When To Repair And When To Replace An Odometer

Do you have a broken odometer? It's always a good idea to address this issue ASAP. You have two options:

  1. Repair the odometer
  2. Replace the instrument cluster

It's always better to replace the instrument cluster. Read on to find out why.

Why You Should Address This Issue ASAP

A broken odometer is a pretty big deal. It’s illegal to lie about the mileage on your car. If the odometer stops working, and you keep driving the car, you're required to state that mileage is unknown when you sell it. And that will greatly reduce the value of your vehicle. So, you should make sure that the mileage always stays accurate. If you have a modern car, the mileage is stored electronically. You don't have to worry about "losing" the mileage on your vehicle. The problem here is that the odometer is not showing the right mileage.

You want to replace the instrument cluster correctly. The new odometer will get the information from the vehicle and show the correct mileage again.

Why You Should Replace The Instrument Cluster Instead Of Fixing The Odometer

In most situations, fixing a broken part is better than replacing the entire unit. For example, if you have a broken door handle, it's better to fix the handle instead of replacing the entire door. So why should replacing the entire instrument cluster be your first option?

The reason is simple: replacement clusters are always calibrated and tested. It's very important for the correct mileage to be displayed in your dashboard. If you try to fix the odometer yourself, there's no way to calibrate the unit and test it. In other words, you would have no idea if the odometer's showing the right mileage. You could get in legal trouble if someone finds that the electronically stored mileage doesn't match the mileage on your odometer.

Let's say you get a quality instrument cluster from a reputable brand (like ISS Automotive). You'll have the peace of mind that the odometer on the new instrument cluster will work as it should, and show the correct mileage. Replacing the instrument cluster on your vehicle is easier than it sounds. Check out this tutorial to see what the job entails.

The Only Time You Should Repair Your Odometer

There is a time when repairing your odometer is an acceptable option. It's when you can't find a replacement instrument cluster for your make and model. Yet, we still don't recommend doing it yourself. There are professionals who know how to fix odometers the correct way.

A professional will:

  • Inspect the instrument cluster for other issues.
  • Repair the odometer without causing any further issues.
  • Test the odometer and instrument cluster before and after it's repaired.

We have a team of experienced professionals who can repair just about any instrument cluster there is. Our mail-in instrument cluster repair services make it easier than ever for you. All you need to do is to remove your instrument cluster from your vehicle and then ship it to us. Our techs will start fixing it within 24 hours of receiving it.

Do you have any questions about our replacement clusters or repair services? Please get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you!