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Throttle Response Controller

We are recommending ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller at this time due to the build quality and warranty. Its important to find a controller with a longer warranty which means that the company expects a longer product lifetime. 

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ShiftPower Review for Throttle Response Controller

Review 1: ShiftPower Throttle Controller

I had the opportunity to try the Shift Power for a couple of days. The first thing I have noticed after I installed it was that my acceleration improved. The second thing that I noticed was that I became more confident in driving the car as it had better throttle response and higher torque than before. I highly recommend the Shift power to anyone who wants to improve their car's performance.


Review 2:  Shift Power throttle response controller

My Ford F-150's throttle response is dramatically increased. It was easy to install and I did not have any engine light come up because of it. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this throttle response controller to anyone who drives a vehicle


Review 3:    Shift Power throttle controller

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the Shift Power. It's a night and day difference from stock. I have a 09 F350 with the 6.4, got lots of power now. Thank you again for your great product. It's well worth the money, and very easy to install.


Review 4:  Shift Power throttle controller review for trucks

I just installed this on my 2012 F150. I have the 5.0L so it can be a hard throttle with no touch. The Shift Power made a huge difference in the throttle response. I also installed a TS 6 pos chip and the truck shifts like it should with this throttle controller. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants their truck to shift better, and get more power on the pedal. Thanks Shift Power.


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Throttle Response Curves

Does ShiftPower throttle response controller increase power?

Yes, it does. The Throttle Response Controller by PowerShift enhances your vehicle's gas pedal to increase RPM sooner. You get more power sooner. 

This means you won't have to press the throttle as far down in order to get a powerful response from your car. The vehicle throttle response controller will give you better throttle sensitivity, lower times to accelerate from 0-60 mph and offer improvements in low end torque.

Accelerator pedal modification is one of the least expensive ways to get more power out of your car. The improvement comes in the form of better throttle response and it's extremely easy to install.


How does ShiftPower solve throttle lag?

Shift power Toyota  Corolla throttle response controller, in addition to offering better performance and responsiveness, also offers you the option to customize your pedal dynamics to match your driving style. If you like to drive with your foot heavier on the gas, you can increase the sensitivity of this Toyota  Corolla throttle controller. And if you don't want to floor the pedal every time you take off from a stop, you can tone down the sensitivity.

The benefit of this is that you're in complete control of your acceleration level, and if your Toyota  Corolla throttle response controller is too sensitive it's easy to dial it back. Driving modes  can be set up that bring out the best in your vehicle when you're trying to have fun on a back road or when you just need to get home fast.

ShiftPower features gear position sensors  to make sure you're getting the best response possible. Acceleration delay  is reduced, allowing you to accelerate faster. Electronic throttle pedal  modification provides you with better throttle response. Eco mode  imitates a manual transmission.

Throttle Response Controller


There are a number of reasons why you'd need to amplify your vehicle's throttle signal. Maybe you've got a high performance engine that you've installed, and you want all that horsepower to be available when you push down on the gas pedal. Or maybe your vehicle was involved in an accident that damaged the throttle body, making it difficult to accelerate without getting into trouble.

Throttle controllers are great for giving your vehicle smooth, powerful acceleration. Driving experience can be enhanced by allowing you to manage your vehicle's RPMs and acceleration more effectively.

A great thing about Toyota Corolla throttle controller is that it's simple to install. There are no permanent modifications required, and the result is better throttle response for your vehicle.


Does throttle response increase horsepower?

No, your car's horsepower is not increased by this throttle controller. This Throttle controller will improve acceleration and show an increase in speedometer reading, but horsepower does not change. Plug in module must be connected to the accelerator pedal, not the engine or any other part of your car's system.

This throttle controller can increase acceleration and show an increase in speedometer reading, but horsepower does not change. Acceleration response is improved not only by a change in the throttle sensitivity but by a shift to a high RPM range, so you can drive faster.

Driving experience is improved by smooth acceleration and gear shifting. Electronic throttle controller has two working modes, one is sensitivity adjustment mode which can be used to adjust the throttle's response curve. The other mode is adjustable cut-off mode which can be used to set the throttle cut-off speed.

Shiftpower 4.0 is the latest version, with a sensitive accelerator pedal sensor. It's compatible with most recent cars. A menu is available  where you can adjust acceleration sensitivity levels.


Throttle Response Controller

How can I make my throttle response faster?

