Throttle Response Controller RAM 1500

RAM 1500 Throttle Response Controller

Does your gas pedal feel slow?

You are not alone. 

The throttle response controller RAM1500 is designed for performance enthusiasts and makes big improvements in throttle response and acceleration.

The throttle response controller RAM 1500 is one of the best performance upgrades you can make to your truck. Throttle response controller RAM 1500 is quick and easy to install with plug-and-play technology.

ShiftPower throttle Response Controller has been designed for many Dodge Ram years and makes. The warranty is 3 yrs and uses top-notch automotive standard parts for a great performance product.

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Why is my gas pedal slow in my Ram 1500?

All modern vehicles use drive by wire system that controls the throttle electronically similar to a dimmer switch.

In old cars, the driver would have to use their feet and hands-on spoked knobs to regulate how much petrol or diesel they wanted the engine to burn in order for it to produce enough torque so that the car could move forward.

These were all mechanic parts that needed to be adjusted, but nowadays we must now consider the full electronic loop feedback systems.

A drive by wire system replaces the mechanical connection between the driver and his/her vehicle's engine with an electronic one. All modern high-performance cars are equipped with this type of system.

The ShiftPower throttle response - control device boosts this signal so the delay on the electronic accelerator pedal will be eliminated for faster, snappier throttle response.

It is 100% reversible and doesn't leave any residual code behind factory PCM making it warranty friendly. Each mode for this mode is adjusted at the appropriate level with nine levels of sensitivity.

Throttle Response Curves for RAM 1500

Recommended throttle response controller:

ISS Automotive recommends ShiftPower Throttle Response Control by ShiftPowerUSA. We think this is worth reviewing. 

First, you need to know what a throttle response controller is and how it works.

A throttle response controller is a device that helps with a vehicle's pedal engine response. By controlling your pedal sensitivity, you can customize the acceleration of your vehicle and get an immediate feel for how much power you want to use every time.

Technically, it sends an increased electrical signal to override the factory throttle body so that the throttle opens faster. The OEM throttle is programmed to be economical but means slowly opening the throttle.

Increasing your throttle response means you are able to feel the gas pedal input and activate your engine IMMEDIATELY. This allows you to get a custom gas pedal engine response by increasing the sensitivity.

This means that when you press the gas pedal there is a delay in engine power before accelerating from throttle openly slowly from an electrical signal. Increasing the throttle response lets you control how fast it opens when you press the gas pedal. The faster the throttle opens then the quicker you will accelerate.

The best throttle response controller that we are recommending at this time is ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller.

The reason we recommend is that the ShiftPower product offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Wide support for popular makes and models.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Personalize 5 modes (Sport mode to Race mode, adjust sensitivity from 0 - 100%)
  • Extended throttle curves help save fuel.
  • Simple programming interfaces with an easy-to-understand manual.
  • Fair price point - it is not the most expensive one, but also not the cheapest.
  • Manufacturer's 3-year warranty on consistent quality.

There are many Throttle Response Controllers on the market, but ShiftPower is internationally sold in both the USA, Brazil, and different parts of Europe. It's being used by thousands of people around the globe. We are sure that you will enjoy what ShiftPower has to offer.


Throttle Response Controller

Is the throttle lag from my throttle body?

No, this reason there is lag is from the EOM settings. This is set low for regulations from the government and to cover all drivers. This means that you get a very slow throttle response in the city and pulling away from intersections.

ShiftPower controller evens out all speeds across speeds offered by your engine. This means that when you press the gas pedal, passing gear will engage instantly without delay for faster acceleration!

ShiftPower throttle response controller is designed for many RAM years and makes. The pedal lag can be caused by two conditions - the first condition is the reoccurring problem with the drive by wire system; this means that there is no connection between the throttle body and engine management control unit (ECM). The second reason could be due to the EOM (Engine Oil Multiplier) settings. The ECM controls the throttle body to regulate the speed of the engine depending on load. This means that when you press the gas pedal, passing gear will engage instantly without delay for faster acceleration!


ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller App

What does a throttle response controller do?

A throttle response controller is a device that helps with vehicle pedal engine response.

By controlling your pedal sensitivity, you can customize the acceleration of your vehicle and get an immediate feel for how much power you want to use every time.

A throttle controller will make your own personal driving style more fun while also helping to improve safety! You no longer have to worry about pedal sensitivity being too high or too low, or delay on the electronic accelerator pedal just set the throttle at your desired setting for a custom experience every time.

Do throttle controllers improve performance?

Yes, throttle controllers provide immediate performance improvements to your vehicle.

This unit will improve your pedal responsiveness and make your dodge ram 1500 accelerate faster. However, this does not mean that they are a horsepower booster. That is not possible. It will not increase the horsepower or torque of your car. They only optimize the throttle pedal to provide a more immediate response. This will help you drive your vehicle faster safely.

A better throttle response means that you can control the speed of your ram 1500 better and take off faster. Therefore, it is a huge improvement on your dodge ram 1500.

Does a throttle controller use more fuel?

