How To Increase Throttle Response - Best 2022 Upgrade

Increase cars speed with throttle response controller

Some people have the misconception that throttle response is a car's engine or air volume. This is not true, and I'm going to tell you why!

You see, throttle response is actually how quickly your foot presses on the gas pedal and the engine response. The less you have to press the accelerator pedal the more you will improve throttle response.

In general, most people either start with a tune or a throttle response controller, but often we see people using both.

We recommend you start with a throttle response controller upgrade first like ShiftPower.

But, why is there a delay in cars and trucks? How do we fix this?

Keep reading to learn more.

Remove throttle lag with a throttle controller

Why is there a delay when I press the gas?

The basic reason there is a delay is that manufactures purposely set the lag based on the foot position.

With a little bit of information about how your engine works, I'll show you what causes the hesitation in throttle response (or lag) so that we can work together on finding a solution.

To start let's talk about what throttle response is.

Throttle response, or lag as it's sometimes called, is the time from when you press your gas pedal and reach a certain RPM (revolutions per minute) to how quickly that engine will respond by accelerating. The delay in throttle response can be caused by many factors including but not limited too the electronic throttle control (ETC) system programming. This new modern system no longer uses a throttle cable in the throttle body. 


Truck Slow accelerator response can be fixed with upgrade

What causes slow throttle response?

The ECU also known as the engine control unit is programmed to perform a number of tasks. One of those things it does is throttle response, or the time delay that occurs when you press on the accelerator and your car responds.

When you step on the accelerator in most cars today there's a momentary lag before power kicks in because ECU needs some air volume. This means that when you step on the gas pedal, there's a slight delay in throttle response.

It becomes even worse if there are hills because air volume lowers with elevation.

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What causes throttle lag?

In a nutshell, its the accelerator pedal position that controls the ECU output signal for the engine response.

There are actually two issues:

1) Delay in throttle response or acceleration.

2) The distances of pedal position in relationship to the response.

Both can be frustrating in that you need to not only push the pedal further, but you also need to wait a moment for the engine to respond.

Cars can accelerate better using a throttle response controller

When I press the gas pedal it won't accelerate.

Yeah, its annoying.

This is again caused by the electronic throttle system and input signal from the gas pedal to the ECU. Basically, its programmed to have a lag on purpose.

If your car or truck simply won't accelerate at all then something in the throttle system is not working. You should have this inspected by a professional.

The engine is running and air volume is good, but there will still be a delay before you even feel any boost from your gas pedal. When this happens though there are some things you can do.

Improve throttle response using upgrade and mobile app

How do you stop throttle lag?

The lag time can be shortened by reducing distance between pedal and throttle position, which means that your foot has less distance to travel before the throttle opens up.

There are generally two ways to stop throttle delay which include using a throttle response controller and a tune.

1) A throttle response controller is a device that is installed on the vehicle gas pedal and will usually include an adjustable remote. The throttle response controller uses resistance to help eliminate throttle delay by creating a connection between your foot on the pedal and how much power you're generating at the wheels, which means no more waiting for that "catch" or hesitation before

2) A tune is done by a tunist which can either be done in the garage or at a performance shop. If you go to a store, they will charge you more and take up your time getting it done right away. The better option is to have someone that knows what they're doing do it for you rather than taking random guesses with this complex engine system.

There is a third way, but it's more costly...

You can upgrade with an aftermarket throttle. This upgrade is a bit more involved because it requires you to remove your factory throttle body and modify the stock intake manifold, which is a whole lot of work. This step is normally not done for most regular cars of trucks.

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How do I get rid of throttle lag?

As discussed, installing a throttle response controller is the best and least expensive way to get rid of throttle delay.

Quickly improve throttle response with out needing an aftermarket throttle for your car of vehicle.

After installing, all you will need to do is drive and enjoy the throttle response.

ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller is a plug-and-play controller that installs in minutes. The Shiftpower kit comes with everything you need including installation instructions and easy to install T harnesses making it easy for anyone to install!

Install the throttle response Shiftpower diagram

How can I improve my engine response?

There are basic tips that can help improve engine response and performance.

- Basic maintenance like changing fluids, air filter, fuel filters, tire pressure all help (improves speed/fuel economy)

Easy ways to get ride of throttle delay is by making sure you keep up with basic maintenance like change fluids, air filter, fuel filter, tire pressure which all help to improve speed, fuel economy. Making sure you have clean fuel filter will help improve fuel economy, speed, and rpm at various shift points.

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What do Throttle boosters do?

Throttle boosters work by reducing throttle delay on vehicles with a factory installed throttle. Car throttle response is improved because the booster allows for more air to enter into engine at lower RPMs, and also enhances the signal that tells your ECU how much fuel needs to be injected.

What does increasing throttle response do?

Increasing throttle response will reduce the time needed to hit peak torque. Increasing throttle response also makes your car more fun because it is faster and has better acceleration.

This will mean that the slightest touch to the throttle will produce instant throttle response.

Do throttle controllers make your car faster?

Yes, throttle controllers do make your car faster based on our testing. The slightest touch of the gas pedal will have your car engines response dialed up! This makes for a fun driving experience and a totally different ride.

A throttle response controller will help you accelerate faster. But it will not increase your horsepower. The good news is that you can access your existing horsepower faster and more efficiently.

How much does it cost to improve throttle response?

There's a wide range in price, but most people will find that it is worth it for the improved performance they'll get from their vehicle.

The least expensive option is the throttle response controller upgrade since most companies offer a solution between $150 to $300. Not all are created equal though.

ISS Automotive has reviewed different options and recommend ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller.

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Can you tune throttle response?

You can't tune throttle response. But you can improve it!

The ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller uses sophisticated electronics and a patented algorithm to deliver the best performance for your vehicle, even if they're not tuned or modified in any way. It's designed to work with all engine types so that no matter what kind of car you drive it will improve the throttle map or throttle curve.

throttle response curves can be customized

Throttle response modes in mobile app customization

How much does it cost to program a throttle body?

$600 to $900.

The ShiftPower Throttle Response Controller is a fraction of the cost for easy installation by anyone with basic knowledge of how throttle bodies work, no computer needed!

Simply plug it in and enjoy improved throttle response - just like an expensive tuned car without paying any tuner

Do throttle enhancers work?

Yes, they work great and improve driving experiences. It makes the cars and trucks accelerate and shift much smoother.

With the ability to customize the throttle map you can personalize the throttle input sensitivity which will make a huge difference. The amount of sensitivity depends on your preference.

Yes, throttle response controllers are worth it

Is a throttle controller worth it?

Yes, in our opinion the throttle controller is a better option than a full aftermarket throttle system upgrade.

A throttle controller is also a cheaper alternative and for someone who doesn't want to spend $1000+ on an upgrade, the throttle controller is perfect.

How does it work? It's very easy! Simply plug in your new throttle map or tune into your car with our free programing app called "Throttle Map Manager"

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