When To Repair And When To Replace A Speedometer

When you have a broken speedometer, the first question you may be asking is, "Should I repair or replace it?"

The answer is to always replace a broken speedometer. By that, we mean replacing the instrument cluster. Repairing seems like the cheaper option, but replacing it is the smarter option.

Why Replacing The Speedometer Should Always Be Your First Option

You want a speedometer that works. The best way to guarantee a working speedometer is to replace the speedometer instead of repairing it. It's because replacement clusters are always calibrated and tested. So if you get a replacement instrument cluster from a reputable seller (like ISS Automotive), you'll know that the part will work. That is, if it's installed the right way.

When you try to repair the speedometer yourself, you don't have a way to test it. The speedometer will either:

  • Work right
  • Work for a little while before failing again
  • Not work at all

There's no way for you to know if your speedometer is showing the right speed. The only way you'll know is if:

  • The speedometer doesn't show a speed reading at all
  • It's obvious that the speed reading is wrong (for example, the speedometer showing 30 mph when you're going at least 70 mph on the highway)

The Risks Of Driving With An Inaccurate Speedometer

A malfunctioning speedometer is so much more than just an inconvenience. It can bring undesirable results, such as:

  • A speeding ticket
  • Engine and/or electrical problems
    • Sometimes a malfunctioning speedometer is a sign of an engine or electrical problem. If the problem goes on long enough, it can get worse and worse until it's fixed.
  • Vehicle inspection failure

All these reasons are why replacing the instrument cluster is the best option. You'd get a speedometer that's calibrated and tested. That means you likely won't need to worry about speedometer problems again during the life of your vehicle.

Repair Your Speedometer As A Last Resort

Yet, there's still a good time to repair your speedometer. It's only when you can't find a replacement instrument cluster made for your make and model. When you're in this situation, it's always best to leave it to the professionals. A professional will:

  • Know how to repair the instrument cluster without causing any further issues
  • Know how to test the instrument cluster for any problems
    • It's possible that there are other issues within the cluster that you overlooked
  • Know how to test the instrument cluster after it's repaired

At ISS Automotive, we offer mail-in instrument cluster repair services. We have over 70 years of experience repairing instrument clusters. We're also an ISO-certified company. We only use OE-quality replacement parts. Our repair technicians will not only repair your instrument cluster. They'll also remove and replace the power supply. Look up your make & model to see if we offer instrument cluster repair services for your vehicle!