cluster problems include:

    • Faulty or damaged wiring
    • Dimmed or dead gauges
    • Erratic needle movement
    • Inoperative warning lights
    • Failed indicator lamps
    • Battery is draining due to faulty solder
    • Blown fuse

    If you are seeing issues with your cluster then we recommend getting it repaired.

    Need to replace entire instrument cluster

    You need to replace the entire instrument cluster when all else fails. This part is a lot more expensive than the fuses, but finding the root of the problem will require you to replace it anyway.

    How do you know if your dash cluster is bad?

    You will know that your cluster is bad if all of the warning lights on the dash come on, even when you do not have the key turned to accessory or start. The odometer will also fail to work and display any information. If your speedometer fails, take it out of gear and coast along a flat stretch of road - the speedometer should be working then. If it is not, you will need to replace your instrument cluster.

    The engine temperature gauge and gas gauge will also not function correctly and read abnormally since they rely on the speedometer to give accurate readings of how hot your engine is or how much fuel is in your tank.

    My gauges do not work?

    If your gauges do not work at all, you need to check the fuse box under the hood for blown fuses. If none of the fuses are blown, turn off your car and disconnect one of the battery terminals. Touch it to a grounded piece of metal on your Cavalier, like the engine block - this should cause some sparks, and if it does your instrument cluster is bad. If you do not get sparks, then the problem lies somewhere in the wiring that connects this part of your car to the fuse box.

    Your temp gauge might come on but read low or not at all if there is a lot of debris in the cooling passages, as blocking them could cause the temperature to rise and trigger your coolant warning light.

    If your gas gauge makes an unusual noise when you push it, this means that you need to replace the fuel pump assembly - do not attempt to drive your car until you do this, as running out of gas is an extremely dangerous problem.

    What would cause all gauges to stop working?

    All my gauges will not work, including the speedometer. This means you need to replace the instrument cluster, which contains all of your car's gauges.

    This can be due to the solder in the circuit board cracking or motors not working in the cluster to move the needles. The stepper motor of cluster needles use a small motor that can fail to move the needle correctly.

    Your speedometer gauge may fail to work if there is debris lodged in the cooling passages, which will cause your engine to run hotter than usual and trigger your temp gauge. This also indicates that you need to check for any problems with the airflow meter or throttle position sensor, both of which are found under the hood of your car.

    Check your fuel gauge to make sure that it is not a sensor in the gas tank that has gone bad. If you have recently filled up your Chevrolet Cavalier with gas, remove the filler nozzle from the tank and check to make sure the fuel is flowing freely - if it is not, tighten or replace the fuel filter, which will restrict flow and cause problems with your gauges.

    Using a GPS app on your smartphone might cause the speedometer to fail, as it will pick up more accurate readings from satellites than from your Chevrolet Cavalier's speed sensor. If you have been using a GPS app on your phone, shut it off and the gauges should work again.

    My gas gauge is not working, what now?

    You need to replace the entire instrument cluster when your gas gauge stops working, as it can lead to you running out of gas and causing an accident.

    The fuel gauge might also not work if the fuel pump assembly is bad, so replace this part if your gas gauge does not read. You should also check for debris in the cooling passages under the hood to see if that might be causing the problem - blocking coolant flow will cause your car to run hotter than usual and trigger your gauges' warning lights.


    A Chevrolet Cavalier instrument cluster repair is expensive because it contains many gauges and components. The cluster is black with green lettering, located just under the windshield on the driver's side inside the car.

    Each gauge has its own circuit board that can burn out or develops loose connections. These boards are not sold separately because they are only available as part of the whole instrument cluster assembly.

    The cluster has a digital speedometer, fuel, and coolant temperature gauges, and an odometer/tripometer. Some clusters have a tachometer, outside temperature gauge, and compass.

    How do you test a dash cluster?

    To test the Chevrolet cavalier dash cluster, turn the ignition key on and off 5 times within 10 seconds. If you do this, all of your gauges will activate for 2 seconds each. If they don't, your car will indicate the problem with the odometer/tripometer. This gauge can display check engines, theft-deterrent system, and cruise control codes.

    You should also test the cluster by holding down both trip knobs at once, starting with the left one and pressing it for 5 seconds until it starts flashing. This activates the self-diagnostic mode on the odometer, where you should see three numbers, one of which is a letter.

    If this code is an "H", the cluster needs to be replaced due to a voltage problem in the heating circuit. If the code is an "L", the problem is in the lighting circuit. If it's a "C", there's a problem with the cluster itself, meaning that it needs to be replaced.

    Why is my dash cluster not working?

    Reasons your Chevrolet Cavalier dash cluster is not working include voltage problems, poor electrical connections at the screws or wiring clips, vandalized or broken cluster components, corroded connectors on circuit boards, and worn-out light bulbs.

    Are instrument clusters interchangeable?

    Yes, the instrument clusters are interchangeable between 1999-2005 Chevrolet Cavaliers, but you will need to check your vehicle's build date to make sure it falls within this range. Aftermarket clusters can be purchased online and placed in your Cavalier, but you will need to find a cluster with the same color display as your vehicle's.

    GM clusters with a green display are usually compatible with Chevrolet Cavaliers manufactured from 2000 to 2005, while the amber-colored displays are used for earlier model years.

    How do I reset my instrument panel?

    To reset the Chevrolet Cavalier instrument panel, you have to turn the car off, remove the key from the ignition, and hold the trip knobs for five seconds. This won't erase any codes that have been activated. You'll still need to get access to a diagnostic tool if you want to read any of these codes.

    Digital gauge cluster vs OEM cluster?

    Digital gauge clusters can be hard to read in bright light because they reflect glare, so the original instrument panel is the best choice if you live in an area with high temperatures or lots of sunlight.

    If you want to install a digital cluster, you have to purchase one that matches your vehicle's year and model exactly. Not all clusters will work, and those that do may not look as good as the original.

    OEM clusters on the other hand can be replaced with any compatible cluster, but they are more expensive than aftermarket models.

    The replacement process for OEM clusters is complicated because you have to disassemble the dashboard to access its components.

    We highly recommend OEM cluster over aftermarket digital gauge cluster because you can trust that all your gauges are calibrated correctly.

    The Chevrolet Cavalier instrument cluster is composed of several gauges, indicator lights for vehicle status, warning messages if there are problems detected, and a speedometer. The cluster is housed in the dashboard of the car on an electronic circuit board.

    How much does a dashboard cluster cost?

    Most automotive part retailers sell a replacement cluster for between $100 and $200. You can get a lower price if you order from an online retailer. OEM clusters are always more expensive than aftermarket ones, and can cost between $300 and $400. There is no difference in quality or performance between the original and aftermarket clusters.

    Cavalier Instrument Cluster Repair

    If you want to avoid the high expense of replacing your defective Chevrolet Cavalier instrument cluster, consider repairing it yourself. Many auto supply retailers carry replacement circuit boards that are compatible with the Cavaliers produced between 1999 and 2005.

    A repair service can get an original cluster working again for between $80 and $200. If you have limited technical ability, this is a good option because it's not difficult to replace a circuit board, and you'll save on labor costs.