GMC Yukon DVD Player [Get Ready for Long Drive]

GMC Yukon DVD Player


So you just bought a gorgeous GMC Yukon and your family is getting bigger, and so does your need for space. And what could be more practical than a video player for your kids to keep them quiet on long journeys?

Let the kids have the remote control while adults can enjoy a conversation. And when you want to show them a video, plug in your favorite DVD and press Play!

You can also play audio CDs and MP3 CDs. Your friends will be jealous of your brand-new ride!

It can be a major bummer if your DVD player breaks.

ISS Automotive offers replacement DVD players.

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How do I know my DVD player is broken?

Try playing a DVD into your vehicle player and see how it goes.

There are some troubleshooting procedures that you should try if your DVD player isn't working. If it still doesn't work after trying these steps then you likely need a deeper look.

The first step is to make sure the DVD player is plugged in. If you try using a working DVD and the Yukon DVD player doesn't respond then the problem might be the wiring.

You should also make sure that your vehicle's electrical system is working properly. This can be done by visiting a GMC dealer and having them inspect your Yukon's electrical components.

If the GMC dealer confirms that the electrical system is working well then you should test your DVD player with another one. At this point, you likely need to get a replacement to complete the testing.

If it still doesn't work then it might be the DVD player itself.

If everything else fails then it really is the player that needs to be replaced.

Where can I purchase a GMC Yukon DVD player?

New GMC Yukon DVD players are available at auto parts stores near you. You can also find them online. Check out some of the different online sites that sell Yukon DVD players.

You can also check our website ISS Automotive.

You should compare the different GMC Yukon DVD players that are available and see which one is the best fit for your vehicle.

Is aftermarket better than buying a refurbished OEM?

In our professional experience, it is better to buy a refurbished OEM because you can trust the quality.

The aftermarket may cost less but you can't be sure if it will work as well as a refurbished one.

The aftermarket DVD player is not tested with your vehicle, so you have no idea how it will look once installed.

You can also call ISS Automotive at contact us at 1-800-548-1195 or visit our site at

You can also ask for free quotes from us.

Where can I find the Yukon DVD player wiring diagram?

Normally, the wiring diagram can be found in your vehicle owner's manual. It tells you which wires to connect and where they should be connected.

If you can't find the owner's manual of your vehicle then you can try looking for the wiring diagram online.

You have to know the year, make, and model of your vehicle to know where you can locate the wiring diagram.

You can also call ISS Automotive to ask for help getting the wiring diagram you need.

Does a Yukon have a DVD player?

Yes, the GMC Yukon comes standard with a DVD player. The DVD player is located in the center console and can play both DVDs and CDs. If you have an iPhone, you can also use the GMC Yukon's DVD player to play movies, TV shows, and music videos from your iPhone's iTunes library. To do this, you'll need to connect your iPhone to the Yukon's infotainment system using a Lightning to USB cable. It also features a navigation system.

Does it have Bluetooth?

No, it does not have Bluetooth.

What is the price of the GMC Yukon OEM radio/CD player?

The cost of the GMC Yukon Bose stereo is about $900. This price is for new units and does not include the installation fee.

How do I watch movies in GMC Yukon?

Having any system that can play video or a movie in a vehicle is an advantage. It makes the long drives more entertaining and bearable.

Mostly if you have rear-seat entertainment not only the front seat passengers will enjoy it but also the rear seat passengers. Just connect devices like phones, a laptop, or tablets.

Does it have an HDMI port?

It does not have an HDMI port. This is one of the major disadvantages of having this DVD player installed on your vehicle. It only supports the USB and SD cards for playing movies.

How do I play DVDs on my Yukon?

You can play DVDs by inserting the disc into the DVD player. If you want to listen to music from a CD then just put the audio CDs into the CD slot and it will play.

Can Yukon play Blu-Ray?

You have to have a GMC Yukon with the Bose premium system. If your vehicle has the Bose system then it can play Blu-Ray discs.

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Does GMC Yukon have a DVD player?

Yes, it does come with a DVD player if it has the Bose system.

The following GMC vehicles with a non-Bose radio package can play DVDs: Denali, SLT, and SLE.

The following GMC vehicles are not compatible with aftermarket DVD players due to a lack of factory head unit pre-wiring: Base, SLE, and SLT.

Does Bose system come with wireless headphones?

No, it does not. You have to purchase them separately.

Does Bose stereo system come with remote control?

Yes, it does come with remote control.

How do I watch TV in my GMC Yukon?

GMC DVD players are also capable of showing live TV as long as you have a satellite-ready receiver. To watch live TV, you must connect the satellite-ready receiver to your player.

Installation Instruction:

1. Connect the component video cable from the output of your satellite-ready receiver to the video input on the back of the vehicle player.

2. Connect the RCA cables from the audio outs of your satellite-ready receiver to the audio inputs on the back of the vehicle player.

3. Connect the satellite cable from your tuner to the back of your player.

4. Turn on the vehicle, the player, and your satellite-ready receiver.

5. Turn on your TV and set it to channel 3 or 4 (the default channel for video input).

6. Turn on the vehicle and press "Menu" on the GMC Yukon player.

7. Select "Input" on the player, then select "SAT". You will now be able to watch live TV.

How to replace the car DVD player with a wider screen?

You can replace the stock car DVD player with a widescreen monitor, but you need to purchase specific compatible adapters and wires to make this work.

Why you shouldn't upgrade your factory antenna to an aftermarket roof mount antenna?

If you do not want to replace the antenna on your car, there is no need to purchase an aftermarket roof-mounted version.

The factory antenna already has a magnet at the base of it.

Thus, you can simply purchase an aftermarket metal mounting bracket and install it on the roof.

Does GMC Yukon have an infotainment system?

No, it does not have an infotainment system. It has a radio, but it does not have an infotainment system.

How to watch from an infotainment system?

You need to connect your phone or tablet to the infotainment system by using Bluetooth.

You can then stream video from your phone or tablet through the infotainment system.

The vehicle's audio system must also be compatible with the video source.

If it is not, you will need to purchase an adapter so that it can play back videos correctly.