International Step Van Instrument Cluster [Expert Review]

Expert built review on model International Step Van Instrument Cluster to help you get back on the road. ISS Automotive offers professional service to repair your International Truck.

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Frequently Asked Questions about International Step Van Clusters:

Where can I get an international step van cluster?

The best place to get an international step van is to do a repair with ISS Automotive. This will be easier than trying to find a replacement which is difficult to find.

The International step vans were produced by the International Harvester company until 1983, these trucks are very easy to work on and the parts are often interchangeable between other years and models of Internationals. The speedometer cluster in these trucks is very easy to change, if you have a few basic tools you can probably replace your speedo yourself.

International trucks are becoming very popular in the custom truck scene and therefore parts are available for really cheap. Food truck vendors are also starting to use these types of trucks as well.

Where can I find a warranty for an instrument cluster?

International instrument clusters are made very well and are pretty much all built to last. If you are having electrical problems with your speedometer a repair shop can troubleshoot the problem, you may only have to replace a fuse.

If it's mechanical, there are some parts that can go bad but they are pretty cheap to replace. If your truck is out of warranty you may still be covered, but if the speedometer is not reporting the correct mileage check with your insurance company or finance company and see if they will cover the cost of you getting it fixed.

On some models, if the speedometer stops working but your odometer still does, you might just need to replace the speedometer cable that connects from your transmission to your cluster. Dealers often charge a lot of money to repair or replace these parts, if you decide you can do it yourself you will save a lot of money.

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How much does a step van cost?

Used international step vans are moderately expensive, you can get one for $1000 or even less if you look around. Repairs are a more affordable, but you need to send in the cluster for repair.

The older vans are not as easy to work on as the newer models but they are still pretty straightforward. If you have a little mechanical knowledge and a few tools most repairs can be done at home. If you are not mechanically inclined there are a ton of shops that specialize in Internationals and parts are very cheap so they will be able to easily fix your truck for you.

International step van parts are easy to find these days, if you have a local junkyard they will probably have equipment parts for your truck model.

Do they still make step vans?

Step vans are very popular these days but they are not being made anymore. International production for this make model came to an end in the year 1983. If you want to get your hands on one of the original step vans it may take you a while to find one for sale, but there are plenty of parts and accessories available online.

Some people make custom step vans all the time and the owners of these types of trucks seem to love them. These can be expensive if you make one yourself but they will save you money in the long run.

Commercial truck shops can also make you one of these trucks if you want to purchase it new. Transmission type is manual or automatic, 3 or 4 speed. Fuel capacity is 24 or 30 gallons. 15" x 5" steel wheels with drop center rims.

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Who makes a Metro van?

The Metrorail is a very popular van for the econo-box delivery service industry. The modern-day Metrorail dates back to 1984 and was manufactured by GM until 2000. It was based on the '85-'91 Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari and both of these platforms were also used for the Safari Rally Wagon.

The van was rebranded as the "Chevrolet Metro" from 1992-1995 before being rebranded again as the "Geo Metro" in 1996. It was manufactured by GM until mid-year 2000 when production ceased. Medium duty box trucks based on the International 4300 were still produced by GM until 2004.

The modern day version of the Metrorail is a very common delivery van and can be found all over the USA. International trucks are often used as semi-trucks, especially the Metro. Food truck owners also love the Metro for its small size and fuel efficiency.

What kind of van does FedEx use?

The company uses many different types of delivery vans and trucks. Most of their fleet is composed of what we would call work-horses, older vans like the 1968-1987 Ford Econoline. They also use lots of minivans and SUV's that are not very old at all. The most common van they use for delivery is the 2009-2015 Ford Transit Connect.

They also use a lot of International Prostar and Workhorse P-series Trucks. They also use many of the econo-box type vans like the Ford Econoline and the Chevy Express. Category 3 is the standard van configuration for FedEx, but they do order a wide variety of van types.

Duty trucks are Class 5-8 trucks that are manufactured by Ford, GM and Workhorse. Model years are from 2014-present.

What is a P1000 truck?

The P1000 is an industrial truck manufactured by Yale. This type of vehicle is made for use in warehouses, job sites and other areas where large items are moved around. They usually have very small wheels so they can go through areas that large trucks would not be able to.

They also use the same transmission as the Ford Econoline, this makes it easy to maintain and repair its features. They come in several different models and many of them have 3 or 4 axles along with 2 or 3 different engines. Food truck owners actually buy these trucks and convert them to mobile food units which we all can agree is a very common thing to see these days.

They are also used as work trucks for large online retailers. Commercial truck shops can order these for you or they can also convert them to whatever you may need.