How To Remove An Instrument Cluster In A 2002-2007 Chevy Trailblazer

Chevy trailblazer

The instrument cluster is an important part of your Trailblazer. But if your cluster is having issues, it can be annoying or even dangerous. If your cluster has failed and you’re wondering what to look for in a replacement cluster you can check out this post covering a few important things you should know. Eventually every cluster can develop issues, that’s why we came up with this helpful guide for you. We’ll cover everything from the tools needed to what warnings you should be aware of.

Tools Needed To Begin

Note: If you’re replacing the cluster in your vehicle, you should be aware of odometer replacement laws before you begin. You can learn more about those here. You'll only need a few tools to complete the cluster removal:

  • Interior pry tools
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench

How To Remove The Instrument Cluster

Cluster removal

Image Credit: DiyBri

Before you begin, first disconnect the negative terminal of the battery to ensure there is no current running through the cluster during removal. To begin removing the cluster:

  1. Use the screwdriver to undo the screws holding the under-dash panel. Remove the panel.
  2. Undo the three screws holding the cluster surround in place. They were revealed when the under-dash panel was removed. There is one on the shifter side of the panel, and two on the outside.
  3. Undo the two screws holding the upper half of the cluster surround. They should be visible when looking  directly at the cluster.
  4. Gently pull the cluster surround out. There will still be a few body clips holding the backside in place.
  5. Carefully remove the electrical connectors from the rear of the cluster. There may be two or three on the left side and one or two on the shifter side.
  6. Use the 7mm socket to remove the four screws around the instrument cluster.
  7. Unclip the two electrical clips from the top of the cluster, you may have to tilt the top of the cluster back and disconnect the clips before you can pull the cluster all the way out.

Once the cluster is out, you can ship it to us for repair, or install a new one. If you've got questions about this process, give us a call. We've been repairing automotive instruments for more than 70 years, and we literally know clusters inside and out.