Throttle Controller Upgrade to Remove Engine Lag

Cars using throttle controller upgrade to drive faster

Throttle Controller. Ready to upgrade?

A mushy gas pedal is frustrating! Tired of feeling a big delay in engine response or lag with instant throttle response? 

Then it's time to consider upgrading your stock throttle controller

A simple upgrade can make you fly and feel the air flow.

Adding a throttle response controller to modern vehicles will help improve most any driving experience. The throttle control response determines how quickly your engine reacts to a request for more power from the pedal. Most options should be a plug and play 10 min install.

Any modern upgrade will include both ios & android phone apps that include control of your car's gas pedal performance.

The upgraded vehicle throttle controller can be tuned at specific RPM ranges so it will idle smoothly with full-throttle acceleration above those set points. Upgraded your throttle controller and take control of you stock gas pedal sensitivity.

Looking to see if Throttle Controllers are worth it? Click to see our overview and if they are worth purchasing. 

Throttle Controller Smart Phone App Mounted

Throttle control response technology is vital to drivers and their cars!

Its not just for racecar or performance drivers. Its for everyone!

All modern cars have this installed but many are adjusted to handle all driving conditions and drivers so often the pedal feels slow to respond. 

A good response will improve acceleration by making it easier for you to apply power when needed on the track or in traffic with near instant take-offs without worrying about the throttle lag. 

The result of a bad throttle response technology can be detrimental to both gas mileage, performance and more. You want to avoid a bad throttle response because it can result in jerky ECU motion, which makes controlling your car more difficult and not as enjoyable nor efficient.

The good news is that you don't have to worry too much - with upgrades available like ShiftPower, Pedal Commander, RoarPedal, or the many others. Though not all are created equal and should be reviewed.

 Pickup Truck driving on a windy road using shiftpower

Throttle Controller - What is it?

The electrical throttle controller is a vital part of the throttle response system which controls how sensitive the engine demand responds.

  • This doesn't give you more speed, but controls how fast you get up to speed.
  • It is a pair of electric motors or servos that move together via wire to control throttle opening and closing actuation.
  • The sensor auto detects the wire electrical response when you step on the gas pedal, then sends a signal to your controller which adjusts for engine power.

Click here to learn more about electrical throttle controllers which come with all modern vehicles. 

This is an easy automotive stock part to upgrade and allows you to enjoy increased driving pleasure with a simple to install mod! The throttle response controller upgrade helps you to accelerate quicker while still maintaining a smooth throttle control response.

cars driving at night

A quick response will give you better control over the vehicle pedal sensitivity than a slow one! Imagine if you were driving on a highway and needed just a little more oomph to make that speedy pass – without good throttle control, your gas pedal would feel like its being controlled by molasses! Having a get up a go sensitivity mode would be very helpful to reduce the delay in these situations. 

Adding throttle controller technology is an easy way to upgrade and improve the sensitivity and power to your accelerator.

Feel like you are on air as you fly down the road all from your phone or at the push of a button.

What does a throttle controller do?

If more power is what you're looking for then upgrading your throttle response will give your vehicle that extra push to get going.

  • Throttle controllers plug into the accelerator pedal and can be installed in a matter of minutes.
  • They help deliver smoother acceleration by monitoring how much gas pressure is being applied to the gas pedal, so you can get up to speed quickly.
  • Throttle controllers are also helpful if you have a habit of stepping on the gas pedal too hard and then releasing it, which can cause your vehicle to jerk forward or back while in motion.
  • With throttle control response installed, there is no need to worry about this incidental jerking. The controller will detect that you are making these sudden changes in gas pressure and then it will adjust the throttle on its own to compensate.

Throttle controller drives faster when installed in car

Upgrading your Throttle Response is easy

Upgrading is simple to do. We recommend ShiftPower. Its the next generation upgrade for your car which gives you total control of sensitivity for your car speed that will respond to your slightest foot pressure.

You can now tune your performance from normal to race mode. This will affect the the process that signals to the ECU from the gas pedal. Its a great product that we think you will really enjoy.

You can see how simple this is:

Diagram of how to install the ShiftPower Throttle Controller Upgrade

Are throttle controller upgrades bad for your car?

No, the throttle response controller is ok to use for your car or truck.

The only controllers that are not good are the ones that are cheaply made with low quality parts. Its important to install robust upgraded throttle controller technology. This provides a better signal in your vehicle to the ECU for the different settings. This makes for a smoother and more stable driving experience.


Throttle controls are not bad for your car.

They can be used safely and effectively with the proper upgrades to make sure that they provide a functional throttle control response system.


The only type of throttle controller you should avoid is ...

Cheap parts or limited function settings because it will cause problems in your vehicle on the road, like overheating or damaging vehicle performance. Or you simply wont have the boost, RPM or respond as you want in your throttle controller.

A good quality upgraded throttle controller provides better signal strength so you have more options when driving. This makes for smoother and more stable ride experience overall which is safer too!

 fast car using shiftpower

Throttle controller pros and cons

Its important to review what makes a good throttle control.

Throttle control allow drivers to accelerate quickly. The gas pedal is what allows the user to control this system of a vehicle and its speed. This is why you want to find a quality product that gives you this control.


