Toyota tacoma tuner vs throttle controller upgrade

Toyota Tacoma tuner vs throttle controller

Toyota Toyota Tacoma Tuners and throttle controller. Improve your Toyota Tacoma's performance by using a high-performance tuner or throttle response controller. Learn which one is best.

Is a Toyota Tacoma tuner better than a throttle response controller?

The simple answer is both can work together! 

When combined you will get increased horsepower and improved acceleration. But, is getting more horsepower really the solution? What if it's just the gas pedal delay?

You might be wondering which one you should get first?

Because it is easy and inexpensive to install,  we recommend a throttle controller for an immediate difference. Plus they are a lot of fun :)

Best of all, you can adjust it using sensitivity using a smart phone app or a remote control.

ISS Automotive recommends that you start with the ShiftPower throttle controller first as the best all around throttle upgrade to remove lag and delay.

The reason is that your Toyota Tacoma already has plenty of horse power, but the delay caused by the electrical gas pedal is the issue.

Why not tune your pedal first!? Many people do and that is fine! But, this combo might just be the one two punch!

Toyota Tacoma acceleration response

Solving the Toyota gas pedal delay

Solving the gas pedal delay is simple and they are fun to use. We recommend using ShiftPower since you can adjust using sensitivity using a smart phone app or a remote.

If you still do not have enough power, then the next step is either a tune module or a professional tune. Throttle response controllers for Toyota's are not going to be as expensive as a professional tune. If you have the extra $800 and up to invest into a tune then that may be a great place to start; otherwise, we recommend you check out a throttle controller.

Keep reading to discover more about tuners vs throttle controllers.

Learn why we recommend that you check out ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller before you invest in a tune for maximum fun and control.

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Toyota Tacoma Throttle Accelerator

How do I get more power out of my Toyota Tacoma?

Use a throttle controller because they provide an easy and cheap way to remove lag and delay from the gas pedal.

See the results in real-time using a smartphone app.

Toyota Tacoma tuners vs throttle controller. A Toyota Tacoma tuner is for power and performance?

When it comes to getting more power from your diesel or gas V6 engine, horsepower tuning modules are a great way to start. But, often there is already enough horse power and in that case a tune may not be the best way to start. If you have over 200 HP then we recommend starting with the throttle controller upgrade.

Toyota Throttle Response controller vs tuner

Is a tuner or a throttle controller better for a truck upgrade?

A truck tuner can provide an easy and quick way to tune your car. However, with a controller you are able to increase your power more gradually and in an easier fashion. A good option is using both together: a Toyota gas pedal response controller to reduce the delay on the gas pedal and a tuner for additional horsepower at different RPM's.

Performance chips can help to increase your horsepower and torque in your Tacoma using a tuner.

How to get better gas mileage with the throttle controller?

By following these simple steps you can use a Toyota tacoma gas pedal delay eliminator to reduce lag and response time from your vehicle's pedal:

Calibrate the sensitivity by using the up and down arrow buttons on your smartphone device or remote control. The closer to the center it is, the less delay you will have. If you are using a traffic light to calibrate check which one gives more sensitivity for when you need to accelerate quickly (for example: 10% vs 50%).

Make sure you are not pressing the gas pedal down too hard with your foot. The controller will release more throttle if you do and that can cause over-revving of the motor. Always use light pressure on the gas pedal when driving to reduce fuel consumption.

Toyota Tacoma Truck acceleration

Can you tune a Toyota Tacoma?

A Toyota Tacoma tuner can deliver extra power and performance for your diesel or gas V6 engine. You can purchase a tune in two ways: from an online retailer or through an authorized dealership. If you choose to go with the latter, they will be able to better help you out if something goes wrong with installation/tuning.

A Toyota Tacoma tuner can provide an easy and quick way to tune your car. However, with a controller you are able to increase your power more gradually and in an easier fashion. A good option is using both together: a Toyota gas pedal response controller to reduce the delay on the gas pedal and a tuner for additional horsepower at different RPM's.

You can use a tuner of performance chip to increase power and acceleration. A tuner can also decrease your gas mileage by about 5-10%. However, if you are looking to tune a Toyota for better gas mileage then look into a throttle controller.

They provide an easy way to reduce lag and delay from the gas pedal without changing your fuel consumption too much; especially when you use light pressure. A tune may not be the best option if you are worried about fuel consumption.


Pros of a throttle controller vs tuners:

Easy to install and use. If you have ever installed an aftermarket stereo then installing a throttle response controller for your Toyota Tacoma will be even easier, thanks to the Plug & Play technology in most models out there.

Toyota Tacoma better acceleration with ShiftPower

Why use a throttle controller for Toyota Tacoma performance?

If you are looking for more power on your Toyota Tacoma but do not want to over spend then a gas pedal response controller can provide you with the tuning that you need.

The ability to adjust the sensitivity is what makes this product ideal when compared to a tune module or aftermarket tuner.

