Magnetic CD Slot Phone Mount [All You Need to Know]

Magnetic CD Slot Phone Mount


The top performing Magnetic CD Slot Mount is the Scosche Mount. It features a very strong magnet that will keep your phone securely in place, even on the bumpiest of roads. It's also very easy to install and remove, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. The only downside is that it is a bit more expensive than some of the other options on this list.

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CD slot phone mount

How does the CD slot phone mount work?

The CD slot phone mount uses a strong magnet to keep your phone in place. It's easy to install and remove, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. To install, simply insert the mount into your vehicle's CD slot and then attach your phone to the magnet. To remove it, just lift your phone off of the magnet.

Are magnetic mounts bad for phones?

It's true that magnets can destroy the data on your credit cards and other stuff. But modern phones, with all their electronics and wireless connection, are very sensitive to magnetic fields.

This is true for most cases, but not if you are using a good-quality magnetic car mount holder.

The best kind of magnetic holders for your phone are made with neodymium magnets. This material is very strong, and the mount won't come off from the phone.

Go for a magnetic holder with a thin steel plate placed on its back, and not more than 1/8" thick.

Are magnetic phone car mount safe for iPhone?

Yes, it is safe. There is a small magnet in the car mount and another one in your phone. Although they are strong enough to hold the device, they do not affect any function of your phone.

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How does a magnetic phone mount work?

The technology of the magnetic phone mount is simple. Let us look at the lamination structure of the hard disk, it consists of an insulating layer, metal sheet layer, and external cover.

The principle of recording information on the hard disk is that when it passed over the head there are two magnetic fields, one is a permanent magnet, and the other is a magnetic field made by electric current.

The principle of a phone mount with a fixed magnetic plate is the same as hard disks. The fixed magnetic plate is fixed in the car by adhesive tape or other means, and then put the magnetic bracket of the phone is in the car. The metal plate inside the phone is used to generate a magnetic field, and then it interacts with the magnetic plate in the car, and then it will automatically pick up the phone to stay on.

Are magnetic car phone holders safe?

Yes. Magnets are everywhere in our life. Computers, televisions, phones, and even some money clips all use these types of materials. The magnetic car phone mount uses an electromagnetic field to hold your phone without sticking any adhesives on the back of your device. It's not harmful to your phone.

Are magnetic mounts safe for phones?

When you purchase a magnetic mount it is very important to understand how they work. These mounts are being used all over the world in millions of cars and they were never considered to be an issue. However, recently some people have raised concerns about the safety of having a magnet that is close to your mobile device.

The concern is that the magnet could have a negative effect on any credit cards or bank cards, or even your phone in some cases if placed too close to them. You have probably heard of this concern before and you are wondering what is the real truth about it.

Well, in fact, this is an issue that the government has already thought about. The relevant authorities are aware of the possible negative effects it could have on mobile devices and they have taken steps to prevent it from happening. There is a standard that has been set so the power of these magnets does not become too strong.

Before you purchase your magnetic mount, it is vital to read the information that comes with it so you know exactly what you can and cannot do with it.

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Do CD slots damage phone mounts?

The short answer is "no", CD slots do not damage phone mounts. A magnetic car mount for your device can be safely used in any vehicle, whether it has a CD slot or not.

Do magnetic phone mounts drain the battery?

No. The magnet is strong enough to hold your phone but does not have the strength to drain your battery. However, please be aware that using your phone whilst driving is still not recommended.

Are magnetic vent mounts safe?

Mounting a device to the vent is probably the most common place to put it. It's maybe not very stable but it's not dangerous.

The main problem with a vent mount is heat from the heater or air conditioner. That heat will make the phone overheat and shut down.

Does magnetic phone car mount interfere with GPS?

The answer is NO because our magnetic phone car mount is specially designed to keep your cell phone away from GPS and wireless signals. It can be placed on top of your car's air-conditioner vent and it will not interfere with GPS signals.

Do CD slot phone holders damage the CD player?

I would say NO if it is done correctly. If it is not done correctly, then YES.

If the CD player has no moving parts (the CD tray does not move), then it will not face any mechanical damage. It will still face electrical damage.

If the CD player has moving parts (the CD tray moves), then YES it may be damaged. This risk is very minimal as the CD tray only moves a small bit.

How do CD slot mounts work?

CD slot phone mounts work by using a clamp, or a pair of clips that grab onto the edges of your CD slot. This leaves enough space for the mount to slide in, but once it's in there is zero play.

The easiest way to envision this is by imagining a standard hot/cold water faucet. The nut that the plumber uses to tighten down the pipe is a perfect example of this kind of mount. In fact, most of the mounts that are made for phones use this same exact principle.

What are the main advantages of using a CD slot phone mount?

Well, the first advantage is that you don't have to stick anything on your windshield. As most of us know, this can be a major pain to deal with. In some states, it's illegal to have anything but a GPS on your windshield, and in other states, there are simply too many restrictions to even bother to use one.

The second big advantage is that a CD slot phone mount allows you to get a clear view of your GPS from any angle. On a windshield mount, you only have one angle. In order to get a better look, you need to pull over and reorient the GPS. This is a huge pain, and it means that you are wasting time on your road trip.

The third advantage of using a CD slot phone mount is that it is a lot safer. Instead of trying to maneuver your phone while you're driving, you can simply pick up the phone and place it on the mount. It's a lot less distracting and a lot safer in general.

How do I remove a CD from my phone mount?

To remove a CD from your phone mount, lift your phone straight out of the mount.

Can I attach a magnet to my phone?

Yes, but please check with your phone's manufacturer first before doing so.

What is a magnetic mounting system?

A magnetic mounting system is a high-powered magnet that adheres to the back of your phone or device and a metal plate that attaches to the back of your device or inside the battery case/cover.

You can use this metal plate for other purposes but should never place it inside your phone or mobile device as it will wreak havoc on the internal working of your device and possibly render your warranty useless.

Where to buy a new magnetic mounting system?

You can find a new magnetic mounting system in various online stores or preferably on our website.