How To Remove a 03-06 GMC Sierra Instrument Cluster

When you have a malfunctioning instrument cluster, there are two things you can do:

  1. Remove the instrument cluster and then have it fixed
  2. Remove the instrument cluster and then replace it with a new one

Either way, you would need to remove the instrument cluster from your truck. If you have a 2003-2006 GMC Sierra, we have good news for you. Removing an instrument cluster in one of those trucks is an easy and painless process. We'll walk you through it in this post.

A List Of The Tools You'll Need


You don't need any fancy tools to remove your truck's instrument cluster. In fact, you only need two tools:

  1. 7mm socket
  2. An extension and a ratchet

The Removal Process: 7 Steps

Cluster removal

To remove the instrument cluster from your Sierra, take the following steps:

  1. Park your truck on a flat surface and then set the parking brake.
  2. Pull the gear selector all the way into the number one position to ensure that it remains out of the way when you remove the instrument cluster.
  3. Tilt the steering wheel all the way down.
  4. Remove the bezel around the instrument cluster. It’s held in place by some push-in clips. Apply some pressure at the top until it pops out. When the entire piece pops out, pull it up to completely remove it.
  5. There are four small bolts holding the instrument cluster in. There’s one in each corner. Remove them all with the 7mm socket.
  6. Pull the instrument cluster out and then disconnect the connector on the back of it.
  7. Pull the instrument cluster out completely.

What To Do After Removing The Instrument Cluster

Removed cluster

Once the instrument cluster is out of your truck, you can either:

  • Send it in to have it repaired
  • Throw it out and install a new instrument cluster

We can help either way. At ISS Automotive, we sell remanufactured OEM instrument clusters and other electrical components for GMC Sierra trucks. We also repair broken Sierra instrument clusters and other electrical components. For example, infotainment screens (as we discussed in this blog post).

  • If you're looking for a replacement instrument cluster for your 2003-2006 Sierra, you can get one here.
  • If you want to have your 2003-2006 Sierra instrument cluster repaired, you can order our repair services here.

Please contact us if you need help deciding whether you should have your instrument cluster repaired or replaced.