Electronic throttle controller can also increase the speedometer reading for you. This product is mounted between the accelerator pedal and your car's ECU (Engine Control Unit). Electronic throttle controller can adjust your vehicle's acceleration performance, so you can enjoy better response and acceleration.

An electronic throttle controller controls how quickly your vehicle accelerates by controlling the amount of fuel fed into the engine.. It's a device that simulates the action of your foot on and off the brake pedal to trick your car into thinking you're pressing hard on the accelerator when you are not. Eco mode is also available for those drivers who want to drive responsibly. Throttle control can be adjusted in a way so it's easy for you to use the product.

An electronic throttle controller controls how quickly your vehicle accelerates by controlling the amount of fuel fed into the engine.. It's a device that simulates the action of your foot on and off the brake pedal to trick your car into thinking you're pressing hard on the accelerator when you are not.


Are throttle controllers bad?

No, throttle controllers are not bad. But it is imperative to be aware of how your engine was calibrated by its manufacturer and use a throttle controller according to their specifications. Improper throttle controller use could interfere with your vehicle's proper performance and result in damage to the engine. The Electronic throttle controller is made to make the throttle more sensitive and smooth propulsion. It can be used with manual transmissions or automatic transmissions .

Throttle response controllers are not the same as electronic throttle controller. A response controller works by delaying or reducing voltage to the accelerator pedal that is connected to your car's ECU.

How can I make my throttle response faster?

To make your throttle response faster, shift to a higher gear or drive more slowly. If you have an automatic shift on your vehicle, shift into lower gears. This will help you reach your optimum throttle response faster than if you had more gears or driven at a higher speed.

It is not recommended to hold the gas pedal down any longer than it takes your vehicle to reach your optimum throttle response. Your vehicle was engineered for a certain type of throttle response; customizing it may cause possible damage to your vehicle's engine and/or components.

To increase the speedometer reading, change your driving habits to go faster or shift gears early. Fuel economy is also increased by driving at a constant speed rather than accelerating and decelerating. This will not only improve fuel economy, but increase your vehicle's response time.

Please be aware that your mileage may vary depending on the type of vehicle you drive, weather conditions, road surfaces and how much cargo you have in your vehicle. Throttle control is used for fuel economy, not acceleration. Please consult your vehicle's manufacturer to adjust your engine's performance settings to suit the type of driving you prefer.

Will a throttle controller void warranty?

As each car manufacturer has a different warranty, it is imperative to consult your owner's manual or warranty information provided by the manufacturer. If you have a warranty, be sure to contact your dealer with any questions regarding the use of a throttle controller. The throttle body was engineered for a certain type of throttle response, and all of our products are designed to fit within each manufacturer's specifications. Throttle controllers are designed to calibrate your throttle response. Your car was engineered for a certain type of throttle response; customizing it may cause possible damage to your vehicle's engine and/or components.

Throttle body controller manufacturers also offer warranty, but it is still advisable to consult your vehicle's manufacturer to ensure that you maintain your warranty coverage.


What causes slow throttle response?

There are many factors that can cause slow throttle response, some common ones are dirty or sticking throttle body, incorrect throttle stop screw adjustment, engine mechanical failure, and incorrect throttle position sensor adjustment. One problem that is often overlooked is a bad throttle switch .

A bad throttle switch will send a faulty signal to the engine control unit and trigger a check engine light on your dashboard. A failing throttle switch will often trigger a check engine light and cause slow throttle response. Lag in the throttle body caused by a bad throttle switch will be most noticeable when coming from a stop or going under 20mph.



No, shift power does not help with towing. Shift power is designed for daily use and will increase throttle response by either holding the throttle open or by retarding the signal to the engine control unit.

This is the same way that your cruise control works. This product is designed to help your vehicle maintain its intended performance. This product will not help your vehicle tow any load, as this would require a higher horsepower output from the engine.

This product will not help you maintain your vehicle's intended power while towing. This product is designed for use in daily driving conditions, and is not intended for towing needs.

If you would like assistance with towing, there are many options available on the market; however, we suggest that you consult your vehicle's owner's manual. We cannot assist with towing needs.



No, a throttle controller will not make your car go any faster. The accelerator pedal and engine work in tandem to boost the vehicle's speed. If you use a gadget to keep the throttle switch in place or improve throttle response, your automobile will not go any faster.

Even if you set the throttle switch to a slight position or decrease the signal to the engine control unit, your car's speed will not be increased unless you do something else to boost the vehicle's speed.