What to avoid in a throttle controller:

A bad throttle response should be avoided, because it can result in a jerky throttle motion.
If the cars throttle controller signal has a poor delay then the controller response may be delayed or jerky, and then the cars performance will suffer. It's important to review the quality of the parts used and not just where they are from. Now all products are equal.


Throttle Controller problems to avoid:

  • With a poor throttle control, there is too much or to little power given to the gas pedal that results in engine demand braking after accelerating.
  • If you want your car's throttle controller signal cleanly transmitted from its accelerator pedal, make sure it has very little to no delay.
  • Throttle control response can be measured by how quickly the throttle responds to a gas pedal application and then returns to its idle position when your foot is off of it.

A controller responds to a driver's gas pedal push. The slower it reacts, the more "lag" there is between pressing the accelerator and receiving engine response.

A good controller has minimal or no lag time in responding to input provided by a driver - a device should smoothly control the pedal to engine response.

 Not all responses are smooth or have a really slow response:

Even response from throttle controller

A good throttle controller unit should:

  • Be an easy and simple plug and play technology upgrade to the existing gas pedal.
  • make for more efficient fuel consumption by controlling how much power to give in any situation
  • be able to detect sudden changes in engine load, such as when braking, the control will detect when the throttle is being pushed down and release power as necessary
  • turn off ECU demands within a certain range of engine speeds
  • be able to detect how much muscle you are applying, so it doesn't try to accelerate too much or not enough.


Throttle controller comparison

Some of the differences in throttle response controllers is the type of gas pedal which depends on the mechanical linkage of the throttle connection. There are different ways that the response controllers can interface the pedal. How these connect and how they are build play a major role in how each perform.

  • A smooth response is achieved with more precise throttle control using an electrical throttle controller that connects the wire in the gas pedal switch.
  • The throttle controller upgrade should be programmed to manage the response curve for optimal performance between the wire and ECU.
  • Not all have apps for both ios and android smart phones to fine tune the response from the controller. 
  • They all have unique features that everyone can appreciate and some can have a huge difference.

ShiftPower Improved Throttle Response Curve Image:

Throttle Controller Response Curve


Throttle Response Demand Curve

ISS Automotive is known for providing simple to install parts and modules. We believe that no matter the online store, you use to purchase other devices, consider real reviews, daily driving experience and ease of use. But also check with professionals like us if you should have any concerns. 

As added bonus you should research any vehicle gas pedal security features because they can help protect with theft.

ShiftPower Modes

It's hard for some people to stay composed and have patience when they can't accelerate quickly in traffic or on a busy freeway. Throttle response controllers from ISS Automotive will help them achieve their goal even with heavy loads, even with air conditioning running, which often causes sluggish performance.

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Best throttle response controller

There are a lot of options in the market. Not all are equal. You might find that you simply prefer certain looks or features over others. The best throttle response controller for cars and trucks depends on the features you want.

ISS Automotive believes that one of the best throttle response controller is ShiftPower. It has a robust integration that talks with your car and phone for total control. Select your favorite mode in the included app. The mode you pick can range from softer pedal response to nearly no lag in the sensitivity.

We recommend checking out other solutions like:

  • ShiftPower
  • Pedal Commander
  • RoarPedal

Many offer great solutions with different looks, modes, and more. All have great options and will most often come down to preference of functionality and look. 

Important features include this list:

Acceleration curve: a response controller can adjust the throttle more slowly or sharply, depending on your preference.

A mobile app that has modes that converts a linear accelerator pedal feedback to an exponential, digital throttle control response.

Have a mode to select from for conditions gives you greater control. The good news about ShiftPower is that it provides customizations to all modes giving you full control up to nearly 90% response.

Basic Settings for ShiftPower Mobile App 

Aftermarket Throttle Controller

There are many out on the market. ISS Automotive is currently recommending the below option by ShiftPower, but we highly recommend researching the many other options like Pedal Commander, Roar Pedal and more. 

ShiftPower Banner

The ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller is an aftermarket technology to a vehicle's accelerator pedal, allowing it to provide signals on how much pressure is being applied by drivers' feet, in turn improving modern vehicles throttle, lag, and power. Its perfect to increase a cars performance using different settings and different modes in the ShiftPower app. We think ShiftPower is worth a review!

- A throttle control response is used to regulate how the vehicle responds to signals when an accelerator pedal position sensor detects input from the gas pedal,

- Throttle control especially helps with acceleration by making for more efficient fuel consumption and limiting emissions, but also has specific benefits during braking or coast

This simple 10min install will help you feel that rush of air and pedal response. 

Do throttle controllers really work? Are they worth using?

Yes! Throttle controllers work through a throttle control response system. This is basically just the gas pedal in your vehicle, but it can be more than that too with upgrades to make sure you have good quality throttle controller functions for better and smoother driving experience overall.

Most people think of how hard they need to press on their gas pedal when they want to get the car to fly but when it comes to control response, this is not how the controller works.

Rather than just providing improved gas pedal response and stronger acceleration with a turbo-charged throttle controller you can now also find other features such as RPM (revolutions per minute) boost options which helps preserve your engine while allowing for optimized performance when accelerating quickly!

This is what an upgrade will help you achieve. 

To learn more about the full Electronic Throttle system and available upgrades we recommending read further here. Please click to learn more about Electrical Throttle Systems


 ShiftPower App on mobile phone and mount