Odometer Repair Near Me

Odometer Repair Near Me

ISS Automotive offers a wide range of odometer repair services for all types of vehicles. Whether your car’s mileage has been tampered with, rolled back, or needs to be replaced entirely - we can help get your odometer in proper working order. Our team of experienced technicians can quickly diagnose the issue and provide you with an estimate for repair.

Oh! And we offer a lifetime warranty on our replacement and repairs.

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Can I fix my Broken Odometer?

Yes, it is possible to fix a broken odometer. However, you will need to take your car to a professional mechanic or auto body shop to have the repairs done. The cost of repairing a broken odometer will vary depending on the severity of the damage and the make and model of your car.

If you are uncomfortable taking your car to a mechanic or auto body shop, you can always try to fix the problem yourself. However, it is important to note that this is a very delicate process and you could end up doing more damage to your car if you are not careful.

What is the Odometer Repair Cost?

The odometer repair cost will vary depending on the severity of the damage and the make and model of your car. However, it is important to note that this is a very delicate process and you could end up doing more damage to your car if you are not careful. The average cost of odometer repair range from $50 to $300.

If you want to have your odometer repaired, please contact ISS at 1-800-548-1195.

Is it worth repairing a high-mileage car cluster?

A high-mileage car cluster can be repaired, but the cost may not be worth it in the end. A new instrument cluster may be more cost-effective in the long run if your car has a lot of miles on it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Odometer

Odometer Reading Repair

If your odometer reading is inaccurate, it may be due to a faulty speed sensor or a malfunctioning circuit board. In either case, you will need to take your car to a professional mechanic for repair. The cost of odometer repair usually ranges from $50 to $300.

Odometer Calibration

If your odometer is not calibrated properly, it can lead to inaccurate readings. To calibrate your odometer, you will need to take your car to a professional mechanic. The cost of odometer calibration usually ranges from $50 to $150.

Does a broken speedometer affect the trip odometer?

Yes, a broken speedometer can affect the accuracy of your odometer. The speedometer is responsible for sending a signal to the odometer which allows it to track your vehicle’s mileage. If the speedometer is not functioning properly, then your odometer will not be able to accurately track the miles driven.

What components are included with the speedometer repair kit?

A speedometer repair kit typically includes a new speedometer head, odometer gears, and other small components. Depending on the make and model of your car, the repair kit may also include a new speedometer cable or other components.

What causes a malfunctioning speedometer?

Malfunctioning speedometers are usually caused by a faulty engine control unit, worn-out wiring or cables, a loose connection on the vehicle's circuit board, a broken speed sensor, or a stuck odometer needle. The vehicle’s electronic system contains the necessary information to accurately measure the car’s speed, but if any of these components fail, then the speedometer can be affected. In some cases, a driver may be able to fix a faulty speedometer by adjusting the settings on the vehicle's electronic system. However, it is best to take your car to an experienced mechanic for professional odometer repair.

When is it necessary to repair an odometer?

It is essential to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance and to keep an eye on your car's recorded mileage. If you notice that the odometer is not accurately measuring the miles driven, then it is time to take your car in for odometer repair. In some cases, an odometer can be fixed fairly easily with a flat-head screwdriver and a few minutes of your time. However, if the odometer has stopped working altogether or is displaying inaccurate mileage, then you may need to take your car in for a more extensive repair. Additionally, if you suspect odometer rollback fraud or other illegal activities, then you should take your vehicle in for immediate inspection and repairs.

How to detect odometer rollback fraud?

The best way to detect odometer rollback fraud is to obtain a Carfax Vehicle History Report for the car you are interested in purchasing. This report will provide an estimate of the vehicle's total mileage, as well as a list of previous owners and other pertinent information about the car's history. Additionally, you can look for signs of wear that may indicate high usage.

What causes an odometer to stop working?

There are several possible causes for an odometer to stop working. These can include a faulty engine control unit, a vehicle's circuit board or wiring system, a damaged speed sensor, or a malfunctioning speedometer system. In some cases, the odometer may cease working if the instrument panel is not functioning correctly or if there has been an incident of odometer fraud. In other cases, the odometer may simply break down due to age and wear. In order to determine the exact cause of a failed odometer, it is best to consult a professional mechanic.

When to go for instrument cluster replacement?

In order to determine whether or not an instrument cluster needs to be replaced, it is necessary to understand the symptoms. If you notice any of the following signs, it is best to have the instrument cluster inspected and potentially replaced:

- The odometer reading does not seem to track properly

- There are incorrect readings on the gauges, such as the fuel gauge or temperature gauge going off-scale

- The speedometer needle is the vehicle's actual mileage.

- The odometer appears to be stuck on one number, or it doesn't work at all.

- The backlighting of the instrument cluster isn't functioning properly or is flickering

- Check engine light that won't shut off

If any of these symptoms are present, it is important to have the instrument cluster inspected and possibly replaced as soon as possible. A professional mechanic can easily inspect the vehicle's circuit board, confirm odometer rollback fraud, and determine whether or not the vehicle's engine control unit is malfunctioning. If a repair is needed, they can replace the odometer fairly easily, or if the odometer ceases to work, they can replace it with a new digital odometer. This will ensure that the vehicle is accurately displaying the actual mileage and that all readings are accurate. With the proper repair, vehicle owners can protect themselves from odometer rollback fraud and ensure their safety while driving. It is important to note, however, that if any of the signs listed above are present in a vehicle, it is important to go for instrument cluster replacement at the soonest possible time.