3 Reasons You Should Replace A Broken Speedometer


Is your speedometer broken? In some states, it's not illegal to drive with a broken speedometer. Yet, you want to replace it right away. Here are 3 great reasons to replace it as soon as possible:

  1. A Working Speedometer Reduces Your Risk Of Getting A Speeding Ticket

This is the most obvious reason. If your speedometer doesn't work, you're not getting the correct reading on the speed. This is a surefire way to get a speeding ticket sooner or later. When the officer asks "Do you know why I pulled you over?" you'll have no clue. So it's better to spend the money to replace the speedometer now than to spend money on a speeding ticket later.

  1. Driving With A Broken Speedometer Can Violate The Law

It depends on which state you live in, though. In some states, you can get a speeding ticket and another ticket for driving with a broken speedometer. If you're not sure whether it's illegal to drive with a broken speedometer in your state, replace it anyway. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  1. A Broken Speedometer Can Mean That Other Gauges Are Broken Too

It's usually obvious when a speedometer isn't working right. When other gauges on the instrument cluster don't work, it's not always so obvious. Sometimes it may appear that only the speedometer is malfunctioning when another gauge doesn't work too. That can be dangerous.

The instrument cluster is a very important part. It gives you a lot of information about the vehicle. With a functioning instrument cluster in your vehicle, you'll keep tabs on the vehicle's status. You may also catch problems early on. For example, the instrument cluster will tell you when:

  • The engine starts to overheat
  • The oil pressure gets too high or too low
  • The vehicle is low on fuel

So if you have a malfunctioning instrument cluster, you may not notice that something is wrong until it's too late. If you address the speedometer issue early on, you can fix the other issues, too.

When you have a malfunctioning speedometer, you have two options:

  1. Replace the instrument cluster
  2. Fix the speedometer

If you replace the instrument cluster, all the issues will go away. That is, if the issue lies within the old instrument cluster. If you have the speedometer fixed, the technician may detect the other issues and fix them too.

Either way, we can help you.

ISS Automotive Offers Replacement Instrument Clusters And Mail-In Repair Services

Cluster repair

Want to replace your instrument cluster? We got you. We stock a large inventory of replacement instrument clusters for GM vehicles and several other makes. Look up your make and model to see if we have a replacement instrument cluster for you. If you don't see anything for your vehicle, contact us and we'll work with you.

Want to repair your speedometer instead? We got you, too. We have a team of experts that can fix pretty much any instrument cluster that comes their way. If you mail your instrument cluster to us, our techs will fix it within 24 hours of receiving it. They won't only fix your speedometer, but they'll also look for other issues within the instrument cluster. Rest assured that you'll get the best repair services possible from us.