LED Dash Lights Silverado

LED Dash Lights Silverado


ISS Automotive offers direct replacement LED lights for dash lights. These bulbs fit 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 GMT800 series circuit boards. These are OEM quality LED lights that come in a variety of colors.

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How do you install LED lights in the gauge cluster?

The way you install an instrument cluster bulb is by opening up the cluster. You will need to remove the needles, and then remove the faceplate. Once you have access to the back of the cluster, you will need to twist out the old bulb, and insert the new LED bulb. Be careful not to touch the glass on the new bulbs. The oil from your fingers can cause the bulb to burn out prematurely.

What is the best color for LED lights?

The best color for LED lights depends on what you are using them for. We find that blue is by far the most popular cluster color. It is also popular to use a white LED for the daytime running lights, and then switch to a different color (such as blue or green) for the headlights.

You can also get creative and use different colors for different parts of the cluster. For example, you could use blue for the needles, white for the background, and green for the indicator lights.

The sky is the limit when it comes to LED colors, so have fun and be creative!

Frequently Asked Questions About LED Dash Lights SIlverado

What is a cluster light?

A cluster light is a light bulb found in your vehicle's cluster. It can be for any of the instruments or warning lights such as check engine, brake and ABS, headlights, odometer display and fuel gauge. Light bulbs can be found in your speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and other areas of the cluster.

Are LED instrument lights dimmable?

Yes, LED lights are dimmable. Some people who have a dimmer switch in their vehicle will notice that the light from an LED bulb is not as bright as it should be or dims at a weird rate compared to a standard incandescent bulb. The reason for this is because LEDs can flicker and create a headache-inducing strobe effect. You can fix this problem by adding a resistor or putting the LED through an electronic circuit that will slow down the flicker rate.

Step by Step on how to install LED Lights in Speedometer Gauge Cluster

Step 1: Put the emergency brake on

Step 2: Disconnect the vehicle battery

Step 3: make sure the vehicle is off and the steering wheel is in the neutral position. Locate the screws on your Gauge Cluster and remove them. You may need an screw driver to get this job done. Set all of the screws aside so you do not lose them while working on your car.

Step 4: After you have removed all of the screws, carefully pull the Gauge Cluster out. Once again, make sure there is no power running to it at all or else you can get severely injured.

Step 5: After this step has been completed, you will be able to take apart the lens and housing to get at the circuitboard and bulbs.

Step 7: Removing the LED Bulbs from circuitboard by using a heating element to remove the bulbs.

Step 8: Installing New LED Bulbs in Chevy Silverado Gauge Cluster

Step 9: Next, install all of your LED bulbs back into the cluster by using a solder iron or gun to solder into place. If not done correctly it can cause the circuit board to burn out.

Step 10: Once that has been completed, carefully put everything back into its original place and screw all of the screws back into the cover plate of your Chevy Silverado Cluster.

Can you use LED instrument cluster lights in a speedometer?

Yes, it is possible to use LED bulbs in your speedometer. There are no particular precautions that need to be taken when doing this and the color of the light will not change. If you are worried that the color will not match, then it is best if you purchase an LED or LED-style cluster instead of just replacing the bulbs. These are used in most newer cars and they act as a USB drive to store all of your car's information including current speed, RPMs, mileage and even maps.

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How do I change the instrument panel led lights?

In order to change your instrument panel LED lights, you must first remove your entire assembly from the car. This is not necessary in most cases but if you are replacing multiple bulbs, then it will save time to just remove the whole assembly.

After this, disconnect the wiring harness from the back of it. You can now remove all of your old bulbs and replace them with LED lights just like in step 6.

Where can I find the LED OEM bulbs for GM clusters?

The best place to find LED OEM bulbs for GM is at ISS Automotive. Several cluster parts are offered to help repair your instrument cluster.

GM clusters are the best way to replace your OEM bulbs. We offer different colors so you can choose what color represents your car perfectly. For example, if you have a black interior then our black LED lights will go perfect with your car's style because it will reflect off of the inside of your speedometer and tachometer. Also, you can purchase different colors to match the outside of your car. This is because our lights are so bright that people can see them from afar so when your turn signals or high beams are activated, they will reflect in your window just like real brake lights.

Where can I find GM Light Bulbs for instrument clusters?

Instrument clusters from GM are the best way to change out your stock bulbs. They will also last a lot longer than a traditional incandescent light bulb. These packs come with everything you need to maintain your vehicle's lighting system and they even work for other types of cars as well.

Who has the best Gauge Clusters?

Our Gauge clusters are the best because they use LED lights so you will never have to change them out ever again. They also work perfect in most types of cars and trucks so you do not have to worry about having a warranty on your vehicle when buying these individual parts. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you choose our products.

What is a Cluster Light?

The cluster light is a bulb in your car's cluster gauge. This is the part of your vehicle that tells you how fast you are going, fuel level and other information. The distance from one side of the gauge to the next is usually around 100 millimeters or just under 4 inches. When deciding what kind of replacement bulb you need, consider the size of the original light. You want to pick a replacement that will fit into your existing space. New bulbs are usually brighter, smaller and draw less power than old, dimmer ones. This will give you better performance for your vehicle.

Some of the most common cluster bulb sizes are 194, 29 millimeter miniature wedge base bulbs and 28 millimeters in size. These numbers indicate the measurement of the actual light itself rather than the base or socket size.

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How do I change the Bulb of my Instrument Cluster?

Replacing your factory bulb with a new LED light is a cost effective way to bring them back to life. Replacing factory instrument cluster bulbs require the use of a very thin and small flathead screwdriver or jeweler's size screwdriver. You will have access to the light once you remove your cluster from the dashboard. Pull the old bulb straight out and push the new LED light in its place.

Reasons to replace your instrument panel cluster:

- LED lights consume less power than factory bulbs which will improve efficiency on your vehicle.

- Does not require as much energy as regular bulbs do, which can cause damage to other components on your car.

- These lights will give you the brightest and clearest light possible in your cluster.

- Having a bright and clear display in your instrument panel can increase safety when driving at night so you don't miss anything important.