Instrument Cluster Upgrade [Expert Guide]

Instrument Cluster Upgrade


Upgrading Instrument Clusters or Personalizing can give a new fresh look to the interior of your car. You can upgrade to a better quality Instrument Cluster or personalize it with different designs and colors.

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Can you upgrade the instrument cluster?

Yes. Instrument clusters can be upgraded, though the process may vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Make sure to search for a compatible cluster for your specific car to ensure a seamless swap.

An instrument cluster upgrade kit usually contains a new gauge face, needles, backlighting bulbs, and wiring harnesses.

Where can I get a custom cluster upgrade?

ISS Automotive is one of the best customer clusters upgrade companies in the USA. With over 10 years in the business, we have the experience and expertise to deliver top-notch quality products and services.

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What are the common symptoms of a bad gauge cluster?

If there are any of these symptoms on your gauge cluster then it is time to bring your instrument cluster in for repair or new cluster replacement.

  • Lighting problems
  • Circuit board problems
  • Optical problems
  • Wiring problems
  • Cracked LCD screens/damaged
  • Cracked or broken needles
  • Dial tearing or peeling off from the face of the cluster
  • Instrument cluster out of calibration
  • Sensors not working
  • Gauge cluster not powering on
  • The surface of the cluster not working
  • Error messages or warning lights coming on

Are instrument clusters interchangeable?

Instrument clusters are not always interchangeable. You will need to check with your car's make and model to see if the cluster is compatible. Older model cars will have a more difficult time finding an interchangeable cluster because technology has changed so much over the years. Newer model cars may be able to find an interchangeable cluster more easily.

How much is a new dash cluster?

A new cluster will cost you anywhere from $300 to $2000. The price will depend on the make and model of your car, as well as the specific features that you want.

At ISS Automotive, we pride ourselves on being able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today at 1-800-548-1195.

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Common Questions with Instrument Cluster Upgrades

What is a fully digital instrument cluster?

A fully digital instrument cluster is a type of instrument cluster that replaces all of the traditional gauges with digital screens for your vehicles. This type of instrument cluster has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it offers a number of advantages over traditional gauges.

Some of the benefits of a digital instrument cluster include:

  • A wider range of customization options
  • Better visibility in direct sunlight
  • Reduced weight, which can improve fuel economy
  • The ability to display more information than traditional gauges, for increased safety and convenience

What to do before you start an instrument cluster upgrade?

Customers should always consult with a professional to see what is the best option for their car. Some models may require special software or hardware in order to be compatible with the new instrument cluster.

Are the blue needles replaceable?

Yes, the blue needles are replaceable.

Instrument Cluster Refresh

An instrument cluster refresh is a process that can be used to update the software on an instrument cluster. This process can be used to fix problems with the instrument cluster or to add new features and functionality.

Instrument Cluster Replacement

Instrument cluster replacement is the process of replacing an entire instrument cluster in a car. This is usually done when the instrument cluster has failed or when it is no longer functional. When replacing an instrument cluster, it is important to make sure that the new one is compatible with the car.

Can I replace my instrument cluster in less than an hour?

Absolutely. If you take your car to a professional, you can expect to spend $50-$150 and get the instrument cluster replaced and installed in less than an hour.

Possible parts to upgrade in instrument clusters

1. Factory gauges

2. Faceplates

3. Customizable displays

4. Lighting

5. Speedometers

6. Tachometers

7. Fuel level indicators

8. Temperature gauges

9. Voltmeters

10. Pressure gauges

11. Warning lights and indicators

12. Button and switch

Common Instruments in a Car’s Dashboard

The instrument cluster is a part of the car’s dashboard that displays important information to the driver while they are driving. It usually contains a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and oil pressure gauge.

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Electronic Speedometer

One of the most popular upgrades is to install an electronic speedometer in place of the original mechanical one. This not only looks much nicer but allows the use of the vehicle's built-in trip computer. This is useful for keeping track of fuel economy, average speed and maximum distance traveled.

Tachometer (RPM)

For an even more accurate speedometer, there's the option of adding one to your mechanical tachometer. This can be done by finding a digital tachometer that has the correct RPM range (it must be able to read at least 8000 RPM) and then mounting it behind or below your original tachometer.

Fuel Gauge

One of the first things you'll likely want to change is the fuel gauge. The stock gauge is slow to respond and difficult to read in direct sunlight. Replacing it with an aftermarket gauge is a popular modification and will give you more accurate information about how much fuel is left in your tank.

Temperature Indicator

As your car ages, some of its features may start to malfunction. One common example is the temperature indicator on the instrument cluster. If this starts to behave erratically or stops working altogether, you may need to upgrade your instrument cluster.

Gauges and Information Displays

  • A speedometer is a dial in a car that displays the current speed of a vehicle.
  • Tachometers are a type of speedometer, but instead of displaying the speed in miles per hour, they display it in revolutions per minute.
  • A fuel gauge is a dial that shows how much petrol is left in a vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • An oil pressure gauge is a dial that indicates the amount of oil pressure that the engine is producing, which is an important factor in the performance of a vehicle.

Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor is a device used to measure ambient air or fluid temperature. It is usually used in control systems to maintain the desired temperature by regulating the amount of heat added or removed.