Freightliner Instrument Cluster Problems [And How to Fix Them]

freightliner instrument cluster problems


At ISS Automotive we can repair the Freightliner Instrument Clusters. We have seen a rise in the number of complaints from owners of these vehicles regarding their instrument clusters. These problems include the instrument cluster going blank or intermittent, gauges sticking or giving incorrect readings, and lights going out.

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Freightliner, Dead Instrument Cluster

If you own a Freightliner, then you will have to deal with the possibility of having dead instrument clusters. Over the years we have seen and fixed a variety of issues.

Freightliner is a popular company that sells big trucks. These are very heavy-duty trucks that are used for hauling anything from cargo to livestock.

The most common issues that people experience with these gauges are that the speedometer or tachometer does not work.

This is a huge problem because you need to know how fast you are going and if you need to change gears. Sometimes these gauges will come back on after the truck has been turned off and on.

However, other times they will stay dead. If this happens, then you will have to get the instrument cluster repaired or replaced.

How do you know if your dash cluster is bad?

The instrument cluster, also known as the dashboard is the cluster of gauges that tell you information about what you are doing when driving.

Over time these gauges can become bad and not function properly. The speedometer may be working, but the other gauges like water temp are not.

Lights behind the gauges may not be working, or the needles on the gauges themselves may be faulty and moving erratically.

Also check the fuse panel under the hood, if your instrument cluster dashboard is not working you may have a bad fuse.

Engine oil pressure and fuel gauge may not be working at all. Voltage may start to drop. Other problems are more serious and can lead to engine damage.

These are just some of the problems you may have.

If your instrument cluster is becoming faulty, repair service might be needed or it will need to be replaced.

Why is my dash cluster not working?

The purpose of the instrument cluster is to let you know what your vehicle is doing at any given time. This includes a speedometer, fuel gauge, engine temperature, a clock display, and a series of warning lights.

This set of gauges is rather robust and takes a lot of abuse. Due to excessive heat or cold, your cluster faces changing temperatures that can affect the mechanisms.

Also, it is used every time you turn on your vehicle. Many things that affect the instrument cluster are simply normal wear and tear.

When water gets inside gauges it can ruin some of the components and cause inaccurate readings. The gauges like water temp can become dirty and work improperly.

Fuses under the hood that power up the cluster can become faulty.

If your engine is overheating then you will have to check that first for obvious reasons.

All of the components within the cluster can become faulty as well.

Any of these reasons can be the cause of why your instrument cluster is not working.

How do I reset my instrument cluster speedometer?

The instrument cluster, also known as the dashboard is the cluster of gauges that tell you information about what you are doing when driving.

Over time these gauges can become bad and not function properly.

The speedometer of your truck may be showing a different speed than what you are actually doing.

This is the way to reset your speedometer when your truck won't start.

Turn the key off, wait 10 seconds then turn the key on and off 3 times consecutively.

Then wait 5 minutes turn the key on and your speedometer should start working again.

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How much does it cost to fix clusters on a truck?

The cost to repair an instrument cluster can vary. This depends on how advanced any problems may be with your cluster.

A quick fix that may only need some new fuses connected may be inexpensive, but finding any problems with the cluster can lead to the entire replacement of your cluster.

For a simple repair service, you possibly be looking at an average of $100. For more complex problems, the average cost can be anywhere from $200-$300.

If you haven't repaired your cluster and it causes more damage, the average cost for a new instrument cluster can be $400.

Sometimes the entire cluster has to be replaced and install a new one in order for your truck to function correctly.

If this is the case you will have to take it to a mechanic or a dealership that can properly fix the problem.

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Why did the gauges on my dashboard stop working?

A common problem with an instrument cluster is water getting inside the unit.

When this happens, it causes many problems for your gauges and can cause them to not function properly.

The cluster can get water inside of it through the air vents or if you had bad seals around your windshield.

Once the cluster gets this water inside, it can cause problems with your vehicle's alternator or battery that could cause major issues.

For the cluster to work properly, it needs to have a good connection with your battery.

If your vehicle is experiencing some of these problems then you should take it to be repaired as soon as possible.

Where is the fuse for the instrument cluster?

Your vehicle is outfitted with an intricate electrical system that runs through your cluster.

If you have a problem with any of the warning lights on your cluster, you will need to check the fuses under the hood.

The most common fuse box is on the driver-side firewall near the battery.

What is a cluster gauge?

A cluster gauge is a device that measures the performance of different parts of your truck.

These gauges tell you information about how much gas you have in your truck, how much pressure is being put onto your engine, and what the temperature of your truck is. It also tells you how fast you are going when you press the gas pedal, or when you press down on the brakes.

These gauges are very important when you are driving because they keep track of how your truck is running.

With this cluster, you will know if something is wrong with your truck and can take action to fix any problems.

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What controls the gauge cluster?

The gauge cluster is controlled by the main computer of your vehicle.

This means that if you have any problems with your cluster, then you will also have problems with your truck's overall performance.

If something is wrong with this computer, then many different things can go wrong with your truck, including the speedometer.

If you are having any problems with your cluster or speedometer, then it is best to get your truck checked out by a mechanic.

Can I swap my gauge cluster?

Yes, you can swap out your gauge cluster for a different one. This is not a difficult task to do and can be done by anyone with basic mechanical skills.

You will need to purchase a new cluster that matches the make and model of your truck. Make sure that your VIN number is programmed into the new cluster before you install it.