Here's How To Add Bluetooth To Your Chevy or GMC

Do you have an older GM car or truck and wish you had a way to stream music from your phone? Want to keep your stock stereo head unit and save money? ISS Automotive has the solution!

Installing the XMBT1 Adapter

The GM Bluetooth Audio Streaming XMBT1 Adapter is a plug-and-play device that adds Bluetooth to any GM vehicle with a factory XM tuner. The adapter is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and will stream music or navigation app voice prompts from your car's factory speakers. It also lets you play XM radio, or use the stereo head unit when Bluetooth is not in use.

The setup is easy, taking just a few minutes, and requires the following steps:

Locate xm tuner

First, locate the standalone XM tuner on your GM vehicle. In most cases, the tuner is located behind the glove box or in the trunk. Check our guide or enter your 17-digit VIN to determine where it's located on your car.

16 pin plug

Next, access the XM tuner's location and unplug the 16 pin connection between the XM tuner and the stereo head unit. You will want to grip the plastic connector and avoid pulling on the wires.


Connect the XMBT1 adapter to the XM tuner and the wires to the stereo head unit. The adapter connects directly to the wiring harness so you don't have to remove the stereo head unit or the XM tuner.

Finally, replace the cover over the XM tuner and you're all set!

Set-up Instructions To Stream Music Via Bluetooth:

Stream music

Once you've installed the XMBT1 adapter it's easy to stream music via Bluetooth. Just start your car and perform the following steps:

  1. Pair Bluetooth with "My Car" on your smartphone
  2. Select XM Mode on the radio
  3. Press and hold the SEEK button
  4. Enjoy your music streaming
  5. To return to XM radio, press and hold the SEEK button again

Please note that the Bluetooth adapter is for streaming only and will not allow voice communications, including hands-free calling capabilities.

If you have any issues after connecting the XMBT1 adapter, check out these helpful links: