Throttle Controller Upgrade To Remove Engine Lag

Ready to upgrade your ride with a Throttle Response Controller?

If you've been thinking about installing a throttle response controller, you should check out the ShiftPower controller that we are proud to carry.

We had a chance to install and test this controller on several different vehicles, and we were really happy with the results.

The ShiftPower electronic throttle controller (ETC) is easy to install, and easy to manage with an app on your phone.

Best of all, it does a great job of removing the initial throttle lag that plagues many cars. Here's a brief overview of some of the features provided by the ShiftPower throttle response controller.

Phone control mount

How Does The ShiftPower ETC Improve Throttle Response?

People are looking to improve throttle response because many cars suffer from initial throttle lag. But why is that lag there in the first place? The reason is that automotive OEMs program the throttle response curve to maximize fuel economy for government testing, and to make sure the car is safe for all drivers in slippery conditions. The ShiftPower adjusts the throttle response curve to remove initial throttle lag.

Doing this makes your car more responsive to throttle inputs. This greatly improves the driving experience. And if you're driving in slippery conditions, you can simply turn it off. The ShiftPower ETC gives you control. Changing settings takes just moments.

The ShiftPower ETC provides several different modes to choose from. You can choose the mode by either pushing a button in your car, or by using the app on your phone.

Usage modes

Each mode provides a different throttle response curve. All of them remove initial throttle lag. Let's take a look at the Dynamic Mode shown below. You'll see that the curve doesn't affect engine idle at all. Just off idle, the ShiftPower quickens throttle response.

A little deeper into the gas, and the ShiftPower goes back to the OE throttle curve. Dynamic mode is chosen by drivers who want to remove the initial throttle lag, but are otherwise happy with their throttle response.

The other modes add throttle response at higher levels of throttle. The big benefit is that you get to chose how your car reacts to the throttle.

Dynamic response

Installation Is Quick And Easy

The ShiftPower ETC is really simple to install. It can be done in 10 or 15 minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Locate the wiring harness connector for your gas pedal and unplug it.
  • Plug the ShiftPower female connector into the wiring harness connector.
  • Plug the male connector into the connector mounted on the gas pedal assembly.
  • Tuck the interface module away under the dash, and zip tie it into place.
  • Mount the Mode button in a place of your choosing.
  • Download the app. (Available for both iPhone and Android.)

It really is very simple to install the ETC. And the connectors are perfect match for the OEM connectors. It's impossible to install them incorrectly.

Connection diagram

Available For A Wide Range Of Vehicles

The ShiftPower is available for a wide range of models. We carry 17 different variations, which cover the majority of vehicles on the market. To see if we have a model for your car, and learn a little more about the ShiftPower, click on this link.

Some Cool Extra Benefits

The ShiftPower ETC includes a couple of extra benefits that many people will find useful:

  • Valet Mode - This reduces the amount of throttle that a valet can apply. No more worrying about what the person parking your car is doing with it.
  • Theft Prevention Mode - A push of a button in the app renders the throttle unworkable until you turn it off.
  • App Control - Your phone provides a really easy way to manage your ShiftPower. Not all ETC's have this feature.

The ShiftPower ETC Is Completely Safe For Your Car

The only thing a ShiftPower does is adjust the throttle response curve. It does not affect your emissions control systems in any way. Your car will pass emissions just like it normally would. The ShiftPower does not affect the basic engine tuning, as a performance chip would do.

The ShiftPower also does not affect transmission shift points. It is completely safe to install and use in your car. You can also remove it if you want to sell your car, and your vehicle will return to the OEM throttle response curve.

Available At ISS Automotive

We're really proud to be the ShiftPower distribution partner in the U.S. We've personally tried and tested this product, and we love it! We're happy to help you if you have more questions about the ShiftPower ETC.

You can either click here to learn more, or give us a call.