Throttle controllers make driving more efficient by assisting the driver to accelerate and maintain speed in a smooth and effective way, so they might save you as much as 7% per 100 driven kilometers (on average). This will depend on how fast you drive, the kind of vehicle you have, and your driving style.

You can now be more efficient with acceleration, but that also means you can burn more fuel easier. A driver that goes easy on the throttle will save fuel. A driver that presses throttle for faster acceleration will burn more fuel. It is up to the driver to monitor and adjust the responsiveness of the gas pedal.

The results are improved fuel efficiency and a longer range between fill-ups.

Using a throttle controller, on the other hand, can improve fuel efficiency and save money in the long run. Especially if you do a lot of city driving, using a throttle response controller can help you cut your fuel costs by as much as 7% per 100 kilometers (on average).

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Are throttle response Controllers good?

Yes, throttle response controllers are great. A good controller will provide you with a more immediate pedal response every time you need to accelerate quickly. This is because it allows you to have more control over the throttle pedal.

It removes response delays in the pedal so you can accelerate faster. This means that whenever you press the gas, your dodge ram will receive an instant throttle response without hesitation or delay.

One example when trying to merge with fast moving traffic or pass a slower moving vehicle, the delay is most obvious.

A better throttle response means that you can control the speed of your ram 1500 better and take off faster. The delay accelerator pedal will be eliminated. Therefore, it is a huge improvement on your dodge ram 1500.

It adjusts to your personal style and makes your driving experience more fun. It will also improve your fuel economy.

Will a throttle controller void warranty?

No, a throttle controller will not void the warranty because it will not affect the parts in your car. It does not add or remove any parts from your engine. It only increases or decreases airflow into your engine.

Most throttle control devices like ShiftPower are plug and play with no permanent modifications required.

For the warranty to be voided, your throttle controller would have to cause a malfunction that would lead to the engine not working. It will not affect your car's performance either.

Is a throttle response controller bad for your car?

NO! They are not bad for your vehicle.

They are not directly connected to any modules in the truck. It simply reads the electrical signal between a couple of wires.

A delayed throttle response can be dangerous when driving at high speeds. The driver may panic and not be able to accelerate quickly. Without an immediate throttle response, it can cause a surge in another direction. Accelerating from a stop is also much harder when the throttle response is delayed.

Throttle response controllers make dodge ram trucks a better performer. It won't decrease the life of your truck and it provides a much better driving experience.

Throttle response controllers are not used to replace the throttle pedal.

They are just meant to resolve response delays in the gas pedal.

Do throttle controllers make a difference?

YES! the difference you will notice from adding a throttle controller is that acceleration will happen sooner and more aggressively.

A Throttle Controller allows for more efficient driving, as well as making it more comfortable. It also allows you to easily control vehicle speed and acceleration with your right foot while keeping both hands on the steering wheel.

It can minimize wasted energy from inefficient accelerating (Jumping forward with the gas pedal pressed to the floor), by controlling vehicle speed and acceleration automatically. Since drivers can focus on traffic conditions and remaining aware of his/her surroundings instead of concentrating on accelerating, a throttle controller lets makes driving more comfortable and fun.

Without a throttle controller, you will notice delays when trying to speed up to merge with fast moving traffic or pass a slower moving car. 

But with a good controller, you are in control of when you want to accelerate, but it gives you more immediate access to the throttle to respond faster.

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Stock throttle position sensor

A stock throttle position sensor is actually designed to reduce air pollution. It is installed in your truck for the sole purpose of reducing emissions.

As an example, when you are at a stoplight, the throttle position sensor is designed to reduce emissions by not allowing any fuel in the engine.

When you step on it, it will release more fuel to reduce the emissions produced.

By not having a throttle position sensor, this process won't work properly and your dodge ram 1500 will produce more emissions.

Your engine will be less efficient and it decreases your gas mileage.

This is one of the most common reasons that most dodge ram 1500 owners uninstall their throttle position sensor.

Which is better: throttle or gas pedal?

I would say that it is a matter of personal preference. But the answer to this question really depends on the environment that you drive in.

If your commute consists of stop & go traffic, then throttle response will be more beneficial to you.

But if you are on the freeway most of the time, then it is smart to use your gas pedal instead.

Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the position of your feet.

If you use the gas pedal to accelerate, you can put your foot on top of it while you are stopped at a light.

If you use the throttle, your foot will have to be off of it when you are parked or driving slow.

With most trucks, you can pull your gas pedal and swap it with the throttle pedal.

This will give you more room underneath your pedals to put your feet.

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Even if you don't experience any issues, it is smart to install a throttle controller.

We have to think of the future.

If you don't install a throttle controller today, maybe your truck will have some issues tomorrow that would cause your throttle to be delayed.

It is better to have a controller and not use it than to need one and not have it.

You never know when you might need it.

A throttle response controller is not expensive.

At this time our engineering team is recommending ShiftPower. It offers a sleek design with true personalization using a 0 - 100% dial for three different response curves. Built with high standards and a 3-year warranty. Other throttle control devices offer only a 1-year warranty.

Easy install no tools required. Just plug and play.