If your current vehicle tuning is too aggressive then it can lead to a lot of frustration when driving. For example, if you are carrying more passengers and have some cargo on the back of your car then you naturally need extra throttle sensitivity for safety reasons. A controller allows you to tune that setting so you get enough power without unpredictable movements.

Can you add a throttle response controller to a Toyota Tacoma?

Yes, adding a throttle response controller to a Toyota Tacoma takes only 15 min. This can be complete as a DIY project. The installation process is not too difficult; all of our Toyota Tacoma gas pedal controllers have been installed by nearly any age group. It's very very simple.

The plugs that attach to the gas pedal are automotive grade , so you do not need to worry about them breaking off when accelerating hard.


Tuner vs Performance Chips

Benefits of Tuners or Performance Chips

Most of the chips will offer you all the benefits, while still giving you the ability to customize each tune. The are designed so that performance is improved and your engine receives more power and torque. Incorporating a custom tune into your car can be an excellent idea for those who tow vehicles and those with concerns about fuel efficiency.

In reality most programmers will work for all the vehicles. Many of these tuners are designed to boost power and performance equally on cars, trucks, SUVs etc. To tune your vehicle you will have to access your vehicle's computer with a laptop or a handheld device that has software compatible with your car's ECU. These chips usually fit in your car's OBD II port or diagnostic port.

ShiftPower Toyota Tacoma Throttle Response

How do Tuners Improve Performance?

Tuners work very similar to a chip that is embedded into the ECU of your vehicle. It will modify all the settings in it, providing you with extra power and torque while reducing fuel consumption, improving gas mileage. Most tuners have preset tunes for different purposes, like performance or fuel economy. They are smart enough to increase horsepower while improving gas mileage.

So, is a tune the best way to upgrade to start?

No, it may not be.

3 reasons not to use a tune.

1. You may get more horsepower, but you might not fixed the delay in the gas pedal.

2. You don't care about gas mileage as long as you have enough power to get the job done.

3. Your car is brand new and you don't mind taking the risk on voiding your warranty.

Is a tuner or Performance Chip bad for your truck?

Yes and no. A tuner can be harmful if you are not running a tune that was designed for your truck. The best way to make sure you have the appropriate tuning is by installing it yourself or hiring a professional who knows how to use one safely.

A tune can also add to much stress to a new truck's motor. If your truck has just broken in and you want to get more horsepower than it is not the best option for you. In fact, tuners are not designed for newly built motors. Instead, they are made to work with factory systems as well as tweaked ones for improved drivability and performance without destroying them. This is why we highly recommend you pay a professional the extra cost to get this done.


Toyota Tacoma Acceleration Response solves mushy pedal

Benefits of a Toyota Tacoma Throttle Response Controller

Modern cars are designed with an electronic system that controls the throttle, similar to when you use a dimmer switch. This design creates a delay that is most noticeable when trying to merge or speed up and catch up with fast vehicles. The Throttle Response Controller actually boosts this signal to remove any delays, making it perfect for vehicles with drive-by-wire throttles. For drivers who face difficult driving conditions like ice, snow and mud, a device like ShiftPower can increase response while also smoothing out the gas pedal to provide added control.

  • The Controller gives the driver full control of his or her throttle. For instance, the user can dial up or down sensitivity to match specific driving needs.
  • The Controller connects directly to the stock throttle position sensor found on the drive-by-wire gas pedal using an OEM style plug and play connector, which requires no permanent modifications. It can be removed at any time with no residual codes left on the factory PCM, making it guaranteed warranty friendly.

Should you start with a throttle response controller upgrade? Yes!

3 reasons to use a throttle controller first when upgrading:

  • A throttle response controller is an electronic device that can be installed on a vehicle to boost the power output, increase the torque of the engine and also improve fuel economy.
  • The driver can personalize the throttle sensitivity to use the existing horsepower.
  • A controller helps to achieve more horsepower from the cars motor without doing any tune or mods.

Most throttle response controllers on the market are under $400 and allows you to upgrade your vehicle in minutes. At the time of writing this, we recommend ShiftPower which is under $250.

How is the throttle controller installed?

Toyota Tacoma Throttle Response Controller Installation: Simple and Easy DIY Guide

Luckily, this slim device only requires simple plug-and-play installation using your car's diagnostic port – no cutting or splicing required. And since the device has a direct connection to your vehicle's factory gas pedal, it poses no risk to your warranty.

ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller for Toyota Tacoma

Get rid of your Toyota Tacoma's sluggish throttle response with a ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller

It's time to get rid of your Toyota's slow throttle as the best way to improve your performance.

You can say goodbye to your slow throttle by installing a Toyota Tacoma Throttle Response Controller today and you will have more power, fuel economy and torque.

Remember: If you want to upgrade your truck with this device, you must first learn how to do it yourself or hire an experienced mechanic.

The easiest upgrade will be for you to first try ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller. Click here to learn more >